Checklist for Note-Taking Activity  


Do you have a question in the margin for all the information you have in your notes?


Do the questions in the margins ask you to recall the information right next to the question?


Do your questions reflect the material in your notes?


Did you make note of information you did not understand, or that was confusing to you during the lecture with a star or by highlighting?


Did you leave blank space when you missed information so that you could fill it in later?


Were you able to generate a summary question for the lecture or for appropriate “chunks” of information?


Did you quiz yourself with your questions and answer them out loud or by writing the answer down?


Did you visit your professors, talk to classmates, or look in your texts to clarify information you may have found confusing?


Did you apply the note-taking strategy consistently?


Did you generate questions and quiz yourself prior to attending the next lecture?



Summary Question Activity

Write a summary question below.  Write your summary question as an  essay question that a professor would write asking for this material.  Look at the “Common Terms Used on Exam Questions” handout for ideas.



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