Post Exam Analysis


It is crucial that you analyze your performance after you have taken an exam.  If your professor does not return exams, you should request an opportunity to go through the exam, question by question.  This is a good time to utilize your faculty's office hours.  Every exam should provide you a learning experience for improving your studying and learning for the next exam.  Take notes during your post exam analysis to help you as your prepare for future exams.


Questions to ask yourself as your analyze your performance:


! Which questions did I get correct?

! Which questions did I get wrong or a point reduction?

! Did the wording of the question throw me?

! Did the question ask for information I did not study?  (Mark that item on your exam with DNK for “did not know.”)

! Where is the information located to answer the questions (notes, text, library)?

! Did I check my answers?

! Did I edit carefully?

! Did I change the answer from the correct answer to the wrong answer?

! Did I run out of time?

! Did I understand the question?

! Is there a pattern in the types of questions I got wrong?

! What strategies did I use to get the right answers?

! Why did I get the answers right that I got right?


After reviewing your returned exam, take a minute to reflect on the strategies you are using that are helping you perform well in the class.


Methods I have used to prepare in this class:

q  Generated questions in the margins and quizzed myself.

q  Utilized memory strategies.

q  Studied under conditions that match my learning style.

q  Created question charts.

q  Created key word diagrams.

q  Developed and tested myself on my own glossary terms.

q  Utilized reading strategies when reading my textbook.

q  ____________________________________________

q  ____________________________________________

q  ____________________________________________


What did you discover about your exam preparation that will help you perform better on your next exam?


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