Journal Entries for "Rhythms" of Academic Semester  

The following material has been excerpted from the Instructor's Manual to Thriving in College: Research-Based Resources for Course Instructors (Cuseo, 2009).


"The Beginning”

(At least 3 complete sentences per question please)

You're just about to start your first semester in college. Right now, what are you most:

(a) excited about?

(b) concerned or worried about?

 “First Impressions”

(At least 3 complete sentences per question, please) 

You've completed your first week at CCSU . . .

(1) What is your first impression

(2) What are you the most excited about or satisfied with thus far? 

(3) What are you the least excited about or satisfied with thus far? 

(4) What have you encountered thus far in college that was least expected or most surprising?

(5) Do you feel comfortable here at this point?

(6) Is there anything you need more information on, or help with right now?


 “Midterm Reflections”

(At least 3 complete sentences per question, please)

1. Compared to my first few weeks on campus, my stress level now is . . . .

2. Compared to the grades I received, I expected my midterm grades to be . . . .

3. What has hurt my grades thus far has been . . . .

4. What has helped my grades thus far has been . . . .

5. The best thing I could do to improve my grades between now and finals is to  . . . .

6. What I could use the most help with right now is . . . .



(At least 3 complete sentences per question, please)

 Look back at the previous journal entries you have made throughout this course:

 1. Do you see any consistencies or recurrent themes in your attitudes or behaviors? (If

    yes, why? (If no, why not?)

2. Do you see any patterns of personal change or development across the semester?

    (If no, why not?)(If yes, would you say these changes have been positive or negative?)

3. What (if anything) have you learned from this journaling process, or from any other

    experiences you've had this semester, which you think will promote your future



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