Start Smart: What to do the first two weeks of college  

1) Attend your CCSU OPENING WEEKEND!!!!

2) Connect with someone in each of your classes.












3) Use your syllabus for each class to complete your semester at a glance. (Note other important events.)


What is a syllabus?


What information will you find on a syllabus?




4) Join a club, organization and/or intramural team!  and


Attend first week events!

For a schedule of events visit 

Attend the Club Fair in front of the Student Center.


5) Start reading and working on assignments the first week.


You may not have homework to hand in, and your first exam may not be until the end of September, but that doesn't mean that you don't have anything to do!  The best way to avoid panic before your exams is to keep up with your reading and assignments. 




  Previous learning counts, but get ready to take responsibility for a new academic environment.

  The right coaches make all the difference: Your professors, The Learning Center's Academic Coaches, classmates, tutors, and academic advisors.

  Academic coaching is free at The Learning Center, 100 Willard, (860) 832-1900.  Call or stop by for an appointment.








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