Student Information Sheet  

The following material has been excerpted from the Instructor's Manual to Thriving in College: Research-Based Resources for Course Instructors (Cuseo, 2009).



1. Your name (as you prefer to be called)?

2. Phone number/E-Mail number (optional)?

3. Place of birth? Places lived? Presently living on campus (where) or commuting (from where)?

4. What is your class schedule for this term? (Course titles and times)?

5. How many college credits have you completed? (Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior?)

6. Why did you choose this college? (What brought you here?)

7. Have any of your friends or family attended this college?

8. Have you attended any other colleges? (If yes, where and when?)

9. What jobs or volunteer experiences have you had?

10. Will you be working or volunteering this term? If so, how many hours per week? On or off campus?

11. Will you have family responsibilities this term?

12. Has anyone in your immediate family (parents or siblings) graduated from college?


13. Intended major (already decided or being considered)? How sure are you about this choice? (What lead

      you to this choice?)

14. What are your plans (definite or tentative) after graduating from this college?

15. Intended career? (If already decided or being considered) How sure are you about this choice? What

      lead you to this choice?


16. What are you really good at? What comes easily or naturally to you?

17. What would you say are your most developed skills or talents?

18. How do you think you learn best?

19. What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment, achievement, or success story in your life

      thus far?

20. What three words do you think best describe you?

21. What would your best friend(s) say is your most likable quality?

22. What would you say are your personal strengths right now? What personal areas you would like to

       work on or improve?


23. What sorts of things do you look forward to, and get excited about?

24. What sorts of things capture and hold your interest?

25. What would you say have been your most enjoyable & least enjoyable learning experiences?

26. What are your hobbies? Fun activities?

27. How do you relax and unwind?

28. If you had a day, week, or year to go anywhere you wanted and do anything you liked, where would 

      you go and what would you do?

29. What do you like to read?

30. What's your favorite movie and/or TV program (if any)?

31. What's your favorite music or musical artist(s)?

32. Is there anyone dead or alive, real or imaginary, whom you've never met but would like to meet and

      have a  conversation with? (Why?)


33. What's very important to you?”)(What matters to you the most?)(What is something you really care


34. When you have free time, what do you usually find yourself doing?

35. When you have extra spending money, what do you usually fin yourself spending it on?

36. Is there a motto, quote, song, symbol, or bumper sticker that represents something you stand for or

      believe in?

37. If there is one thing in this world you could change, what would it be?)

38. How would you define success? (What does “being successful” mean to you?)

39. Do you tend to daydream about anything in particular?

40. Do you have any heroes? Is there anyone you admire, look up to, or feel has set an example worth

      following? (Why?)

41. Who or what would you say has had the greatest influence on your life thus far? (In what way?)

42. If there is anything in your life you could  change or do over again, what would it be? Why?

43. What would you like to be said about you in your obituary or at your eulogy?

44. Why are you taking this course?

45. When you hear “[title of the course]” what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

46. What information or topics do you think will be covered in this course?

47. Have you had any other courses or learning experiences in this subject area?

48. Do you have any course expectations or goals? Anything that you hope will be covered or discussed in

      this class?

49. Right now, how do you feel about taking this course—positive, negative, neutral? (Why?)

50. Is there anything else about the course, or about yourself, that I haven't asked, but you think would be

      interesting or useful for me to know?


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