Student Rights and Responsibilities


Student's Rights and Responsibilities



A.  Right to Freedom of Expression

Each student is free to take reasonable exception, without interference, to data and views presented in any course and free from arbitrary dismissal from that course.  It shall be understood that part of any course content may involve development of motivation to learn, guidance in independent study, and encouragement of the student to develop his or her fullest potential.  The student's responsibility is to exercise her or her freedom of expression within orderly procedures consistent with the situation and in a manner that reflects thought, scholarly analysis, and knowledge of the course material.  (Refer to the “Policy on Academic Misconduct”)


B.  Right to Adequate Instruction

Each student has the right to be instructed by a professor who presents course material relevant to her or her discipline and maintains established standards for academic performance.  Moreover, each student has a right to professors who are adequately prepared for class and accessible for individual conferences.  It is the responsibility of the student to profit from adequate instruction, seeking individual help when needed, and preparing before class so that he or she may fully understand the nature of the material being presented.


C.  Right to Proper Academic Evaluation

Each student has the right to be evaluated entirely upon the basis of his or her academic performance and not on opinion or conduct on matters not related to academic standards.  This right shall be guaranteed by orderly, clearly defined procedures.  Each student has the right to see and have explained to him or her evaluated material so that he or she can know his or her strong and weak points.  It is the student's responsibility to know the basis for evaluation and to understand the procedures.  (Refer to the “Policy on Appeals for Grade Changes”)


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