Top 12 Reasons Students Do Not Graduate  

Between 30 and 50 percent of all college freshman never graduate.  The top 12 reasons are:

1.      Poor study skills and habits

2.      Lack of time-management skills

3.      Lack of preparation for the demands and requirements of college

4.      Inability to handle the freedom at college

5.      Too much partying

6.      Lack of motivation or purpose

7.      Failure to attend class regularly

8.      Failure to ask for help early

9.      Lack of effort and [lack of] time spent in studying

10.   Failure to take responsibility for education (such as getting to know instructors, knowing expectations, setting goals, understanding deadlines, making up tests, redoing papers)

11.    Lack of engagement with and connection to the university

12.     Financial difficulties  

*The first 10 are quoted from Ferrett, S. K. (2010). Peak performance: Success in college and beyond (7th ed.).  New York: McGraw-Hill. #11 comes from CCSU data and is a key factor in students leaving CCSU; #12 occurs less frequently than the others and more often delays graduation than prevents it.


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