Typical Brain Behaviors



Left Brain Behaviors Respond To:

Right Brain Behaviors Respond To:

Recognizing and remembering names

Recognizing and remembering faces


Emotional inhibitions

Emotional responses (strong)


Words for meaning

Interpreting body language


Producing logical thoughts/ideas

Producing humorous thoughts/ideas


Processing information sequentially

Processing information subjectively and in patterns


Serious, systematic problem-solving

Playful problem-solving


Logical appeals

Emotional appeals


Critical, analytical reading/listening

Creative, synthesizing, associating, applications in reading/listening


Problem-solving through logic

Problem-solving through intuition


Verbal instructions/information

Demonstrational instruction/information


Remembering through language

Remembering through images


Reading for details and facts

Reading for main ideas/overviews


Realistic stories

Fantasy poetry and myths


Improving existing things/ways

Inventing new things/ways


Learning through systematic plans

Learning through exploration


Outlining rather than summarizing

Summarizing rather than outlining





Avoiding hypnotism

Exploring hypnotism


Remembering verbal qualities

Remembering tonal qualities


Well-structured assignments

Open-ended assignments



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