Grants & Funded Research

General Information

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) encourages faculty and staff to engage in research and other scholarly activities beyond their teaching and administrative responsibilities.  The Grants and Funded Research Office (GFR) was established to assist CCSU faculty members access internal and external funding for such activities and to help the CCSU community navigate the application and compliance requirements of federal and private funding sources.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Grants & Funded Research Office, reporting through the Associate Vice President/Dean of Graduate Studies, is to provide support to faculty and staff in their efforts to secure financial support for research and other scholarly activities.

The Grants & Funded Research is responsible for:

  • External Funding Support Services:  GFR assists faculty and staff identify and apply for funding opportunities.
  • Grantsmanship skill development:  GFR offers consultations and seminars in several different settings.  One-on-one consultations with faculty are available on an appointment basis.  Faculty workshops focusing on general grant subjects, internal CCSU grants, or specific grant competitions are offered periodically throughout the academic year.
  • Compliance with Federal, State and Sponsor regulations:  GFR interprets regulations and facilitates compliance of CCSU representatives with ethical research standards in such areas as financial disclosure, and protection of human participants and animal subjects in research.
  • Administration of the CCSU Human Studies Institutional Review Board, the Human Studies Council:  GFR, under the Associate VP of Academic Affairs, is responsible for the review of proposals involving human participants. 
  • Administration of the CSU and CCSU Internal Grant Competitions:  GFR publishes and disseminates Requests for Proposals, convenes review committees and announces the resulting awards.  GFR also works with the Post Award Grants Administration office in monitoring award expenditures.  Both offices share a data base of proposals, awards, expenditures and reports of final outcomes.

GFR is located in Room 120 of Henry Barnard Hall, is staffed by Rod Waterman, Director


Contact Rod Waterman, Director of Grants & Funded Research

(860) 832-2365 or