Masters of Arts (MAT) Teacher Preparation Program
Application Deadline April 15

Cohort begins May 2015
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Marriage & Family Therapy Evening/Weekend Program
Information Session
Tuesday, April 14
7:00 pm
Barnard 222
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Graduate Research & Creative Presentation Event

Tuesday, April 28, Student Center, Alumni Hall
4:30 - 6:30 pm
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Graduate Admission Process

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester - Deadline: June 1

Spring Semester - Deadline: November 1

Summer Term (only specific programs offered) - Deadline: March 1
      Marriage & Family Therapy MS, Weekend Program - Deadline: May 1
      MAT Teacher Education - Deadline: April 15

International Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester - Deadline: May 1
Spring Semester - Deadline: November 1

Special Fall Semester Program Deadlines:
April 1: Counselor Education (MS School, Professional & Rehabilitation,
Student Development, Advanced OCP & Post Master's Professional)
May 1: Psychology MA
May 1: Data Mining MS
May 1: History MA
May 1: International Studies MS
May 1: Marriage & Family Therapy MS -Evening Program

May 1: Physical Education MS
May 1: Public History MA
May 1: Reading and Language Arts (Advanced OCP, Sixth Year, & MS)

Ed.D in Educational Leadership:
New cohorts begin during summer session of odd years. Application deadline is December 1 of even numbered years (December 1, 2014 for the 2015 cohort; etc)

Sixth Year Mathematics Education Leadership:
New cohorts begin during summer session of odd years. Application deadline is March 1 of odd numbered years (March 1, 2015  for the 2015 cohort; etc). (Applicants who do not have the required pre-requisites may apply for spring admission by November 1)

Limited Admission Periods:
Only for fall semester, deadline of April 1:
MS Counselor Education (School, Professional & Rehabilitation, Student Development)

Only for Summer term: (deadline March 1) and Spring Semester (deadline of November 1):
Sixth Year, Educational Leadership

Data Mining M.S. and Official Certificate Programs: Important Information about Distance Learning for Prospective and Current Students

Graduate Admission Process


PDF version - 6 Pages


Errors, omissions, or missing transcripts will delay the processing of your file.

Please be sure to:

1. Have your previous college/s and university/ies send directly to Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Office OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS FOR EACH COURSE YOU HAVE TAKEN.  We cannot accept hand delivered transcripts.
2. Sign and date the back page of the  application. 

3. Submit the $50.00 processing fee. (This fee is non-refundable.)
4. Specify your complete address and telephone number.
5. Contact your academic department for information about specific program and admissions requirements. (See list of programs on pages 4 and 5.)
6. Submit required additional materials to the academic department (e.g., departmental packet, essay). See additional materials list here.
7. Green card holders: Please send a photocopy of the front and back of your green card or proof of eligible non-citizenship.


Affidavit of Support-International Students 
Download Application 

Central Connecticut State University welcomes advanced level applicants from a broad range of abilities, interests and backgrounds to Graduate Studies. Students are admitted to either full-time study (9 hours or more) or part-time study (8 hours or less). Applications are accepted for both the fall and spring semesters.  In addition, some programs also offer summer matriculation for students, including the M.S. program in Music Education, the Accelerated Teacher Certification Programs in Mathematics and Spanish.

As part of the application and admission process, the applicant must request that official undergraduate and graduate transcripts be submitted from every institution attended except Central Connecticut State University. Applicants who have attended Central Connecticut State University must list all dates of attendance so their official record can be appropriately evaluated.  (Failure to identify on the application form all institutions attended, or to have transcripts sent from each of them, may be considered sufficient reason for non-admission or for subsequent dismissal from the graduate program.) 

A non-refundable $50 application fee must be submitted with the application.

Applicants must submit a completed Application for Graduate Admission to the Graduate Admissions Office located in Barnard Hall, Rm. 102.  If you have questions concerning your application, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 860-832-2350.

Admission Dates
Fall and Spring Admissions.
 Most applications must be received by June 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for spring.

However, some programs have established earlier deadlines or admit students only once per year. International applicants should submit all application materials as soon as possible and when possible one year before the semester they wish to begin their program to ensure adequate time for processing visa applications and for making other arrangements.

Note: Most graduate programs require candidates to submit additional materials beyond the minimum requirements of the Graduate Office.  These additional materials should be submitted to the specific department offering the program. A personal interview with the academic department may also be required for entry into some graduate programs.   Applicants to all programs are encouraged to consult the appropriate program description in the Graduate Catalog or the department chair to assure that all special admissions requirements are met.  Additional material requirements are also found here.

Summer Admission.  For those programs offering summer matriculation, all completed applications must be received no later than March 1. All of the programs that offer summer matriculation require students to submit additional materials along with the graduate studies application, all transcripts, and the $50 fee.  If students are uncertain about what additional materials are required, they are advised to contact the specific department. 

Summer matriculation allows first time program students to be eligible for financial aid during the summer.  The first step for applying for Financial Aid is to complete a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) application on the web.  The students can link to the FAFSA website from the Financial Aid website.  They also can go directly to the governments website at   Candidates must list CCSU on the form and provide the CCSU Title IV code of 001378.  The Office of Financial Aid will receive an electronic student aid report (ISIR) and, then, notify the student of any other paperwork that is needed (i.e. copies of signed tax returns, W2's and a verification worksheet for verification) if they are selected by the government. 

Admission Criteria
Students must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education to apply for a Master's Program, post baccalaureate teacher certification, and most other programs. The undergraduate record must demonstrate clear evidence of ability to undertake and pursue studies in a graduate field successfully.  To apply for the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, 6th year certificate degrees, and Advanced Official Certificate Programs in Professional Counseling, Superintendent of Schools and Reading, a master's degree is required.  

A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70 (some programs require a 3.00) on a 4.00 point scale (where A is 4.00), or its equivalent, and good standing (3.00 GPA) in all post-baccalaureate course work is required.  

For those students who apply to the School of Graduate Studies and do not meet the minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70 on a four-point scale (where A=4.00), the quality points of credits for courses taken at the graduate level will be added to the quality points of the undergraduate GPA to compute the total GPA to determine if the required 2.70 has been met.  Along with the overall 2.70, it is expected that students meet the requirements of a 3.00 GPA for their graduate or post-baccalaureate course work.   

When applicable, evidence of successful completion of a master’s degree  from an accredited institution with a minimum 3.00 GPA, on a four-point scale (where A=4.00), will make the student eligible for admission to the School of Graduate Studies, and the undergraduate GPA will not be counted. 

Teacher Certification Programs
Teacher Certification Programs have specific guidelines for teacher preparation programs that are consistent with state requirements.

After admission to the graduate program a student is required to submit a separate application and accompanying documents for review by the Office of the Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies, and the respective department to be accepted to the professional program in the School of Education and Professional Studies. Your assigned adviser will explain the separate process for applying to the professional program and give you the dates of submission.  A complete description of the process is also included in the Graduate School Catalogue.  Further information about the requirements for entry into the professional program may be obtained from the Office of the Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies (Barnard Hall 248).

Ed.D., Sixth-Year Certificates and Other Post-Master’s Study 
Admission to programs of post-master’s study, including Ed.D., and the Sixth-Year Certificates in Educational Leadership and in Reading, is based on performance at the master’s degree level in addition to the undergraduate GPA.  Admission to sixth year certificates is limited to students who hold the appropriate Connecticut teaching certificate. Most programs also limit admissions to applicants who hold an appropriate master’s degree or who present other evidence of advanced course work in the field of study.

Students wishing to develop a program of study for other fields may request admission to a 30-credit planned program of post-master’s study in an available area of interest. All applicants are advised that planned programs of post-master’s study, with the exception of the Ed. D., and the Sixth-Year Certificates in Educational Leadership and in Reading, are non-degree programs and are provided in a limited number of fields.

Conditional Admission
An applicant for a Master Program who does not meet regular admission standards but has an undergraduate GPA between 2.40 and 2.69 (some programs require between a 2.70 and 3.00) may be considered for conditional admission when the department of application has agreed in advance to make this option available to prospective students. The conditional admission program is an arrangement that allows students to demonstrate the ability to perform successfully in a graduate degree program.  The conditional admission plan is available only in a limited number of fields by departmental agreement and does not apply to teacher certification areas.  Students admitted conditionally, where appropriate, are notified of pre-admission requirements.

International Students 
International applicants must meet all regular requirements for admission (including such tests as the Graduate Record Examination or the Graduate Management Admissions Test when required) and provide a Declaration of Finance form, which documents financial responsibility. In addition, applicants must submit a satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) when required and provide a Declaration of Finance form, which documents financial responsibility.

Applicants who have earned an appropriate undergraduate degree from a college or university at which English is the language of instruction may be waived from the TOEFL requirement.

There is at present no financial aid available for non-U.S. students. Graduate assistantships may be available to international students who are available for on-campus interviews and/or who have completed successfully a semester of graduate study at Central Connecticut State University.

In addition to the application form, $50 (non-refundable) application fee, official transcripts and records of undergraduate and graduate studies, and any program-specific application requirements, international applicants must submit:

(1) a Declaration of Finance form which is provided to international applicants and includes provisions for indicating and verifying financial capability and responsibility; (not applicable for students in programs that are entirely on-line) Graduate Affidavit of Support.

(2) translations of academic records produced and verified by the educational institution in the home country or a U.S. academic credential evaluation agency if such materials are not in English; see list of credential evaluation agencies

(3) proof of competency in English as indicated by the TOEFL with a score of no less than 550 (or 213 on the computer based test, 79 on the  iBT, or a 6.5 on IELTS) unless waived by the university.

NOTE: Conditional Admission may be offered if a student meets all academic requirements for admission, including the approval of the graduate school program, but demonstrates "insufficient English language proficiency" by a TOEFL score that does not meet the CCSU graduate school requirements but has at least a score of 485 on the paper based, 160 on the computer based, 56 on the iBT, or a 5.5 on the IELTS.

Information about the TOEFL test is available from the Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6151, Princeton, NJ 08541-6154, USA. An undergraduate academic degree from an U.S. institution of higher education or from an overseas institution where the primary medium of instruction is English may be considered as proof of English competency. 

Central Connecticut State University reserves the right to require additional evidence of competency or to require that students admitted to graduate programs take courses to develop their English language skills.    

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) includes highly participatory instruction in reading, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation, speaking and TOEFL preparation. The IELP also administers an institutional TOEFL test five times per year.

Central Connecticut State University is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant, permanent resident students. These students will be required to submit proof of immigration status.

International students are also required to submit a completed medical form before attending the university. This health form includes immunizations required for students. A Tuberculin Skin Test (Mantoux test) is also required and must be administered in an American medical facility.

If you are planning on living in a the residence hall on campus, you will be required to have the meningococcal vaccination (Menactra).  This vaccination must also be administered in an American medical facility. The United States requires this vaccine with subtypes A, C, Y, W 135 in the vaccine, which may not be available in your country.

The University Health Service will be offering both the Tuberculin Skin Test and the meningococcal vaccination on September 5, 2006, if you are not able to obtain these in an American facility prior to the first day of classes. There is a cost associated with the vaccinations.

Please complete the form and return it to the University Health Service by July 15, 2006.  Additional medical information may be needed, and we will notify you by e-mail to enable you to obtain this medical information while you are still in your country.

The information provided on the Connecticut State University Health Service form is strictly confidential and will be reviewed and used only by health care providers employed by and affiliated with Central Connecticut State University.  The information contained within the health form is not shared with any staff person within the CCSU Center for International Education, U.S. immigration officials nor any other person at the University without your written permission to release any part of the information on the form from the University Health Service.