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Online Orientation

On behalf of the School of Graduate Studies, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you as either a new or continuing graduate student at Central Connecticut State University.

I am delighted that you have chosen to further your studies here with us. We are very pleased to welcome you to the Central Connecticut State University community and particularly pleased that you have chosen to complete this online orientation. By becoming familiar with the University and its many offices as well as procedures and policies, you are taking a very important step towards the successful realization of your academic goals.

Graduate level study is the advanced preparation and mastery of a specialized field or discipline. At CCSU, you will find an environment that encourages scholarly inquiry and research, a commitment to excellence, and a spirit of creative independence. Many of our graduates develop mastery in their fields to make contributions to their disciplines and become leaders within their respective professions. Others pursue graduate study here to enrich their minds and extend their knowledge.

The information contained on our Orientation Website will help you attain the knowledge you need at CCSU for reaching your personal and professional goals. CCSU faculty and staff are ready to be your partners in whatever you choose as your scholarly endeavor. We are a community of scholars that share a commitment to advancing your education.

On behalf of the faculty teaching in our School of Graduate Studies, I wish you the best as you pursue your goals for the future.


Glynis Fitzgerald
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs