Graduate Community of Scholars Tribute

The Graduate Community of Scholars Tribute, which is presented annually during the spring Graduate Forum, was established by the Graduate Studies Committee in 2001 to recognize departments or programs whose ongoing work and scholarly activities embody the School's five graduate tenets.  After being awarded in the spring, the Graduate Community of Scholars Tribute's poster is moved to the new department where it is displayed for the next academic year. A plaque announcing the recipients hangs in the office of the School of Graduate Studies. 

Recipient of the 2011 - 2012 Graduate Community of Scholars Tribute: 
Physical Education

Recognized for its contribution to Scholarly Inquiry by mentoring graduate students through their thesis process, expecting them to interpret and determine appropriate applications of pedagogical, psychological and sociological or biomechanical and physiological. Numerous graduates demonstrate the tenet of Leadership by achieving administrative certifications where they can rely on networks established by the faculty who also assist in these endeavors.

Past Recipients:

 ·    2002 - 2003: Biology Department -   
Recognized for fostering the spirit of intellectual inquiry and encouraging the application of rigor in the advancement of knowledge; and for the mentorship and collaboration that exists between faculty and graduate students

 ·    2003 - 2004: Modern Language Department -
Recognized for the flexibility of its graduate summer course offerings which enhances student graduation and retention: through its nine credits of intensive studies, and through its partnership with the University of Salamanca, Spain.

 ·    2004 - 2005: Music

 ·    2005 - 2006: Criminology and Criminal Justice

 ·    2006 - 2007: Mathematical Sciences

 ·    2007 - 2008: Reading & Language Arts

 ·    2008 - 2009: English

 ·    2010 - 2011Biomolecular Sciences
Recognized for its contribution to Community of Scholoars: collaboration between faculty and students through a strong student-centered research program

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