Semester-End Report
Fall Semester
Academic Year 2004-2005

Significant Events

September                                        Graduate Open House: More than 222 prospective students attended the Fall Graduate Open House.

October-December                          Enrollment Management The GSC has been appointed to oversee enrollment management in respect to the School of Graduate Studies.  The GSC has been focusing on the broader vision of enrollment management to include:

1.      Recruitment of new students to CCSU Graduate Programs

2.      Admission process for Graduate Students

3.      Enrollment Experience

4.      Retention

5.      Graduation

A survey of current Graduate Students has been developed to assess their perceptions of these issues and will be administered at the end of the semester.

Strategic Planning An adhoc committee continued work on the Strategic Plan for the School of Graduate Studies.  They submitted a plan which more closely defined strategic goals and actionable points, along with a timeline, and consideration of the implications and costs of the proposed objectives at different levels.

November                                          Fall Graduate Forum Discussion and Guided Group Discussion on Enrollment Management and Visibility of the School of Graduate Studies

Scholarship Awards

            Graduate Outstanding Scholar Awards

Jennifer Fitting

M.S. Counselor Education: School Counseling

Tanja Pihlblad

M.S. Communication

Graduate Academic Awards

Leigh Jones-Bamman

M.A. Psychology

Kelly Caldwell

M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy

Kristy Cardillo

M.S. Special Education

Stephanie Cherolis

M.A. English

David Dubiel

M.S. Criminal Justice

John Girard

M.S. Biological Sciences

Cruz Elena Jacobson

M.S. Elementary Education

Peter Jakubowski

 M.S. Anesthesia

Randi Jones

M.S. Physical Education

Catherine Juozokas


Mandi Latronio

M.S. Music

Linn Maxwell

M.S. Educational Foundations

Androkli Londo

M.A, Mathematics

Carrie O'Neil

M.S. Educational Leadership

Melissa Sirick

M.A. Public History

Carolyn Smith

M.A. Biological Science

James Steck

M.S. Data Mining

Joanne Thomas

M.A. History

Anne Wakelin

M.S. Early Childhood

Shaowei Wang

M.S. Information Design

Jennifer Young

M.S. Art

Policy Resolutions Passed

The following policies were adopted:

Department of ArtFormat and wording were altered for clarity on admissions materials related to the portfolio. 

If you are applying to the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program, your portfolio must contain examples of all of the following.

1. Still-life drawings and/or paintings that illustrate accurate depictions of form and space. 

2.  Landscape and/or architecture (indoor or outdoor) showing successful descriptions of form and space.  These must be a drawing and/or painting.

3.  Images (any 2D and/or 3D) that illustrate convincing knowledge and translation of the elements and principles of design.

4.  Tonal drawings in pencil, charcoal, or ink, that were executed from life and that depict figure, landscape, or still life as well as successfully describe the illusion of light defining 3D volume.

Department of History. Paragraphs were re-worked and added to the admission instructions form:

Students who do not meet the undergraduate GPA requirements for admittance or conditional admittance to the graduate program in History may take up to three courses (nine credit hours) in graduate level history courses as a non-matriculated student.  Those students earning a minimum 3.3 GPA for these courses may apply for conditional admittance to the graduate program.  Those students must also provide two letters of recommendation from CCSU History Department faculty.  If conditionally admitted, those students who achieve a B+ or above in HIST 501 will be fully admitted into the program.

Prospective graduate students without an undergraduate degree in history, but who meet the GPA requirements for full admission to the graduate program, should meet with the History Department chair or a History Department graduate advisor to determine the requisite courses needed for admission.  At minimum, those students will receive a conditional admittance and must complete HIST 501 with a B or better.

For full consideration, all application materials must be received by the Department of History no later than December 1st for spring admissions and May 1st for fall admissions.  Applicants who do not meet the fall admissions deadline may enroll in courses on a non-matriculated basis subject to course availability.

Criminal Justice Department. Additional requirements for admission.

1.      A resume must now be submitted in addition to other requirements.  The Department is receiving applications from increasingly more non-traditional students.  The resume will provide the Department with more information about these potential students' qualifications and backgrounds. The resume will also enable the Department to accept for students on a conditional basis.

2.      The Department will enact a process change from rolling admissions to deadlines for the fall and spring terms.  They will also contact students who have been accepted and request that if they do not plan to attend the program, that they inform the Department so a student on the wait list can be contacted and admitted.

3.      The Department will start a wait list for the program to manage the problems of having more candidates then they can admit. Some candidates say will begin the program but then do not show up.  With a wait list, the Department can now admit more individuals and help develop additional electives.

4.      Wording changes were made for clarity.

Respectfully submitted by

Glynis Fitzgerald, GSC Chair