(860) 832-1925 for medical appointments
(860) 832-1945 for a mental health appointments
(860) 832-1948 for wellness education appointments

Student Wellness Services provides mental health, medical, and wellness education services. Integrating these services into a single department in the Division of Student Affairs, Student Wellness Services strives to improve student access to a range of wellness services, enable us to reach out to students needing help, and allow for a collaborative practice that will better meet students’ complex needs. Eventually, all services will be located in a single location with a single contact number. Until then, all services remain in place and their contact numbers are unchanged.

  • For mental health questions or to request an appointment for counseling services, please call 860-832-1945 or come to Marcus White Hall, Room 205.
  • For medical questions or to request an appointment for university health services, please call 860-832-1925 or come to the office in Marcus White Annex next to the Student Technology Center.
  • For questions concerning alcohol and drug use or abuse or to schedule an appointment with the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education, please call 860-832-1948 or drop by Willard 113-00.

College health is “the caring intersection between health and education. It is a community with a shared vision and common cause. College health cannot be separated from the physical, social, emotional, political or cultural influences, nor from fostering a sense of belonging and value." [Ernest Boyer, Keynote Address, "College: The Quality of Life." American College Health Association Annual Meeting. Chicago: May 27, 1987]