1. What services do you offer?

  • University Health Services offers routine medical care by appointment to all students. We provide evaluation and treatment of illnesses and injuries for a wide variety of acute problems from upper respiratory infections and sexually transmitted infections to injuries and concussions.
  • We work with your primary care provider to manage chronic problems and work with local specialists and hospitals to handle other medical concerns.
  • We also offer some immunizations, contraceptive counseling and management, hearing screens, and several specialty clinics such as an allergy shot clinic.

2. When is University Health Services open?

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Hours subject to change)

3. Who will I see if I come to University Health Services?

  • We are staffed by several medical providers and a registered nurse. Some problems may require referral to a local emergency room or other health care specialist.

4. Do I need an appointment?

  • Please call 860-832-1925 to schedule an appointment. We attempt to accommodate walk-ins but this is not always possible.

5. What about confidentiality?

  • All visits made to University Health Services are kept strictly confidential.
  • Medical records or information will not be released without the student’s signed consent. This policy also applies to parents and faculty.
  • The only exceptions are by law.

6. What will an appointment cost?

  • There is no charge to be seen by a provider.
  • Some in-house tests, immunizations, treatments, and prescription medications are available for small fees which are billed to your Bursar’s account.
  • We do not bill insurance companies or other third party payers.

7. Does CCSU have an insurance policy that I can purchase?

  • Health insurance coverage (accident and sickness) is mandatory for all full-time students. CCSU offers a student health insurance policy through the Aetna Student Health Agency Inc.  All full-time students are automatically enrolled in both accident and sickness policies. The accidental insurance plan cannot be waived and its premium is folded into the university bill. However, if students are covered for illness under an outside plan (e.g. their parent’s plan) they may waive the sickness portion of the insurance through their BlueNet Account each semester. The deadline for waiving the sickness policy is the first day of classes; otherwise students are billed for the Aetna Student Health sickness policy.

8. Is there an insurance policy available for part-time students?

  • Part-time students can purchase an insurance policy directly through Aetna Student Health. Contact Aetna through their website at to learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan and benefit information.

9. Who should I contact with questions about the student insurance policy?

  • All questions or concerns about the student insurance policy should be directed to Aetna Student Health, Inc.
  • Questions concerning waivers or charges for the CCSU sponsored plan are handled by the Bursar’s Office. University Health Services does not manage insurance issues but we are always available to help if needed.
  • Visit to learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan and the benefit information.

10. What happens if I need to visit other health providers?

  • University Health Services’ staff can assist in referring and arranging appointments to specialists and other healthcare providers or facilities.
  • Students are responsible for all charges and insurance issues involved with any such care.
  • Similarly, students are responsible for any charges for private laboratory testing ordered through our department and for prescriptions filled at local pharmacies.
  • Please familiarize yourself with your own insurance coverage especially co-pays, deductibles, health reimbursement accounts, and procedures for submitting charges for reimbursement.  

11. Do you write "excuses" for missed classes or employment?

  • Excuse notes are sent to instructors only after a student is seen in our office and his or her medical recovery, or risk of spread of an infection, warrants an absence from class. We will not see a student for the sole purpose of providing an excuse note.
  • Students must notify the Office of Student Affairs if expected to be out for 5 days or longer.
  • For those students who are out of class for more than five days but were not cared for at UHS, please ask your healthcare provider to directly send information about your absence to the Office of Student Affairs. The verification of your absence will be relayed to the appropriate professors.

12. Can I get involved with University Health Services?

  • We are looking for interested students in being part of a Student Health Advisory Council to continually address the concerns of students.
  • We offer student employment positions through the work study program.
  • We are a clinical site for our nursing program.
  • We are always interested in speaking to students and student groups as well participating in and co-sponsoring events.
  • Please call us at 860-832-1925 if you wish to discuss a project, invite us to speak to a club, or work with us in some other way.

13. Are immunizations required?

  • Connecticut State Law requires immunization or proof of immunity against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (chicken pox). See our website: for full details.
  • All matriculated (and full-time, non-matriculated) students are required to submit a complete and signed Connecticut State University Student Health Services Form and all required immunization records prior to attending class.

14. When are the Connecticut State University Student Health Services Forms due?

  • Fall Semester -  July 15
  • Spring Semester – December 15
  • If records are not submitted on time, you may find that you are unable to register or change classes because of a health hold on your account. Specific details about any missing health information can be found on the registration status page of your BlueNet account.

15. Who can I contact with other questions?

  • We have recorded information available through our general number, 860-832-1925 (choose option 2 for health forms, option 3 for health holds, and option 4 for health insurance).
  • Our receptionists are available to answer questions during our normal business hours (860-832-1925, choose option 5).
  • Dr. Shannon Jackson, the Director of Student Wellness Services, is available at the same number, or by email, Please note that specific medical questions should not be sent via email and no health information should be transmitted via email.

16. What is a "health hold"?

  • All matriculated students, including transfer students, are required to submit a completed and signed copy of the Connecticut State University Student Health Services Form and State Mandated Immunization Records. If you have not yet submitted the form or are missing required information, you may notice that you have a “Health Hold” on the “Registration Status” page of your WebCentral/Student Pipeline account.
  • The health hold will not drop you from any registered classes, but it will prevent you from adding or dropping any classes, so you won’t be able to make changes to your schedule or register for classes for next semester until the hold is lifted. If you have not yet done so, please submit your required health information as soon as possible. The "Health Hold" gets more irritating the longer it remains.
  • Complete health information requirements can be found by selecting the tab on the left, “Health Information Requirements