Student Wellness Services

Office of Wellness Education



A variety of programs are offered to help educate individuals about how to make responsible choices while they are in college. All incoming students are required to complete Alcohol Edu as a part of their orientation to the university and college culture. BASICS is a program which offers a person individual counseling about alcohol choices through two hour-long counseling sessions with a member of the Counseling and Wellness Center. CHOICES is a class taught by the Alcohol and Drug Education Coordinator and/or Wellness Programs Administrator. This class provides alcohol education to students incluidng the definition of a standard drink, a discussion about blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and possible affects of high risk behaviors including binge drinking. All of these programs are provided to students at no charge. If you are intersted in more information about or would like to speak with a counselor regarding alcohol addiction or any related topics, please contact the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education at 832-1948 to schedule an appointment.

We recognize college students want alcohol-alternative activities on campus. Devil's Den at 10pm is a late night alcohol-alternative program which happens every Thursday night in Semesters, in the Student Center.