Student Wellness Services

Office of Wellness Education



What is CHOICES?

Brief Harm Reduction Alcohol Prevention Program.

How it Works

CHOICES is offered in a classroom setting, usually with up to 10 students and lasting 90 minutes in duration. Most of the work is individual, but open discussions occur and feedback and input are welcome.

Students engage in a self-reflective process through completing questions in a journal about alcohol use, high risk behaviors and safe choices.

Information is provided about alcohol use, the risks associated with excessive drinking and alternative coping strategies including calculating your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC, how alcohol is processed through your body and the definition of a standard drink.

Binge drinking and current alcohol laws are also discussed.

How to Participate

Students can attend a CHOICES class as a part of a First Year Experience class, or any other class. They can also take the class voluntarily by contacting Student Wellness Services and inquiring about class dates and times.