Red Watch Band Program

What is the Red Watch Band Movement?

Red Watch Band was started in 2008 at SUNY, Stony Brook in reaction to the death of a faculty member’s son who died from toxic alcohol poisoning. Knowing that students are more likely to seek help from peers, Stony Brook wanted to create a program specific to students, who are often on the front lines of incidences of binge drinking. The Red Watch Band Movement is now found on college campuses across the county, where students are trained to identify a medical emergency, responding and saving lives!

Mission of Red Watch

The mission of the Red Watch Band is to provide campus community members with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent student toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect.

Why A Red Watch?

The Red Watch is a symbol for help, much like the Red Cross. Those who wear the Red Watch are known to be trained in CPR and medical intervention for alcohol poisoning.

Why do you include CPR training?

The HeartSavers CPR training is used both to give students certification in a clear set of skills, as well as help provide context for the medical seriousness of unconsciousness or semi-consciousness. By including CPR certification, the program attracts a wide range of students from those who initially value the CPR certification more than the alcohol emergency portion of the training to those who are very committed to responding to alcohol-related emergencies, but are uncertain about how to intervene most helpfully.

Who should take Red Watch Band Training?

Any CCSU student who is willing to participate in training and who is willing to wear the Red Watch, ready to take action in the event of an alcohol related emergency. All CCSU Blue Devils who want to live with integrity.

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 For more about the next Red Watch Band Training at CCSU, call 860-832-1948