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The Honors curriculum by semester and year (sample syllabi are linked)


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

First Year

HON 130 World Cultures I

HON 140 Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing

HON 110 Western Culture I

HON 120 Science and Society I: Natural Sciences

Second Year

HON 210 Western Culture II

HON 230 World Cultures II

HON 220 Science and Society II: Social Sciences

HON 250 Western/World Cultures III

Third Year

HON 440 Thesis Preparation

HON 441 Honors Thesis

HON 442 Thesis Workshop

Fourth Year



[Click on a course to see sample syllabi]

Note that all courses are 4 credits, with the exception of HON 440, 441, and 442 which form a combined package of 4 credits. Courses are team-taught by faculty members in different disciplines, and are interdisciplinary in scope

The Honors courses replace the majority of a student's general education requirements, as outlined here. Note that the Program cannot replace any requirement set by a student's major or program of study.