School Leaders Interested in Improving World Language Instruction

Opportunities for World Languages in Connecticut



1.       “World Languages K-8, Methods, Materials, and Curriculum Development”

       July 10-21, 2006, Maloney Magnet Interdistrict Magnet School, Waterbury, CT

       See enclosed flyer.


2. World Language Web Project

      Various dates.

      See enclosed flyer. 


Grants for World Languages


  1. Connecticut-Italy Partnership Italian Incentive Funding Application

      (up to $25,000 per full-time teacher, Grades K-8)

      Informational meeting April 27, 2006  (***RSVP***)

      Deadline May 15, 2006. 

      See enclosure for details.


  1. Foreign Language Assistance Program (federal)

      Possible priority given for critical languages and elementary programs.

      Applications available May 31, 2006; deadline June 30, 2006.

      Fact sheet enclosed.


Volunteer Teachers of Mandarin from China


Currently, five volunteer teachers from China are serving in four schools districts in Connecticut:  Region 7 (2); Waterford; Madison; Ridgefield.  We hope to expand that number to ten teachers next year.  The district's responsibility is to provide room, board, transportation to and from school, and health insurance.  Contact Mary Ann Hansen for more information:  tel:  860-713-6753;  fax:  860-713-7018; 



Enclosures    World Language Web Project

Announcement of Orientation and Workshop Sessions

Dear Colleagues,


Please consider being a part of the World Language Web Project.  Join your world language colleagues in providing lesson units for all to view on the website.  To learn more about this exciting professional development opportunity and to continue to make an important contribution to your profession, please plan to attend the following sessions:


ORIENTATION, May 22, 2006, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ACES, Hamden


This session will provide an overview of the project.  Please bring with you a unit of study that you would like to share on the website.  Leave the session with an understanding of the project which will be completed in June, 2007, with your unit of study and student work displayed on the state website for your colleagues to use in their classrooms. 


WORKSHOP, August 7 - 9, 2006, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., ACES, Hamden


This three-day workshop is designed for teachers of world languages to be able to contribute to the website project by improving existing units and creating new units of study which can be added to the model K-12 world language curriculum and which can be shared with the world language teachers of Connecticut on the website.  Participation in this workshop is an excellent way for you to become better informed about curriculum development from a hands-on perspective, write some practical language units, and become part of a state wide effort that can have a significant impact on world language programs throughout the state.  These unit tasks can incorporate work that you already have created and/or piloted that can be aligned with one or more of the world language content standards – or you may wish to create an entirely new unit!  Pairs or teams of teachers from schools are encouraged to participate.  In addition, consider using this project as your district/school professional development goal for the year. 


 This workshop will include the following:


Please bring:   The world language curriculum currently used in your district and/or

                           materials that will be useful for developing a unit of study, any units or

                          partial units that you have developed, any exemplars and performance

                          tasks, with accompanying materials, that you may have and may wish

                                          to blend into a unit.


Participants will receive a total of 1.8 CEUs for attending this workshop, and they may receive an honorarium upon completion of the project.  There is no fee for attending the orientation session and the workshop.  Funding for this project is provided through a Connecticut State Department of Education grant from the Federal Foreign Language Assistance Program.

Please complete the registration form on the next page and return it to Laurene Hebert at the Connecticut State Department of Education at the address listed on the registration form by May 1.


Questions:  Contact Marilyn Horton, Project Facilitator, at 860-739-7742 or

For directions to ACES at 205 Skiff Street, Hamden, visit the ACES websites at:



Registration for World Language Web Project

Orientation and Workshop Sessions

May 22 and August 7 – 9, 2006


Please send by May 1 to: 

        Laurene Hebert

                                            Connecticut State Department of Education

                                            165 Capitol Avenue, Room 215

                                            Hartford, CT 06106


                                            Or fax:  860-713-7018

                                            (Telephone:  860-713-6739)                 



Name(s):                     ______________________________________________________




District:                      ______________________________________________________


School:                        ______________________________________________________


Address:                     ______________________________________________________


     Telephone:                  ______________________________________________________


Fax Number:              ______________________________________________________


Level:                         ______________________________________________________


Languages:                 ______________________________________________________


E-Mail:                       ______________________________________________________




If possible, please provide the topic of a unit or units that you are considering developing, at what level(s) of instruction and in what language(s).  Thank you.


Topic:                          ______________________________________________________





Level:                         ______________________________________________________


Language(s):              ______________________________________________________







Elementary (K-8) Italian Programs-Incentive Funding for Connecticut Schools

Connecticut – Italy Partnership


(September 2006 – June 2007)


The Connecticut Department of Education and the Italian Consulate General in New York are partners with the Italian – American Committee on Education (IACE) in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote the study of Italian language and culture in our schools from an early age.  The MOU is aligned with State Board discussions on early second language acquisition, and it supports the increased interest by school districts to offer world language programs beginning in the elementary grades.


As part of this agreement, the Italian Consulate General in New York, in collaboration with the Italian-American Committee on Education (IACE), will provide partial incentive funding to start elementary Italian instruction (K-8) in Connecticut schools, especially below Grade 4, during the 2006-2007 school year.  The initial awards will range up to $25,000 per full-time teacher.  (For teachers not hired under a teacher contract, the maximum allowable rate is $35.00 per contact hour.)  The highest funding priority will be given to programs that are included as part of the curriculum.  Proposals for after-school or weekend programs may be considered if the intention is clearly stated to integrate the programs eventually into the elementary curriculum.  The awards are based in part on a matching commitment by the district.  The expectation is that the programs will become self-sustaining.


If your district is interested in starting or continuing an Italian program as part of this grant program, please send the completed form (attached) by May 15, 2005, to the attention of Dr. Mary Ann Hansen, State World Language Consultant, Connecticut State Department of Education, P.O. Box 2219, Hartford, CT  06145-2219.  For more information, contact Dr. Hansen by telephone at:  (860) 713-6753; fax:  (860) 713-7018; E-mail: 


NOTE:  Mr. Alfio Russo, Director of the Education Office of the Consulate General of Italy in New York, and Dr. Tina Rella, Executive Director of IACE, will be available at Central Connecticut State University from 4:00 p.m. to 6 p.m., on Thursday, April 27, 2006, to discuss the grants and the Italian policy and tools for promoting Italian language and culture in Connecticut schools.  Please email Dr. Carmela Pesca, Director of the Resource Center for the Teaching of Italian, at to confirm your attendance and receive details of the location of the meeting and parking.




cc:  Mr. Alfio Russo

       Dr. Tina Rella

       Dr. Carmela Pesca                                                                                                           









Italian Program Funding Proposal (2006-2007 School Year


Please type.



                                                                                                             City                     State




 Address _____________________________________________________________________


 Tel.__________________________________Fax ____________________________________


 Website ______________________________________________________________________


 Contact Person_____________________________________Title_______________________


 Tel._______________________________ E-mail____________________________________




  - Descriptive data about the school









  - Experience with world language instruction in the district









 - Community interest in having courses of Italian language and culture












- Proposed curriculum (e.g., proficiency based)






- Intended textbook(s) and educational materials








- How students will be assessed in the program










- Availability of a ___certified____    teacher for Italian language and culture

                             not certified


Name __________________________________________________________________





-         Potential for articulation with existing middle and/or high school offering Italian

     Please list them








                                                                  - 2 -




        Proposed Program Description

                                                  2006-2007 School Year


District/School ______________________________________________________________

                                                            City                          State


Amount of funding requested____________________________________________________

 (Funding will be provided toward the teacher base salary only; benefits are not covered.)


Amount of matching district/school funding_______________________________________

            (Toward teacher salary, teaching materials and resources, etc.)


Anticipated starting/ending date_________________________________________________          


Number of schools involved____________________________________________________         


Number of sessions per week___________________________________________________        


Contact minutes per week______________________________________________________                                                        

Anticipated number of students to be enrolled______________________________________


Grade levels to be included_____________________________________________________


Number of certified teachers required (FTE) _______________________________________                                     





Number of


per Grade Level

Number of


per Grade Level

Frequency of Contacts Time per Week

(suggested minimum 2)

Contact Minutes per  Session

(suggested minimum 30 minutes)












































Signature________________________________  Date___________________________