Florence, Pisa, Rome & Siena, Italy

Central Connecticut State University
Spring 2013 Course Abroad Program
March 22nd - March 30th 2013

"World peace? — I believe that it is being built one person at a time. This is why I love to travel abroad with students. We all learn from diving into a different culture. You can build confidence, navigate a city with a map, and spread your wings. It is also unique to take cameras and camcorders along and capture impressions in a visual format. This is why our focus on Visual Communication is especially rewarding in this visually rich environment. This spring we are venturing to Florence, Italy. We will explore history, popular culture and everyday life on the quaint streets of this elegant town. We'll also visit Siena and Pisa and maybe Rome. And we may even pick up a few words of Italian on the way and bring home some new recipes."


-Karen A. Ritzenhoff, PhD., Professor of Communication