Email Etiquette for Distribution Lists

There has been a growing use of email to announce campus events. Email can be an effective way to reach the members of the campus community. However, excessive or casual use of distribution lists can have some undesirable side effects. Out of respect for the campus community, please use the following guidelines when sending such messages to large distribution lists.


1)    Messages should be limited in size and contain text only. They should not contain attachments or images/pictures.

Some recipients will not be able to open attachments or view images. Customized backgrounds and signature attachments can also be a problem. Attachments and images are usually large files which can exhaust a recipient's mail quota. Because student email space is very limited, messages with graphics or attachments can lock up student mailboxes. If you want to distribute a large document or an image, use a link to a web page. Call the help desk at X21720 for more information.


2)    Be sure the message is of broad interest to the targeted audience.


3)    Clearly state the topic of the message in the subject line.


4)    Limit the information to campus business and campus events only. Please use other forms of media for non-campus events.

5)      Address your response to the sender only. Use "reply to all" sparingly. 


6)      Please keep messages brief and to the point.


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