David G. Oyanadel
IDTRC Supervisor

Jennifer Nicoletti
Instructional Media Coordinator

Claude Abbott
Instructional Coordinator

James Irving
Instructional Technologist

Adam Gentry
Instructional Technologist

Erin Lynch
Student Assistant

Isaac Abakah
Student Assistant

Amy S. Kullgren
Director of Client Support Services

The Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center (IDTRC)

The IDTRC is a technology center located in Willard Hall room 004. We are here to help faculty with their instructional design needs. Assistance is provided with the integration of technology into the curriculum.

We invite you to read Our Mission Statement and learn more about us.

Blackboard Learn Resources:


Microsoft Office 2013 Training Information


WebEx Web Conferencing Information


Important information about Blackboard Vista


Services Offered

  • Anti-Plagiarism Software: Check students' work for originality and proper citations using SafeAssign through BB Vista.
  • Audience Response Technology using TurningPoint: Learn how "Clickers" can be used to improve student comprehension and class interaction.
  • Banner: We provide a general overview of Banner. Please contact Jennifer Nicoletti for more information.
  • Blogging: Always wanted to try blogging but never had a spot to do so? Well, CCSU has it's own blogging site called CCSYou. Click "blogging" to learn more.
  • Instructional Design Services for Online Course Development: Work with our instructional design team to design and develop your online learning materials.
  • LanSchool: Easy-to-use classroom management software.
  • Multimedia Development Assistance: Work individually or with an assistant to edit and display media for multiple applications, such as iMovie and Profcast.
  • Multimedia Teaching Station Training: We can teach you how to use the teaching stations available in most classrooms.
  • Respondus: A tool used to create and manage exams that can be uploaded into Blackboard Vista.
  • Sandbox: Come play in our sandbox where we have exciting new technology.
  • Scanning Documents: Using Opticall Character Recognition (OCR) software or scan photographs and negatives for use in publications, presentations, web pages and class handouts.
  • Scantron Scanning: Bring your master key and answer sheets to The Center and use our Scantron Scanner. No appointment necessary.
  • SMART Board Do Smart Boards seem intimidating to you? Make an appointment with us and we can show you all the features and benefits of using one.
  • Software Instruction: Work with an Instructional Technologist one-on-one in the Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center for help with Blackboard Vista, Podcasts or other software, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Web Conferencing: Using Webex
  • Website Editing: Using Expression Web or FinalSite.
  • Workshops: Experts in Residence: a 1-2 hour workshop where faculty experts demonstrate successful integration of instructional technologies followed by hands-on use of the demonstrated technology; Digital Seminar Series: a series of workshops that seek to demystify new and developing academic technologies.
Additional Services offered for Students
  • One-on-One assistance with, multimedia class assignments, creating PowerPoint podcasts, blogging and/or social networking software.
  • Digital Seminar Series workshops open to students.
  • Collaborative workspace is available for group work.