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We implemented Cisco Clean Access in order to provide residence hall students with safe access to the network and Internet. Computer viruses are a serious threat to the network; a virus attack on a single computer is capable of infecting the entire network and disrupting network services for everyone. With the vast array of virus outbreaks today, it is imperative that your computer is patched and running proper virus protection. for this reason, all Windows-based computers connecting to the residential network are required to run the Clean Access Agent. Clean Access verifies that your computer has proper updates (patches) and virus protection, ensuring that your computer is safe to be on the network. While connected to the residential network, the Clean Access Agent will remain behind the scenes protecting your computer and the network. You will be prompted to log back in to Clean Access once per week and every time you reboot your computer. Each time you log in, Clean Access will scan your computer for the proper virus protection and the latest Windows Updates. If at any time your computer does not meet the specified requirements, you will be granted temporary and restricted access to allow you time to satisfy these requirements.


Clean Access Requirements

There are several requirments each user must pass to authenticate to our network. They are as follows:


  • Clean Access is up to date
  • Critical Service Packs are installed
  • Critical Windows Updates are installed. Update Windows here.
  • An Anti-Virus program is installed


  • Currently Mac and Linux users will not be blocked for any vulnerabilities. However, a scan will be performed on your machine when you login.
  • It is a good idea to use an Anti-Virus program. Download it for free!




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