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If you are having problems with Cisco Clean Access and can not find the solution here, please call the IT Help Desk at (860) 832-1720 or e-mail them at techsupport@ccsu.edu.
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Do I have to use the Clean Access Agent Client?
Yes. All Windows PCs are required to use the Clean Access for network access.

I cannot install Clean Access, it warns me about administrative rights.
You must be logged onto your computer as a user with administrative rights or as the administrator. Contact the IT Help Desk at (860) 832-1720 or at techsupport@ccsu.edu if you do not have administrative rights.

What happens if I uninstall Clean Access?
You will not be able to login to the campus network.

I keep trying to install Clean Access but it tells me that I can either Modify/Repair or Remove the program.
Clean Access is currently installed on your machine. You do not need to install it again. You can verify this by looking for the Clean Access icon in your system tray.

I do not see the Clean Access icon in my system tray; what do I do?
There are a few possibilities:

  • Clean Access has no been installed. Please install the Clean Access agent to continue.

  • The Clean Access icon is hidden in the System tray. Click on the arrows << to expand the system tray list and show the Clean Access Agent, then login.
Logging in and out of Clean Access

How do I login to Clean Access?
Clean Access will automaticaly display a popup when you connect the network wired or wirelessly. Enter your BlueNet Account (ex: doe_jtr) and password to login.

Open your web browser. You will be redirected to the CCSU Clean Access login page. Enter your BlueNet Account and password to login.

I do not see the Clean Access popup?
You can manually login by right-clicking on the Clean Access icon in the system tray and choosing login.

I've opened my browser with a default blank page but I am not redirected to a login page.
Go to a non-local site such as www.google.com.

How do I logout?
Currently, the only way to manually logout is to use the Clean Access logout feature. Right-click the Clean Access icon in the system tray and choose logout.

I am NOT able to access the internet but Clean Access allows me to logout. What's going on?
Clean Access may not always detect your network status. Try logging out and then logging back in. If this does not solve the problem, call the IT Help Desk at (860) 832-1720 or e-mail them at techsupport@ccsu.edu.

Validating and Updating

What am I allowed to access when Unauthenticated or Quarantined?
You can access remediation sites such as http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and http://www.ccsu.edu.

Can I update Windows before I login?
Yes, you should be able to go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

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