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As a courtesy, CCSU is extending guest access rights to visiting conference members on campus.  Guest access is typically only available via the wireless network.  However, it is now being extended to Residential Hall LAN lines during summer sessions.  If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, you should still be logging on with your BlueNet Account to obtain full access. Users opting for the guest access role will be restricted.  

To login as a guest, please change the Login Server drop down box from "CCSU_BlueNet" to "Guest Access" in Cisco Clean Access. Then enter your e-mail address for your username and "guest" for the password.  If you are still having problems logging in with Guest access, Click Here to download an easy to read and print pictorial PDF Version of this instruction.

As stated, this is a courtesy service to guests of CCSU. We are not obligated or required to provide this service, but we recognize the popularity/necessity of the internet and have extended this option for the convenience of our visitors. If you are on campus for a prolonged time or for a supported function, please contact the IT Help Desk at (860) 832-1720 or techsupport@ccsu.edu if you require further access.

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