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The IT Help Desk represents a single point of contact for assistance with all supported software and designated ITS services.  The IT Help Desk acts as the liaison between the CCSU Information Technical Services technical staff and the campus community.

This approach shelters our customers from the necessity of personally searching out the technical support individual who should and can solve their problem. Although centralized, the IT Help Desk function does rely on other personnel outside of the department, but the IT Help Desk itself provides the first and sometimes final level of problem resolution.

Since the IT Help Desk appears as a single answer source, even though it is serving as an intermediary between client and staff, we realize it will often be the sole criteria by which the quality and responsiveness of the entire CCSU Information Technology Services department will be judged. That is a large responsibility and one that we never take lightly.

In addition the IT Help Desk constitutes an important source of information for the CCSU Information Technology Services technical staff. By documenting problem calls, the IT Help Desk can provide key information on problem trends and provide better data for use in problem resolutions. HEAT, our call tracking database is a tool we use to identify recurring problem areas, report those areas to management, and recommend fixes or additional training as appropriate.

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Amy Magno
Director of User Support Services
(860) 832-1719


Jennifer Caputo Nicoletti
Help Desk Lead
(860) 832-1803


Gary Koropatkin
Help Desk Coordinator
(860) 832-1720


Alison Zwick
Help Desk Coordinator
(860) 832-1735



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