Lisa R. Washko
Manager, Instructional Technology

Robert Silver
Instructional Technology Systems Administrator

Christine Alexandre
Instructional Technology Systems Administrator

Vu Trieu
Instructional Technology Systems Administrator

Arksone Anachack
University Assistant

Amy S. Kullgren
Director of Client Support Services

Student Web Pages

All students with a BlueNet Account are automatically given web server space that can be used to develop and post a web page on our server.  The standard web address (URL) for a student's web site is  For example, if Mary Smith's BlueNet Account username is smithm, then her student web page address is

Editing Your Web Page

  • Access your personal netshare (M: drive).  Within your M: drive folder, you will have a WWW folder, which is where you will store all of your web page files.  All files associated with your web page need to be placed in the WWW folder within your M: drive in order to be accessible from the Internet.
  • The name of your home page must be default.htm, default.html, index.htm, or index.html.
  • You can use HTML editor or web site design software to create or modify your web pages.  Microsoft offers free development tools to students through a program called Dreamspark, click here for more information.

Viewing Your Web Page

You may view your web page from any computer with Internet access.  To access your web site, open your web browser and type your web address: (replace BlueNet Account with your username).