Chad E. Valk

Media Center Manager
(860) 832-2035

Craig Pocock

Video Engineer
(860) 832-2029

Paul Fiedler

Media Technician
(860) 832-2026

Jarrett Palmese

(860) 832-2030

Ryan Wark

Digital Media Production Coordinator
(860) 832-2027

Ryan Lacher

University Assistant
Media Production

(860) 832-3371

Nils Toledo

University Assistant
Media Production
(860) 832-3371

John Anderson

University Assistant
Equipment & Engineering

(860) 832-2030

Timothy Scheffler

Graphic Design Coop
(860) 832-2031

Amy Kullgren

Director Client Services
(860) 832-1719


Campus Television


The Media Technology group serves as the hub for BLUE TV, the campus cable television service. Cable service to the CCSU campus is provided by Campus Televideo. The Media Technology group administers requests for cable service and repairs for administrative, academic and public areas on campus. Requests for cable service (drops & repairs) should include the account number and account manager that will be used to fund the installation or repair. We strongly suggest contacting us prior to the start of any project requiring cable television service. Additional funds may be needed if an area has reached capacity. Please submit cable drop requests and repairs here. Students living in residence halls should contact the Residence Life department in regards to service issues.

Problems with BLUE TV?  View our FAQ

CCSU Television

CCSU TV (channel 23) provides the campus community with up-to-date announcements through VideoNet Bulletin Board.  In addition to VideoNet Bulletin Board, CCSU TV offers quality programming specifically geared to the campus community. CCSU TV also offers one curriculum support channel. Contact us for more information about the use of these channels.


Residence Life Cinema

CCSU joins over 250 campuses nationwide in offering the Residence Life Cinema service which is now available on cable channel 24 of the closed circuit campus cable system. Each month a new selection of movies will be featured. Popular new releases, classic films and some special features are among the titles that will be shown. These films may be utilized in a student development environment through discussion guides that are provided as part of the service. The service also provides CCSU with a library of "Building Student Success" videos. The short (three to five minute) format of these videos makes them ideal for showing just before a feature movie, allowing you to take advantage of the movie's ability to create a larger, more attentive audience for the important information in each video.

The service aims to do the following:

  • Enhance on-campus living with Hollywood's top box office hits, popular TV shows and documentary specials - a great recruitment and retention tool
  • Encourage student success by addressing critical issues, such as binge drinking and credit card use with "Building Student Success" videos
  • Support developmental programming with social and cultural programming materials

Residence Life Cinema is funded and supported by the Inter Residence Council and CCSU Information Technology Department and is operated by the Media Technology group. We invite you to contact us to learn how this service may be able to aid you in your programming on campus.  Please send inquiries about Residence Life Cinema to


For inquiries concerning BLUE TV, CCSU Television and ResLife Cinema contact Chad Valk at (860)832-2035 or



Member of the Association of Higher Education Campus Television Administrators


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