Chad E. Valk
Media Center Manager

Craig Pocock
Video Engineer


Media Technician

Jarrett Palmese

Ryan Wark
Digital Media Production Coordinator


University Assistant
Media Production

Nils Toledo
University Assistant
Media Production

Timothy Scheffler
Graphic Design Coop

Amy Kullgren

Director Client Services


Media Center

Mission Statement

The goal of the Media Center is to support the academic mission of the University.
We maintain facilities, materials, and equipment for the production, distribution and utilization of instructional media. We also provide assistance and instruction in the purchase and effective utilization of media equipment and materials. Your help and cooperation is essential to achieve our goal.

What We Do

Audio Production | Campus Television | Central Arts | Central Authors | Engineering-Technical

Equipment Distribution | Graphic Design | Media Equipment Purchasing | Media Duplication

Multimedia Classrooms | Off-Air Recordings | Streaming Media | Video Production and Editing


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