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Media Center Manager
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Video Engineer
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Media Technician
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Digital Media Production Coordinator
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University Assistant
Media Production

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University Assistant
Media Production
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University Assistant
Equipment & Engineering

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Graphic Design Coop
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Director Client Services
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"THE HOUR with Jim Pellegrino" is produced by the CCSU Media Center.  THE HOUR is a one hour talk format program, shot in-studio, live to tape each month. The show features a variety of guests from the worlds of business, education, politics, medicine, human interest and entrepreneurial success stories. The goal of the program is to provide a lively, informative and entertaining time for the viewers and the guests. Hosted by Jim Pellegrino, the format of the program allows for an extended discussion with the guests on various topics of interest in our world today. Far from the usual "sound bite" clips seen each night on the local news, The Hour offers the viewer an extended look into the subject matter being presented during each episode of the show. THE HOUR debuted June 25, 2010 on CCSU TV 23, online and off-campus on Nutmeg TV.


Click on the season number below to search for an episode and watch the Windows Media Stream.
The current season is number six.


HOUR Seeason 6    


Now available on iTunesU!