IT Self-Help and FAQ's
Editing Campus-Hosted CCSU Web Sites with Microsft Expression Web

If you have not converted your CCSU web site to the Finalsite Content Management System, then your site is campus-hosted. Campus-hosted web sites are stored on our web server in a folder named "websites." Your web site files are located in a folder with the name of your web address (for example the IT web site is located in the "" folder). You will need to have the folder location of your web site in order to edit with Microsoft Expression Web. For help with verifing your web site folder location, contact the IT Help Desk at x21720 or

To access your web site using Expression Web:

  1. Open Expression Web.
  2. Click on the Site menu.
  3. Click on Open Site.
  4. In the Site Name field, type the folder location of your web site preceeded by s Examples:


    Open Site dialog box

  5. Click on Open.
  6. At the Remote Site Editing Options, leave the option set to Edit live site now and click on OK.
    Remote Site Editing dialog box

  7. An authentication box will open:

    If the box has three fields, enter your BlueNet Account username, password and domain (ccsu_comp_srv), then click on OK.

    If the box has two fields, enter your BlueNet Account username (example: smithj), enter your password, then click on OK.
    (Note: If you receive an error message, try entering in your domain followed by your BlueNet Account username (example: ccsu_comp_srv\"BlueNet username"), then enter your password and click on OK)

  8. The web site folder will open and you can access any page to begin editing your web site. You are editing your site live, so any changes you make will be seen immediately on the web site when you save the files.