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IT Self-Help: Entourage Junk Mail Filter

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Entourage has a Junk Mail filter that tries to identify possible spam messages and other types of unsolicited mail. When the filter is turned on, any messages marked as possible spam are moved into the Junk Mail folder. The Entourage Junk Mail Filter is separate from our Forefront anti-spam solution. Any messages that are put in the Junk Mail folder in Entourage have already passed through the Forefront anti-spam filter, but were blocked by Entourage. To prevent Entourage from falsely marking messages as junk, we recommend that you either deactivate the Junk Mail Filter, or that you add safe senders to your Entourage Address Book. These changes are local to the user and the computer, so you should make these changes on all computers where you use Entourage.

Deactivating the Junk Mail Filter in Entourage

  1. Open Entourage.
  2. Click on the Tools menu and select Junk E-mail Protection.
  3. Under the Level tab, it will ask “What level of junk e-mail protection would you like?”, select the None radio button, then click the OK button.

Adding Save Senders to the Entourage Address Book

  1. Open Entourage.
  2. Go to the Junk e-mail Folder.
  3. Hold down the Control Key and click on an e-mail message that was inappropriately moved into the Junk e-mail Folder.
  4. From the menu, click Add Sender to Address Book.
  5. Click on the red Close Window icon to close the Contacts window.