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IT Self-Help: Resetting Your BlueNet Account Password

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How do I reset my BlueNet Account password?

From any computer (PC or Mac) on or off campus:

  1. Go to

  2. If you know your current password:

    1. Enter your BlueNet username and password, then click on Log In.
    2. Click on the Password Reset link, set your new password, then click on Save.

  3. If you do not know your current passord:
    1. Click on "Forgot your password? Reset it here"
    2. Enter your BlueNet Username and Date of Birth (with a 4-digit year), then click on Reset Password.
    3. Enter the answers to your security questions, then click on Next.
    4. Set your new password, then click on Next.

From a campus computer (PC only):

When you log in to a campus PC, you will be prompted to change your password 14 days prior to expiration. To reset your password, click on the Yes to the Reset Password prompt and the Password Reset window will appear.

Another way to do this is to hit CTRL + ALT + DEL at any time and go to 'Change Password'. You will then be asked to type your old password, put in your new password and confirm it.

How do I find my BlueNet Account username?

From any computer (PC or Mac) on or off campus:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Activate Your Account or Retrieve Your BlueNet Account Username"

  3. Enter your credentials, then click on Activate Account. Your BlueNet Account username is displayed on the Welcome screen.

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How do I keep my BlueNet Account password secure?

Change your password regularly:
Passwords expire every 60 days. Fourteen days prior to expiration, you will be prompted to change your password in CentralPipeline or on your campus computer. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF. Change it as soon as you are prompted.

Always select a "strong" password:
Your password must have at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one numeric character and must be at least 7 characters long. Birthdays, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, and names of children or pets are all poor choices. A word of caution: do not make the password too long as you may forget it!

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