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IT Staff Directory

 Albert, Chad Technical Services (860)832-0046
 Alexandre, Christine Academic Technology (860)832-2174
 Anachack, Arksone Academic Technology (860)832-1729
 Aparo, Laurie Technical Services (860)832-2550  
 Benner, Jeff Card Office (860)832-2141  
 Bixler, Donald Technical Services (860)832-1703  
 Bohlke, Tom User Support Services (860)832-0117  
 Bonesio, Lynn Banner Services (860)832-1848
Chin, Craig
Technical Services (860)832-1726
 Clayton, Robert User Support Services (860)832-2337  
 Do, Tuan  Admin Tech Services (860)832-1734
 Doolittle, Bill User Support Services (860)832-2555 
 Enugala, Shilpa Admin Tech Services (860)832-1625
 Estrada, James Chief Information Officer (860)832-1723
 Greene, Charles Technical Services (860)832-1777
 Gross, Sarah Technical Services (860)832-1712 
 Johnson, Rick Technical Services (860)832-1708
 King, Thom Card Office (860)832-0113
 Klecha, Tom User Support Services (860)832-1739
 Klimkiewicz, Dawn Admin Tech Services (860)832-1704
 Koropatkin, Gary User Support Services (860)832-1846
 Kulenski, Stanley Technical Services (860)832-1706
 Kullgren, Amy (formerly Magno) User Support Services (860)832-1719
 Li, Jisong Admin Tech Services (860)832-0167
 McNickle, Sean Technical Services (860)832-2057
 Nicoletti, Jennifer Academic Technology (860)832-1803
Novak, Vivian User Support Services (860)832-3555
 Oyanadel, David Academic Technology (860)832-2028
 Palmese, Jarrett Academic Technology (860)832-2030
 Pocock, Craig Academic Technology (860)832-2029  
 Rak, Robert Admin Tech Services (860)832-2254
 Rivera, Tina-Marie User Support Services (860)832-1789
Romero, Enrique Technical Services (860)832-2151
 Schroll, Greg User Support Services (860)832-1898
 Silver, Robert Academic Technology (860)832-1714
 Simcik, Chris Admin Tech Services (860)832-1715

Stevenson, Donna

Technical Services

 Styrczula, Stanley Technical Services (860)832-1725
 Suares, Kevin Technical Services (860)832-1737
 Szul, Peter User Support Services (860)832-1724
 Valk, Chad Academic Technology  (860)832-2035
 Wark, Ryan Academic Technology (860)832-2027
 Washko, Lisa Academic Technology (860)832-1721
 Zwick, Alison User Support Services (860)832-1735