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Survey Tool

SelectSurvey.NET is a web-based survey creation tool that can be used by faculty and staff to quickly and easily distribute surveys via e-mail or a web site. It is a user-friendly application that allows you create surveys using over 20 different item/question types and track the results real-time using built-in reporting tools. The surveys are customizable and you can even reuse questions and surveys.

Access to SelectSurvey.NET

The link to access SelectSurvey.NET is

To request access to create surveys:

  1. Access SelectSurvey.NET by opening your web browser and navigating to .
  2. At the "Welcome" screen, you will see a message that states "If you would like to log into the application, please click here." Click on the word "here" to access the log in screen.
  3. Enter your BlueNet Account username and password, then click on the Submit button. The first time you log in, your BlueNet Account username is only registered in the database; contact the IT Help Desk (call 860-832-1720 or e-mail to request "survey creator" access. Once the access is granted, the next time you log in to the application, you will have all of the survey tools available to you.

Survey Resources

Basic Overview | Select Survey User Manual | Select Survey Help and Support