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Loaner Laptop Program

The Loaner Laptop Program is designed to offer faculty and staff a laptop computer to check out for conferences or to use for special University projects. Laptops are offered in both PC and Macintosh platforms (we have some Tablet PCs available also), and can be checked out for a period of up to five weeks. Essential accessories are provided, such as the power supply, network cable, modem cable, mouse, video cable, and instructions. Each department is limited to a maximum of five (5) loaner laptops borrowed at the same time (exceptions may be granted depending upon availability).

Reserving a Loaner Laptop
Reservations must be made at least two days prior to the date of borrowing. However, since the laptop supply is limited, you are encouraged to reserve laptops as early as possible to ensure availability. Loaner laptops may be checked out for a period of up to five (5) weeks.

To reserve a loaner laptop, please use the form provided at the bottom of this page. Please indicate whether a PC/Windows or Macintosh is preferred and what dates the laptop will be needed. Once the request is submitted, you will receive a response indicating whether there are laptops available, as well as arrangements on a time for the laptop to be picked up.

Important Information
If a laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrowing department is responsible for its replacement or repair. It is also important to note that all data is erased from loaner laptops after they are returned to our department.

For technical assistance on a loaner laptop, please contact the IT Help Desk at 860-832-1720.

Loaner Laptop Request Form

Full name:
Campus phone:
BlueNet username:
Pick-up date: Return date:
Please note that your request should be submitted at least two days in advance to the pick-up date. Also remember that the maximum borrowing time allowed is 5 weeks.
Platform:   PC/Windows 7    Mac
Special software or configuration requests (optional):