The wireless network gives you the freedom to access the Internet, e-mail, and other web-based services from your mobile computer without the constraint of a physical wire.  There are wireless access areas all around our campus.  In order to use the wireless network, your wireless network card must be configured with the SSID (or network name).  Our SSIDs ("CCSU-SECURE" and "students") are broadcast continuously by each access point on campus so your wireless network card should detect them automatically.  As long as you stay near a wireless access point you will have an Internet connection.  All Windows-based computers connecting to the wireless network are required to run the Clean Access Agent.  Clean Access verifies that your computer has proper updates (patches) and virus protection to ensure that your computer is safe to be on the wireless network.

If you have questions concerning the campus wireless network, please call the IT Help Desk at (860) 832-1720 or e-mail them at techsupport@ccsu.edu.


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