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 Nutmeg Teen Award 



What is the Nutmeg Book Award?

The Nutmeg Teen Book Award is the "Young Adult Choice Award" for Connecticut.  It was established to encourage students in grades 7 and 8 to continue reading quality literature after grades 4,5,6 which were the grades for the Connecticut Nutmeg Book Award..


Who decides the winner?

Connecticut students in grades 7 and 8 vote for the winner from a selected list of 10 books determined by the Nutmeg Award Book Selection Committee comprised of children's and young adult librarians, school library media specialists, teachers, and two student readers chosen by application.  List of nominated books available in January, promotional materials available in May, summer programs featured in public libraries June through September, school promotional programs September through December, voting in January, and winner announced in February.


When did the award begin?

The Nutmeg Teen Award for grades 7 & 8 began in 2004.  It follows the Nutmeg Children's Book Award which began in 1991.  It is sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) and the Connecticut Educational Media Association (CEMA.)


What special criteria are used to select this award?

Works of fiction with appeal for readers in grades 7 and 8.

Works written by an author who currently resides in the United States.

Works copyrighted in the United States and published in the last five years.

Works currently in print and available in paperback as well as hardcover.

Works that are written with strong characterization, vivid setting, striking language, well-constructed plat, and a plausible conclusion.


Why is it called the Nutmeg Teen Book Award?

Connecticut is unofficially known as the Nutmeg State, not because the state produces the spice in large quantities, but because its early citizens were so skilled and industrious that they could make and sell wooden nutmegs.


What does the award look like?

An open nutmeg fruit reveals the nutmeg seed.  Leaves of the nutmeg tree form a background.  Surrounding this are the phrases--"NUTMEG TEEN BOOK AWARD" and "CHOSEN BY CONNECTICUT'S TEENS."



All nominated titles listed.  Winner in bold.

YEAR AUTHOR TITLE   (Curriculum Lab Call Number)
2008 Abrahams, Peter DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE
  Curtis, Christopher Paul BUCKING THE SARGE   (YP  C978b)
  Delaney, Joseph REVENGE OF THE WITCH
  Farmer, Nancy SEA TROLLS   (YP  F234se)
  Hoobler, Dorothy & Hoobler, Thomas IN DARKNESS, DEATH
  McKernan, Victoria SHACKLETON'S STOWAWAY   (YP   M157sh)
  Peck, Richard RIVER BETWEEN US
  Woods, Brenda EMAKO BLUE
  Woodson, Jacqueline LOCOMOTION   (YP  811.54  W895lo)
2007 Rees, Douglas VAMPIRE HIGH
  Bradley, Kimberly B. FOR FREEDOM
  Couloumbis, Audrey SAY YES
  Crowe, Chris MISSISSIPPI TRIAL, 1955  (YP C953mi)
  DeFelice, Cynthia. UNDER THE SAME SKY  (YP D313un)
  Gardner, Graham INVENTING ELLIOT  (YP G226in)
  Oppel, Kenneth AIRBORNE  (YP O62ai)
  Reeve, Philip MORTAL ENGINES  (YP R331mo)
  Spinelli, Jerry MILKWEED  (YP S757mi)
  Valentine, James JUMPMAN RULE #1
2006 Hiaasen, Carl HOOT  (YP  H623ho)
  Bell, Hilari GOBLIN WOOD
  Clements, Andres THINGS NOT SEEN
  Cooney, Caroline B. GODDESS OF YESTERDAY
  Farmer, Nancy HOUSE OF THE SCORPION  (YP F234ho)
  Grimes, Nikki BRONX MASQUERADE   (YP  G862br)
  Hughes, Dean SOLDIER BOYS
  Mikaelsen, Ben TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR  (YP M634to)
  Schusterman, Neal FULL TILT
  Woodson, Jacqueline HUSH



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