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JPB    Allen

Allen, Susan.  READ ANYTHING GOOD LATELY?  An alphabet look at some different places and things to read, from an atlas at the airport to a zodiac at the zoo. c2003.


JPB    Anglund

Anglund, Joan Walsh.  A IS FOR ALWAYS; AN ABC BOOK. A is for "always," B is for "be," and each remaining letter of the alphabet represents an admirable quality, such as C is for "courteous" and M is for "mannerly." c 1968.


JPB    Aylesworth

Aylesworth, Jim.  OLD BLACK FLY.  Rhyming text and illustrations follow a mischievous old black fly

through the alphabet as he has a very busy bad day landing where he should not be. c1992.


JPB    Azarian 

Azarian, Mary.  A GARDENER'S ALPHABET.  An alphabet book featuring words associated with gardening, including bulbs, compost, digging, insects, and weeds. c2000.


JPB Beller

Beller, Janet.  A-B-C-ING: AN ACTION ALPHABET. Children in photographs enact an action word for each letter of the alphabet, from acting to marching to zipping. c1984.


JPB    Bridwell

Bridwell, Norman.  CLIFFORD'S ABC.  c1983.


JPB    Brown

Brown, Marcia.  PETER PIPER'S ALPHABET.  A collection of alliterative jingles for every letter of the

alphabet. c1959.


JPB    Carlson

Carlson, Nancy.  ABC, I LIKE ME! An alphabet book that explores self-esteem.1998,c1997.


JPB    Chess

Chess, Victoria.  ALFRED'S ALPHABET WALK.  As he encounters animals from A to Z, Alfred learns the lettersof the alphabet. c1979.


JPB    Chin-Lee

Chin-Lee, Cynthia.  A IS FOR ASIA.  An alphabetical introduction to the diverse peoples, lands, and cultures of the world's largest continent. c1997.


JPB     Chorao


JPB    Cleaver

Cleaver, Elizabeth.  A B C.  Collage pictures for each letter of the alphabet contain items whose names begin with that letter. C1984.


JPB    Cline-Ransome

Cline-Ransome, Lesa.  QUILT ALPHABET.  From apples to cows, kettles to scarecrows, warm country images abound in this delightful alphabet poem with striking folkart illustrations. c2001.


JPB    Decker

Decker, Dorothy W.  STRIPE PRESENTS THE ABC'S.  Stripe the Bear romps through the alphabet presenting the letters in upper and lower case and sign language, and disclosing some facts about animals. c1984.


JPB    Demarest

Demarest, Chris L.  FIREFIGHTERS A TO Z.   An alphabetic look at a firefighter's day. c2000.


JPB    de Mejo

De Mejo, Oscar.  OSCAR DE MEJO'S ABC.  Paintings illustrate scenes from Americana for each letter of the  alphabet. c1992.


JPB    Edens 

Edens, Cooper. THE GLORIOUS ABC.  The illustration for each letter is taken from a book by one of  twenty-eight different artists who flourished between 1874 and 1926. Brief biographies of each are included. c1990.


JPB Elting

Elting, Mary.  Q IS FOR DUCK: AN ALPHABET GUESSING GAME.  While learning some facts about animals, the reader is challenged to guess why A is for zoo, B is for dog, and C is for hen. c1980.


JPB Emberly

Emberley, Ed.  ED EMBERLEY'S ABC. Animals engaged in a variety of activities introduce the letters

of the alphabet. c1978.


JPB Feeney

Feeney, Stephanie.  A IS FOR ALOHA.  Introduces the English alphabet with words representing significant elements of Hawaiian culture. c1980.


JPB    Gabler

Gabler, Mirko.  THE ALPHABET SOUP.  When he follows the witch twins Gurgla and Blog home from school, Zack almost becomes the final ingredient in their alphabet c1992.

JPB    Gardner

Gardner, Beau.  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN--?: AN ABC BOOK.  Have you ever seen an alligator with antlers, a monster wearing mittens, a zipper on a zebra, or other such alphabetical amusements? c1986.


JPB Geisel

Seuss, Dr.  DR. SEUSS'S ABC. New York, Beginner Books, c1963.


JPB    Geisert 

Geisert, Arthur.  PIGS FROM A TO Z.  Seven piglets cavort through a landscape of hidden letters as

they build a tree house. c1986.


JPB    Grassby

Grassby, Donna.  A SEASIDE ALPHABET. This glorious illustrated picture book is a celebration of all things coastal: humpback whales, teeming wildlife, and most of all, people who make their homes by the ocean.  c2000.


JPB   Greenaway

Greenaway, Kate.  A APPLE PIE.c1886.


JPB    Grimes

Grimes, Nikki.  "C" IS FOR CITY. Rhyming verses describe different aspects of life in a city, featuring each letter of the alphabet. c1995.


JPB    Hague

Hague, Kathleen.  ALPHABEARS: AN ABC BOOK.  Introduces a bear for each letter of the alphabet and describes its special qualities in rhyme. c1984. 


JPB    Haas

Haas, Jessie.  APPALOOSA ZEBRA: A HORSE LOVER'S ALPHABET.  Moving through the alphabet, a girl ponders the many different kinds of horses she will have when she gets older, from Appaloosa to zebra. c2002.


JPB    Hoban

Hoban, Tana.  26 LETTERS AND 99 CENTS.  Color photographs of letters, numbers, coins, and common objects introduce the alphabet, coinage, and the counting system .c1987.


JPB    Hughes

Hughes, Shirley.  LUCY & TOM'S A.B.C.  Lucy and Tom introduce the letters of the alphabet while taking the reader on a tour of the people and places in their everyday life. c1984.


JPB    Inkpen

Inkpen, Mick.  KIPPER'S A TO Z.  Kipper the dog and his friend Arnold work through the alphabet by

collecting animals and other things for each letter. c2000.


JPB    Isadora

Isadora, Rachel.  ON YOUR TOES: A BALLET ABC.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an illustration of a ballet-related word.c2003.


JPB    Jahn-Clough

Jahn-Clough, Lisa.  ABC YUMMY. An alphabetical tour of good things to eat, from Alicia's

appetizing asparagus to Zoe's zesty zucchini. c1997.


JPB    Jay

Jay, Alison.  ABC: A CHILD'S FIRST ALPHABET.  In this alphabet book, a is for apple and z is for zoo.c2003.


JPB    Jonas

Jonas, Ann.  AARDVARKS, DISEMBARK!   After the flood, Noah calls out of the ark a variety of little-known animals, many of which are now endangered. c1990.


JPB    Johnson

Johnson, Stephen.  ALPHABET CITY.  Paintings of objects in an urban setting present the letters of the alphabet. c1995. 


JPB    Jordan

Jordan, Martin.  AMAZON ALPHABET.  Large-scale oil paintings depict a rain forest animal for each letter of the alphabet. c1996.


JPB    Joyce

Joyce, Susan.   ABC ANIMAL RIDDLES. Rhyming alphabet-based riddles challenge the reader to identify animals from clues, including the first and last letter of the word. c1999.


JPB    Kalman

Kalman, Maira.  WHAT PETE ATE FROM A-Z.  In this alphabet book, a child relates some of the unusual things eaten by Pete the dog, including an accordion, a lucky quarter, and cousin Rocky's underpants. c2001.


JPB Kitamura

Kitamura, Satoshi. WHAT'S INSIDE?: THE ALPHABET BOOK. by Satoshi Kitamura.



JPB  Krull

Krull, Kathleen.  M IS FOR MUSIC. An alphabet book introducing musical terms, from allegro to zarzuela. c2003.


JPB    Lalli

Lalli, Judy.  FEELINGS ALPHABET: AN ALBUM OF EMOTIONS FROM A TO Z. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a captioned photograph illustrating a different feeling or emotion. c1984.


JPB    Leedy

Leedy, Loreen.  THE DRAGON ABC HUNT.  Ten little dragons try to find an object for each letter of the alphabet. c1986.


JPB    Lindbergh

Lindbergh, Reeve.  THE AWFUL AARDVARKS GO TO SCHOOL.  An alphabetical listing of the acts of destruction committed by mischievous aardvarks on their animal classmates during a visit to school.



JPB    Lobel

Lobel, Anita.  ON MARKET STREET.  A child buys presents from A to Z in the shops along Market Street. c1981.

JPB    MacDonald

MacDonald, Suse.  ALPHABATICS.  The letters of the alphabet are transformed and incorporated into twenty-six illustrations, so that the hole in "b" becomes a balloon and "y" turns into the head of a yak. c1986.


JPB    Martin

Martin, Bill.  CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM.  An alphabet rhyme/chant that relates what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree. c1989.

JPB    MacDonald

MacDonald, Suse.  A WAS ONCE AN APPLE PIE.  A collection of twenty-six nonsense rhymes, one for each letter of the alphablet.c2005.


JPB    McPhail

McPhail, David M.  ANIMALS A TO Z.  The artist's illustrations present a painting of at least oneanimal for each letter of the alphabet. c1988.


JPB    Merriam

Merriam, Eve.  HALLOWEEN A B C.  A poem for each letter of the alphabet introduces a different, spooky aspect of Halloween. c1987.


JPB    Merriam

Merriam, Eve.  WHERE IS EVERYBODY?: AN ANIMAL ALPHABET. A humorous alphabet of animals engaged in human activities, including an alligator in the attic, a unicorn underwater, and an elephant riding on the escalator. c1989.


JPB    Micklethwait

Micklethwait, Lucy.  I SPY : AN ALPHABET IN ART. Presents objects for the letters of the alphabet through paintings by such artists as Magritte, Picasso, Botticelli, and Vermeer.  c1992.


JPB    Miller

Miller, Jane.  THE FARM ALPHABET BOOK.  Photographs of farm animals and objects, accompanied by simple descriptions, illustrate the letters of the alphabet. c1983.


JPB Moncure

Moncure, Jane Belk.  MY B SOUND BOX.  A little girl fills her sound box with many words beginning with the letter "b". c1977. Series also includes the letters C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T ,V, W, and X,Y,Z.


JPB    Moncure

Moncure, Jane Belk.  MAGIC MONSTERS ACT THE ALPHABET. Magic Monsters act out the letters of the alphabet. c1980.


JPB    Obligad

Obligado, Lilian.  FAINT FROGS FEELING FEVERISH: & OTHER TERRIFICALLY TANTALIZING TONGUE TWISTERS.  An alphabet book featuring names of animals used in alliterative phrases describing unusual activities. c1983.


JPB    Polacco

Polacco, Patricia.  G IS FOR GOAT.  A rhyming celebration of goats and their antics from A to Z.c2003.


JPB    Pelletier

Pelletier, David.  THE GRAPHIC ALPHABET.  c1996.

JPB   Pearson

Pearson, Debora.  ALPHABEEP: A ZIPPING, ZOOMING, ABC.  Describes a vehicle or street sign for every letter of the alphabet from Ambulance to Zamboni. c2003.

JPB    Poulin



JPB    Rankin

Rankin, Laura. THE HANDMADE ALPHABET.  Presents the hand shape for each letter of the American manual  alphabet accompanied by an object whose name begins with that letter. c1991.


JPB    Rash

Rash, Andy.  AGENT A TO AGENT Z. A spy named Agent A inspects his fellow spies, all similarly named after letters of the alphabet.c2004.


JPB    Rey

Rey, H. A.  CURIOUS GEORGE LEARNS THE ALPHABET.  The man with the yellow hat illustrates the alphabet for his curious monkey friend. c1993.


JPB Rockwell

Rockwell, Anne F.  ALBERT B. CUB & ZEBRA: AN ALPHABET STORYBOOK.  The adventures of Albert B. Cub as he tries to find the culprits who abducted his beloved Zebra. c1977


JPB    Rosen

Rosen, Michael.  MICHAEL ROSEN'S ABC.  Combines nonsense poems and fanciful illustrations with objects representing each letter of the alphabet.


JPB    Seeger

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.  THE HIDDEN ALPHABET.  An alphabet book in which windows open to reveal the letters hidden within each picture.c2003.


JPB    Slate

Slate, Joseph.  MISS BINDERGARTEN GETS READY FOR KINDERGARTEN.  Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten. c1996.


JPB    Schnur 

Schnur, Steven.  AUTUMN: AN ALPHABET ACROSTIC.  Describes the autumn season, with its animals, rain, cold winds, and harvested food. When read vertically, the first letters of the lines of text spell related words arranged alphabetically, from "acorn" to "zero."c1997.


JPB    Sneed

Sneed, Brad.  PICTURE A LETTER.  Every letter has a picture- a funny ,whimsical scene of actions and objects that all have something in common: their first letter.c2002.


JPB Tarbox



JPB    Tryon

Tryon, Leslie.  ALBERT'S ALPHABET.  Clever Albert uses all the supplies in his workshop to build an

Alphabet.  c1991.


JPB Tudor

Tudor, Tasha.  A IS FOR ANNABELLE.  c1954.


JPB    Van Allsburg

Van Allsburg, Chris.  THE ALPHABET THEATRE PROUDLY PRESENTS THE Z WAS ZAPPED: A PLAYIN TWENTY-SIX ACTS.  Depicts how A was in an avalanche, B was badly bitten, C was cut to ribbons, and the other letters of the alphabet suffered  similar mishaps. c1987.


JPB    Watson 

Watson, Clyde.  APPLEBET : AN ABC. Short verses introduce scenes from a fair in which letters of the alphabet figure prominently. c1982.


JPB    Wells

Wells, Ruth.  A TO ZEN: A BOOK OF JAPANESE CULTURE.  Introduces Japanese words from A to Z. Book is designed to be read from back to front and from right to left. c1992.


JPB    Whitehead

Whitehead, Patricia.  BEST HALLOWEEN BOOK.  Annie is frightened by many Halloween things, but on this Halloween she scares everyone else.  Meanwhile, the reader is introduced to the letters of the alphabet. c1985.


JPB    Whitehead

Whitehead, Patricia.  BEST VALENTINE BOOK.  While Big Benny feels blue at not receiving any valentines, the reader is introduced to the letters of the alphabet. c1985.


JPB Wildsmith

Wildsmith, Brian.  ABC.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a drawing, mostly  of animals. C1


JPB   Williams

Williams, Laura E.  ABC KIDS.  Presents one object, person, or animal for each letter of the alphabet, from an apple to a zipper. c2000. 


JPB    Wood

Wood, Audrey.  ALPHABET ADVENTURE.  On their way to school, the little letters of the alphabet have to rescue little "i" and then find his dot before they can proceed. 2001.


JPB    Yolen

Yolen, Jane.  ALL IN THE WOODLAND EARLY  AN ABC BOOK.  A woodland hunt reveals animals from A to Z. Includes musical score. c1979.


JPB    Zschock

Zschock, Martha Day.  JOURNEY AROUND NEW YORK FROM A TO Z.  A perky pigeon guides explorers of all ages on a beautifully illustrated tour of New York City, pointing out fascinating facts and fun sights along the way. c2002.






J      411 S191al

Samoyault, Tiphaine.  MONDE DES ALPHABETS. English. Alphabetical order: how the alphabet began.



J     419  B774h

Bourke, Linda.  HANDMADE ABC: A MANUAL ALPHABET.  The manual alphabet is introduced through illustrations of each signed letter and of items beginning with that letter. c1981. 


J     419   F162si    

Fain, Kathleen.  HANDSIGNS: A SIGN LANGUAGE ALPHABET.  Presents an animal for each letter of the alphabet, accompanied by the corresponding sign for that letter in American Sign Language. c1993.


J    428.1 H893a

Hughes, Anne.  A BOOK OF SOUNDS, A, B, C.  An introduction to the initial letter sounds of the alphabet. c1979.


J    468.6421  R789i 

Rosario, Idalia.  PROJECT ABC: AN URBAN ALPHABET BOOK IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH.   Introduces the alphabet by means of brief bilingual descriptions of city life. c1981.


YP    500 S399q

Schwartz, David M.  Q IS FOR QUARK: A SCIENCE ALPHABET BOOK.   c2001.


J     507.8  B471ap

Bennett, Andrea T.  APPLES, BUBBLES, AND CRYSTALS: YOUR SCIENCE ABCS. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a poem and some type of science experiment or activity. Explanations of the scientific principles involved are given at the end of the book. c1996.


YP   510   S399g

Schwartz, David M.  G IS FOR GOOGOL: A MATH ALPHABET BOOK.  Explains the meaning of mathematical terms which begin with the different letters of the alphabet from abacus, binary, and cubit to zillion.  c1998.


J    568.19 K54a

Kingdon, Jill.  THE ABC DINOSAUR BOOK.    "A dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet."c 1982.


J    590   S658z

Smith, Marie.  Z IS FOR ZOOKEEPER: A ZOO ALPHABET.  An A-Z pictorial for children all about zookeepers and their role at the zoo.  Letter topics include animals, brooms, disinfectant, veterinarian, keys, and locks. c2005.


J    591.734    K89li

Kratter, Paul.  THE LIVING RAIN FOREST: AN ANIMAL ALPHABET.  Introduces twenty-six rain forest animals from A to Z, providing the name, favorite food, and unique characteristics of each.c2004.


J    598 P485ro

Peterson, Roger Tory. ROGER TORY PETERSON'S ABC OF BIRDS: A BOOK FOR LITTLE BIRDWATCHERS. Photographs, paintings, and simple text present different birds and some avian features for each letter of the alphabet. c1995.


J    595.76    P168be

Pallotta, Jerry.  THE BEETLE ALPHABET BOOK.  Uses letter of the alphabet to introduce various kinds of beetles.c2004.


J   628.92   J67fi

Johnson, Jean.  FIRE FIGHTERS, A TO Z.  Each letter of the alphabet introduces a topic relating to fire fighters and their jobs. c1985.


J    629.403   A832ab

Asimov, Isaac. ABC'S OF SPACE.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by two words with definitions from the specialized vocabulary of space exploration. c1969.


J    745.5    R824le

Ross, Kathy.  KATHY ROSS CRAFTS LETTER SOUNDS.  The shape of each letter becomes the basis of a craft.c2002.


J    745.5    R824ls

Ross, Kathy.  KATHY ROSS CRAFTS LETTER SHAPES. This book is designed to supplement the teaching of writing the basic letter shapes. c2002.


J    746.46  P324ei

Paul, Ann Whitford.  EIGHT HANDS ROUND: A PATCHWORK ALPHABET.  Introduces the letters of the alphabet with names of early American patchwork quilt patterns and explains the origins of  the designs by describing the activity or occupation they derive from. c1991.


J    796.332    H582t

Herzog, Brad.  T IS FOR TOUCHDOWN: A FOOTBALL ALPHABET.  The sounds of the autumn include the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the thump of the kick off starting the first home football game.c2004. 


J     811.52  W666di

Wilbur, Richard.  THE DISAPPEARING ALPHABET.  A collection of twenty-six short poems pondering what the world would be like if any letters of the alphabet should disappear. c1998.


J     811.54  B915as

Bryan, Ashley.  ASHLEY BRYAN'S ABC OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN POETRY.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a line from  a poemby different African American poets, describing an aspect of


J      811.54 S818al

Steig, Jeanne.  ALPHA BETA CHOWDER.  Presents an alliterative humorous verse for each letter of the

alphabet, including "The Enigmatic Egg," "Mishmash," and "Worrywart." c1992.


J      811.54 S937on

Stutson, Caroline.  ON THE RIVER ABC.  An ant encounters an alphabet of wildlife as it is swept down a river during a summer storm. c1993.


YP   910    S416p

Scillian, Devin.  P IS FOR PASSPORT: A WORLD ALPHABET.  A passport and rhyming text celebrate the author's adventures discovering differences as well as similarities, from "A" for the variety of animals that populate the planet to "Z" for the time zones that mark the days around the world.c2003

J    917.3    D668m

Domeniconi, David.  M IS FOR MAJESTIC: A NATIONAL PARKS ALPHABET.  Examines the history and lore of America's national parks from Acadia National Park to Zion National Park.c2003.

J     942.05   M284gu

Mannis, Celeste Davidson.  THE QUEEN'S PROGRESS.  Uses letters of the alphabet to provide an account of Queen Elizabeth's annual holiday, known as a "royal progress." c2003.


J    973    C578a

Cheney, Lynne V.  A IS FOR ABIGAIL: AN ALMANAC OF AMAZING AMERICAN WOMEN.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an important woman in the history of the United States, as well as others in her same field of accomplishment.c2003.


J    074.8   K84p

Korman, Susan.  P IS FOR PHILADELPHIA.  Each letter of the alphabet represents something in Philadelphia. c2005.




P.R.   372.4   M821ma

Moore, Frank J.  THE MAGIC MOVING ALPHABET BOOK. "By using the specially ruled acetate screen provided in the inside pocket of the book, these ... illusions instantly come to life" c1978.


P.R.     372.4   M964c



P.R.   372.4145   C776ab

Cooper, Cathie Hilterbran.  ABC BOOKS AND ACTIVITIES: FROM PRESCHOOL TO HIGH SCHOOL. Creative activities and seatwork.  c1996.


P.R.    372.46  S879wh

Stone, Sylvia.  WHOLE LANGUAGE UNITS FOR THE ALPHABET.  Pre K-1.Children learn to read through a variety of activities based on the alphabet as they learn to recognize letters and their sounds. They develop skills in listening, speaking, observing, thinking, reading and writing. c1993.


P.R.     372.6   R646al   1994

Roberts, Patricia.  ALPHABET: A HANDBOOK OF ABC BOOKS AND BOOK EXTENSIONS FOR THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM. Alphabet-in-a-topic collection -- Alphabet in a milieu collection -- Bibliography of alphabet books.  c1994.


P.R.   428.1   V791al







AID    372.21 R212l Bk.A,B,C,E,F

LETTER SORTING STRIP BOOK.  Helps children match individual letters and groups of letters by color and sequence. Philography Publications, c1964.


AID  372.4 D489a

ALPHABET CARDS. [flash card]  Illinois Developmental Learning Materials, [1967]  156 cards.These three sets of alphabet cards printed on coated, sturdy, regular-sized playing card stock are intended to teach the equivalence of different letter forms in symbolizing the samesound.  The entire group of 156 cards includes a completeseries of capital and lower case letters for 3 different kindsof alphabets--manuscript, printed and cursive.  Students canuse the cards to match capital with lower case letters in all 3 sets.  Directions are included.


GAM    372.4 D586le

WOODEN DINOSAUR PUZZLE.   [realia]  Twenty-six colored wooden puzzle pieces contain letter on one side and number on the other. When complete, puzzle forms the outline of a dinosaur.


GAM    372.4 M662a

Milton Bradley Company.  LEARN THE ALPHABET:  ALPHABET PICTURE FLASH CARDS. [flash card]  26 picture cards, 26 letter cards, Helps the child to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Rules are included for several different games. c1977.


AID    372.4 L437

LEAPPAD. [Kit] LeapFrog SchoolHouse, a division of Knowledge Kids Enterprises, Inc., c2001.  1 toy (LeapPad); 4 interactive books, 4 sound cartidges, 1 set headphones, 1 AC adaptor in container. 


AID    372.4 S425a

ALPHABET CARDS. [flash card]  Scott, Foresman & Co., 1971  May be used in connection with any pre-reading activity involving the alphabet.


AID    372.4   T119

TACTILE WOODEN ALPHABET. [realia]  Twenty-six wooden tactile blocks (4 x 4 1/4 x 3/4 in.) with capital letter on one side and small letter on the other side.


AID    372.4 W886

WOODEN ALPHABET. [realia]  Fifty wooden tactile blocks  with letter puzzle piece.


AID  372.414 A456

ALPHABET FRIEZE. [picture]  James Galt & Co. Ltd. [198-?]  4 posters : col. ; 22 x 116 cm. in box 8 x 22 x 8 cm.Four posters which display letters of the alphabet and words which begin with those letters.


AID    372.6 R721a

Rogan, Laura L.  ALPHA-TRACKS [activity cards]  Developmental Learning Materials ; [1970?] 120 activity cards. "The set consists of cards each printed with two letters. The first letter of one card is to be matched to the second and corresponding letter of the preceeding card, thus making a longor wandering track. The following type forms are used with each  of the 4 groups on a different colored card: printed upper caseto printed lowercase, printed lower case to cursive lower case, cursive upper case, printed lower case to cursive lower case, cursive uppercase to cursive lower case." c1970?


AID    372.634 C397lo

LOWER CASE DIRECTIONAL MANUSCRIPT  Hartford, Conn.: Center Enterprises ; [198-?]

For preschool and primary students. Each stamp produces the image of a lower case letter, along with

arrows which indicate successful duplication of these letters. c198?


VCR     A456

THE ALPHABET TRAIN. [videorecording] (60 min.) Railway Productions, c1998. "A-to-Z learning fun, with lots of really cool trains!"

VCR    D637s

DR. SEUSS'S ABC. [videorecording]  (30 min.)  Dr. Seuss presents the letters and their sounds, and shows how the sounds join to form words. c1989.


VCR    L651

LETTERS, COLORS, AND DUCKS.  [videorecording] (47 min.)  ages 3-8.Colors all around us -- Right and wrong and what's in between --Alphabet roll call -- Ducks -- The chocolate princess, narrated by Bill Cosby -- America the beautiful.  Apollo Educational Video, c1986.


VCR    R971

RUSTY & ROSY ABC'S & SUCH.   [videorecording] ( 35 min)  Ages 2-6.Sing along with Rusty and Rosy to learn the most important pre-reading skills. Waterford Institute, c1993.


VCR    411 A457lp

ALPHABET UPPERCASE . [videorecording] (20 min.)  Grand Haven, Mich. : School Zone Pub. Co.,  videocassette + 1 parent guide + 1 book. Emphasizes the uppercase alphabet and beginning sounds in seven live action. c1985.


VCR    411 D631

DO THE ALPHABET. [videorecording] (41 min.) Sony Wonder c1996. Baby Bear goes to Big Bird when he has trouble remembering his letters.  Big Bird's learning "method" makes learning the letters as easy as A B C. Alphabet song sung by Billy Joel.


VCR    411 L778it

LITTLE LETTERS ON THE LOOSE. [videorecording] (20 min.) Emphasizes the lowercase alphabet and feelings in seven short segments using original music, animation, puppets and live action.  School Zone Publishing Co., c1985.





Ref   011.62   A976



Ref    016.4281   R646al

Roberts, Patricia.  ALPHABET BOOKS AS A KEY TO LANGUAGE PATTERN : AN ANNOTATED ACTION BIBLIOGRAPHY.  Library Professional Publications, 1987.

Created by Donna Wallach, January 2006; updated December 2006



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