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Picture of pyramids


JPB    Adinolfi

Adinolfi, JoAnn.  THE EGYPTIAN POLAR BEAR.  A lonely polar bear is swept away on an iceberg and winds up in Egypt where he becomes the royal playmate of Rahotep the boy king. c1994.

JPB    DePaola

De Paola, Tomie.  BILL AND PETE GO DOWN THE NILE.  Little William Everett Crocodile and his friend Pete take a class trip to a Cairo museum where they encounter a jewel thief. c1996.


JPB    Heide

Heide, Florence Parry.  THE DAY OF AHMED'S SECRET.  c1990.


JPB    Laskowski

Laskowski, Jerzy.  MASTER OF THE ROYAL CATS.  [c1965]


JPB    Stolz

Stolz, Mary.  ZEKMET, THE STONE CARVER: A TALE OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Chosen to design a magnificent monument for a vain and demanding Pharoah, an Egyptian stone carver conceives of and begins work on the Sphinx which still stands in the Egyptian desert today. c1988.





J    387.21    S426e

Scott, Geoffrey.  EGYPTIAN BOATS.  Describes the various boats used in ancient Egypt.  c1981.


J    391    W341co

Watson, Philip J.  COSTUME OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Outlines the geography and history of Ancient Egypt and describes, in text and illustrations, the materials and methods used to make clothing and the typical styles of the era. c1987.


J     393     G489se

Griffey, Harriet.  SECRETS OF THE MUMMIES.  Discusses the Egyptian preservation of dead bodies, stories associated with mummies, and mummies from different cultures, including Incan and Sicilian. c1998.


J    393.3    A411m

Aliki.  MUMMIES MADE IN EGYPT.  Describes the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt. c1979.


J    393.3    H315mu

Harris, Nathaniel.  MUMMIES.  Overview of mummification and embalming including ancient beliefs regarding life after death, rites, rituals, and ceremonies, and the latest in the science of cryogenics. c1995.


J    393.3    D311ho

Deem, James M.  HOW TO MAKE A MUMMY TALK.  You'll discover how scientists investigate mummies, where to visit them, and how to write a mummy report on your own. c1995.


J    398.2    D618s

Divin, Marguerite.  STORIES FROM ANCIENT EGYPT.  [c1955]


J    398.2    D662e

Dolch, Edward W.  STORIES FROM OLD EGYPT.  Twelve tales adapted from the writings of the ancient Egyptians, including the Pharaoh's Dream and the story of Osiris and Isis. [1964]


J    398.2    G797ta

Green, Roger Lancelyn.  TALES OF ANCIENT EGYPT. c1968.


J    398.21    P954

Manniche, Lise.  THE PRINCE WHO KNEW HIS FATE.  Retells the 3,000 year-old Egyptian tale of the prince whose fate, to die by a crocodile, a snake, or a dog, is decreed at his birth. Includes additional information about the background of the story and the civilization of ancient Egypt.  c1981.


J    417.7    S426h

Scott, Henry Joseph.  HIEROGLYPHS FOR FUN; YOUR OWN SECRET CODE LANGUAGE.  Presents the basic "alphabet" of twenty-four hieroglyphic letters with the approximate English sound they represent and briefly discusses various other aspects of  Egyptian culture. [1974]


YP    493.1    D687my

Donoughue, Carol.  THE MYSTERY OF THE HIEROGLYPHS: THE STORY OF THE ROSETTA STONE AND THE RACE TO DECIPHER EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS.  Compares the hieroglyphic system to modern  languages  and alphabets in an entertaining narrative, complemented with photographs, drawings, maps and historical timelines.  c1999.


J    493.1    G446ri

Giblin,. James.  THE RIDDLE OF THE ROSETTA STONE : KEY TO ANCIENT EGYPT.  Describes how the discovery and deciphering of the Rosetta Stone unlocked the secret of Egyptian hieroglyphics. c1990


YP    493.11    S426s

Scott, Henry Joseph.  EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS FOR EVERYONE; AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WRITING OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Describes the grammar, pronunciation, and writing of words and sentences in hieroglyphs. [1974]


J    509.32    W894sc

Woods, Geraldine.  SCIENCE IN ANCIENT EGYPT.  Discusses the achievements of the ancient Egyptians in science,  mathematics, astronomy, medicine, agriculture, and technology. c1988.


J    690.68    M117p

Macaulay, David.  PYRAMID. Text and black-and-white illustrations follow the intricate step-by-step process of the building of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. c1975.


YP    700    I73sh

Isaacson, Philip M., 1924-  A SHORT WALK AROUND THE PYRAMIDS AND THROUGH THE WORLD OF ART.  Introduces tangible and abstract components of art, and the many forms art can take including sculpture, pottery, painting, photographs, and even furniture and cities. c1993.


J    916.2    B472fa

Bennett, Olivia.  A FAMILY IN EGYPT.  Describes the life of a ten-year-old Egyptian boy who lives in a large village near Cairo with his farmer grandfather, his camel driver father, and the rest of his extended family.  1985, c1983.


YP    92   C628br

Brooks, Polly Schoyer.  CLEOPATRA: GODDESS OF EGYPT, ENEMY OF ROME.  c1995.


J    92    C628hof

Hoobler, Dorothy.  CLEOPATRA.  A biography of the Egyptian queen who gained and maintained power over her kingdom through her alliance with Julius Caesar. c1988.


YP    920.72    H572

HERSTORY: WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD.  Queen Hatshepsut -- Sappho -- Aspasia Cleopatra  c1995.


YP    932    B167am

Baker, Rosalie F.  ANCIENT EGYPTIANS: PEOPLE OF THE PYRAMIDS.  Introduces 28 prominent Egyptian rules, writers, statesmen, architects, military officers, physicians and priests. c2001.


YP    932    B347w

Baumann, Hans.  THE WORLD OF THE PHARAOHS.  c1960.


J     932     C689ms

Cole, Joanna.  MS. FRIZZLE'S ADVENTURES: ANCIENT EGYPT.  Ms. Frizzle and her tour group are transported to ancient Egypt where they learn about the pyramids, mummification, flooding of the Nile, and other aspects of life in Egypt long ago. c2001.


J    932    D333hi

Delafosse, Claude.  HIDDEN WORLD. EGYPTIAN TOMB.  Discusses the burial practices of ancient Egypt and explores the tomb of a woman named Nenufar, describing the paintings and artifacts it contains. Includes a paper flashlight that can be used to reveal hidden images on the pages. c1999.


YP    932    M528in



YP    932    M645py

Millard, Anne.  PYRAMIDS.  Describes the pyramids of Egypt and the Americas and their significance in the social, political, and religious life of long-vanished civilizations. c1996.


J    932    P451mu

Perl, Lila.  MUMMIES, TOMBS, AND TREASURE: SECRETS OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Text and photographs examine the mummies and tombs of ancient Egypt. c1987.


YP    932    R332in

Nicholas Reeves with Nan Froman. Editors.  INTO THE MUMMY'S TOMB.  An account of Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, descriptions of the artifacts inside and their importance, the discovery in 1988 of more artifacts, and theories about the curse associated with the tomb. c1992.


YP    932.01    A575ha

Andronik, Catherine M.  HATSHEPSUT, HIS MAJESTY, HERSELF. A picture book biography of Hatshepsut, a queen in ancient Egypt who declared herself king and ruled as such for more than twenty years. c2001.


YP    932.01    B162at

Baines, John.  ATLAS OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Chronological table, glossary, bibliography, gazetteer, index, 36 maps, 250 color photographs, 130 color drawings, 150 black and white photographs. c1984.


YP    932.01    G797tu

Green, Robert.  TUTANKHAMUN.  Tells the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon and the supposed curse connected with it, as well as information on the life and dynasty of the pharaoh. c1996.

YP    932.01    J52B



YP    932.01    M974tu

Murdoch, David.  TUTANKHAMUN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A PHARAOH.  Relates the story of the discover of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon and what it revealed about the funeral rites of the pharaoh. c1998.


J    932.01    W952eg

Wright, Rachel.  EGYPTIANS: FACTS, THINGS TO MAKE, ACTIVITIES.  Describes the civilization of ancient Egypt and provides instructions for related craft projects. c1992.


J    932.0109    G567m

Glubok, Shirley.  THE MUMMY OF RAMOSE: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF AN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN NOBLEMAN.  Describes the life of an Egyptian nobleman of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the mummification and funeral  rites that followed his death. c1978.


J    932.0109    K67t

Knapp, Ron.  TUTANKHAMUN AND THE MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Describes the 1922 discovery of the treasure-laden tomb of Tutankhamen. Also discusses life in Egypt during the pharaoh's rule. c1979.


YP      962   H469ea

Heinrichs, Ann.  EGYPT.  Describes the geography, plants, animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, sports, arts, and people of Egypt. c1997.


J    972.52    F534py

Fisher, Leonard Everett.  PYRAMID OF THE SUN, PYRAMID OF THE MOON.  Discusses the history of the pyramids of Teotihuacan and of the Aztecs, how they evolved from the Toltecs, how they lived and worshipped, and how they were overcome by the Spaniards.  c1988.





YP    M147go

McGraw, Eloise, Jarvis.  THE GOLDEN GOBLET. A young Egyptian boy struggles to reveal a hideous crime and reshape his own destiny. c1986. 


J    M682s

Mitchison, Naomi.  SUN AND MOON.  Recounts the adventures of Sun and Moon, the twin children of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. [1973]


YP    P367bl

Peck, Richard.  BLOSSOM CULP AND THE SLEEP OF DEATH.  Blossom, high-school freshman and possessor of "second sight," helps an Egyptian princess, dead for 3500 years, to regain her tomb, and in addition saves a suffragette school teacher from losing her job in 1914. 1987, c1986.





P.R.    932    C767an



P.R.    932    H325py



P.R.    932    S838an

Sterling, Mary Ellen.  ANCIENT EGYPT. Thematic Unit.


P.R.    939.4    B866an

Broida, Marian.  ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS: AN ACTIVITY GUIDE. Uses activities and handicraft projects to reinforce information about the clothing, architecture, writing, work, food, and religion of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Nubians, and Hittites who lived in the Near East in ancient times.   c1999.





AID    493.1    R713fu

Roehrig, Catharine H.  FUN WITH HIEROGLYPHS.  Kit includes 24 rubber stamps, hieroglyph guidebook, and ink pad. Metropolitan Museum of Art.  c1990.


GAM    932    K54tu

KING TUT'S GAME.  [game] 1 game (1 gameboard, 2 cubes, 10 playing pieces)  Ages 10 and up. For 2 players.  Senet, the game that King Tut played is a game of strategy and luck. CADACO, c1977.


SLIDE    913.32 T784    pt.1,    pt.2

THE TREASURES OF TUTANKHAMUN: AN INTRODUCTION TO ANCIENT EGYPT.  [Slide] Center for Humanities, 1979. 160 slides (on two carousels) + 2 sound cassettes + teacher's guide.  Sound accompaniment compatible for manual and automatic operation. A portrait of ancient Eygptian civilization as depicted in representative art objects.


VCR    690.68

PYRAMID.  [videorecording]  (58 min.) The story of PYRAMID takes place during the period in Egyptian history known as the Old Kingdom.  It chronicles the building of the pyramid of King Khufu, called Cheops by the Greeks, who ruled during Egypt's Fourth Dynasty.  While parts of the story are fictionalized, much of it is based on historical events and on what has been learned from studying the pyramid itself.  The pyramids really do exist and were built by real people. PBS Video, 1988.


VCR    916.2    E32gy

EGYPT.   [videorecording] (55 min.)  A video travel guide to what there is to do and see in Egypt. Republic Pictures Home Video, c1985.


VCR    932    A541

ANCIENT EGYPT.  [videorecording]  (ca. 30 min.)  Experience the sights of Egypt again and again including the golden treasures of Tutankhamon, the temples at Luxor and Karnak, the tombs of the Pharoahs, the Sphinx, and The Great Pyramid of Giza. Discovery Video, 1987.




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