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Juvenile Picture Books

 JPB    Agee 
Agee, Jon.  IF SNOW FALLS: A STORY FOR DECEMBER. One December night, a child dreams of an old man who makes a secret thing in his workshop that he later brings to the child's house through the falling snow. c1982.  

JPB    Ahlberg 
Ahlberg, Janet.  THE JOLLY CHRISTMAS POSTMAN.  A Jolly Postman delivers Christmas cards to several famous fairy-tale characters such as the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, and the Three Bears. Each card may be removed from its envelope page and read separately. c1991.  

JPB    Aoki 
Aoki, Hisako.  SANTA'S FAVORITE STORY.  When Santa tells the forest animals he may be too tired to deliver presents, they are afraid there won't be a Christmas anymore.  Santa then tells the story of the first Christmas and they learn the true meaning of the day. c1982.  

JPB Barry 
Barry, Robert E.  MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE.  Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree is too tall, so he trims off the top and gives the top to the upstairs maid for her tree, and she finds it too tall, so she cuts off the top, which the gardener uses for his tree, but it is too tall . c1963.  

JPB    Bridwell 
Bridwell, Norman.  CLIFFORD'S CHRISTMAS.  c1984.

  JPB    Briggs Briggs, Raymond.  FATHER CHRISTMAS.  Pictures and brief text follow a rather disgruntled Santa Claus on his annual rounds. c1973.  

JPB    Brown 
Brown, Margaret Wise.  CHRISTMAS IN THE BARN.  A poem telling of the birth of a child in a barn among the animals, with illustrations which depict the barn and people of a twentieth-century farm. c1952.  

JPB    Brown
Brown, Margaret Wise.  ON CHRISTMAS EVE.  c1961.   

JPB Bruna 
Bruna, Dick.  THE CHRISTMAS BOOK.  A simple retelling of the birth of Jesus. [1981, c1964]  

JPB    Brunhoff 
Brunhoff, Jean de.  BABAR AND FATHER CHRISTMAS. c1987.   

JPB    Bunting 
Bunting, Eve.  DECEMBER.  A homeless family's luck changes after they help an old woman who has even less than they do at Christmas. c1997.  

JPB    Bunting 
Bunting, Eve.  NIGHT TREE.  A family makes its annual pilgrimage to decorate an evergreen tree with food for the forest animals at Christmastime. c1991.  

JPB Carrick 
Carrick, Carol. PAUL'S CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY.  A young boy has mixed feelings about having a birthday the day before Christmas. c1978.  

JPB    Chalmers 
Chalmers, Mary.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, HARRY.  Harry the cat is delighted when Santa Claus brings him his Christmas wish. c1977.    

JPB    Clifton 
Clifton, Lucille.  EVERETT ANDERSON'S CHRISTMAS COMING.  Relates, in verse, the excitement and joy of a young boy anticipating as well as celebrating Christmas in the city. c1971.  

JPB   Davidson 
Davidson, Amanda.  TEDDY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS.  Teddy climbs out of a big red box under the tree to enjoy some Christmas Eve adventures. c1982.  

JPB    Dedieu 
Dedieu, Thierry.  PETIT SOLDAT NOEL. ENGLISH.  THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS SOLDIER. On Christmas Eve, a wooden soldier tells the other toys how, years ago during a very cold winter, he sacrificed his legs to keep his family warm. c1993.  

JPB    DePaola 
De Paola, Tomie.  AN EARLY AMERICAN CHRISTMAS. The inhabitants of a New England village never make much fuss about Christmas until a new family moves in and celebrates the holiday in a special way. c1987.  

JPB    Devlin 
Devlin, Wende.  CRANBERRY CHRISTMAS.  Mr. Whiskers faces a gloomy Christmas until Maggie and her grandmother help him straighten out his house and find the deed to the nearby pond. c1991.  

JPB    Dubanevich 
Dubanevich, Arlene.  PIGS AT CHRISTMAS.  As Christmas approaches and panicking pigs prepare for their holiday festivities, one little pig wonders nervously if Santa will really deliver everything as promised. c1986.  J

JPB    Factor 
Factor, June.  SUMMER.  Christmastime in the life of an Australian family.  c1987.  

JPB    Gackenback 
Gackenbach, Dick.  CLAUDE THE DOG; A CHRISTMAS STORY. Claude, the dog, gives away all his Christmas presents to his down-and-out friend but receives an even better present from his young owner. c1974.  

JPB    Gantos 
Gantos, Jack. ROTTEN RALPH'S ROTTEN CHRISTMAS.  Rotten Ralph, the cat, is not at all nice to the Christmas visitor. c1984.  

JPB    Geisel 
Seuss, Dr.  HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS. The Grinch tries to stop Christmas from arriving by stealing all  the presents and food from the village, but much to his surprise it comes anyway. Could Christmas be more than presents? c1957.  

JPB    Heath 
Heath, Amy.  SOFIE'S ROLE.  On the day before Christmas, Sofie makes her big debut serving customers in her family's busy Broadway Bakery. Includes recipes on lining papers. c1992.  

JPB   Henry 
Henry, O.   THE GIFT OF THE MAGI.   A husband and wife sacrifice treasured possessions in order to buy each other Christmas presents. c1982.   

Herriot Herriot, James.  THE CHRISTMAS DAY KITTEN.  The famous veterinarian/writer shares the true story of how an independent-minded stray cat gives a woman and her three Basset  hounds a Christmas present. c1986.  

JPB    Hoban   
Hoban, Lillian.  ARTHUR'S CHRISTMAS COOKIES.   Arthur finds a way to enjoy his Christmas cookies even after he discovers they can't be eaten. c1972.  

JPB    Hoban 
Hoban, Russell.  EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS.  Both Ma Otter and her son, Emmet, hope to win the $50 talent show prize and surprise each other with a special Christmas present. c1971.    

JPB    Hoff 
Hoff, Syd.  SANTA'S MOOSE.  Milton, the big clumsy moose, helps Santa one Christmas when his load is too heavy for the reindeer to pull. c1979.   

JPB    Howard 
Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.  CHITA'S CHRISTMAS TREE.  Papa and Chita leave downtown Baltimore in a buggy to find a Christmas tree in the deep woods. c1989.  

JPB    Hughes 
Hughes, Shirley.  LUCY & TOM'S CHRISTMAS.  Follows a young brother and sister as they wrap presents, hang paper chains, write letters to Santa, and wake up to many surprises on Christmas morning. c1981.  

JPB    Jewell 
Jewell, Nancy.  CHRISTMAS LULLABY.  A story in rhyme about the animals that attended the Baby Jesus. c1994.  

JPB    Keats 
Davis, Katherine Kennicott.  THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY.  c1968. 

JPB    Kent 
Kent, Jack.  THE CHRISTMAS PIŅATA.  Considered useless by the potter and his family because it is cracked, a little pot becomes the center of attention when it is chosen to make a Christmas pinata. c1975.  

JPB Kroll 
Kroll, Steven.  SANTA'S CRASH-BANG CHRISTMAS.  A succession of annoyances causes Santa to wish he were at home rather than on his Christmas Eve journey. c1978.  

JPB    McCutcheon 
McCutcheon, Marc.  GRANDFATHER'S CHRISTMAS CAMP.  When Grandfather's three-legged dog Mr. Biggins disappears on Christmas Eve, Lizzie and Grandfather go up the mountain to find him and have an unusual adventure. c1995. 

 JPB    Moorman   

JPB    Nordqvist 
Nordqvist, Sven.  PETTSON FAR JULBESOK. ENGLISH. MERRY CHRISTMAS, FESTUS AND MERCURY. Unable to continue with Christmas preparations because of his injured foot, old man Festus and his cat Mercury face a bleak Christmas until the neighbors come to the rescue. c1989.  

JPB Nussbaumer 
Nussbaumer, Mare   AWAY IN A MANGER; A STORY OF THE NATIVITY.  Retells the story of the birth of Jesus with a Swiss setting. c1965.  

JPB Peet 
Peet, Bill.  COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS.   Santa adopts a plastic toy sack and paints his sleigh psychedelic colors only to discover he has destroyed a magic necessary to Christmas. c1972.  

JPB    Politi 
Politi, Leo.  THE NICEST GIFT.  A little boy living in a Los Angeles barrio is desolate when Christmas Day arrives and his lost dog still hasn't been found. c1973.  

JPB    Pushker 
Pushker, Gloria Teles.  TOBY BELFER NEVER HAD A CHRISTMAS TREE. Living in a small Louisiana town where hers is the only Jewish family, Toby Belfer gives a party for her friends in order to explain Hannukah, including the story of Judah Maccabee, the significance of the menorah, how to make potato latkas, and how to play the game of dreydl. c1991.  

JPB    Richter 

 JPB    Roberts 
Roberts, Bethany.  WAITING-FOR-CHRISTMAS STORIES.  Papa Rabbit tells his children seven bedtime stories on Christmas Eve. c1994.  

JPB    Rylant 
Rylant, Cynthia.  HENRY AND MUDGE IN THE SPARKLE DAYS: The Fifth Book Of Their Adventures.  In the winter Henry and his big dog Mudge play in the snow, share   a family Christmas dinner, and gather around a crackling winter fireplace. c1988.  

JPB    Say 
Say, Allen.  TREE OF CRANES.  A Japanese boy learns of Christmas when his mother decorates a  pine tree with paper cranes. c1991.  

JPB    Slate 
Slate, Joseph.  WHO IS COMING TO OUR HOUSE?  The animals in the stable prepare for the arrival of baby Jesus. c1988.    

JPB    Speare 
Speare, Jean E. A CANDLE FOR CHRISTMAS. Tomas desperately wishes his parents, gone for two weeks to attend to their cattle, would be home on the reservation in time for Christmas.   c1986  

JPB    Sun 
Sun, Chyng Feng.  MAMA BEAR.  When Mei-Mei fails in her attempt to earn money through a cookie sale for the expensive toy bear she wants for Christmas, her mother helps her see a special gift she has had all along. c1994.  

JPB    Thayer 
Thayer, Jane.  THE PUPPY WHO WANTED A BOY.  When Petey the puppy decides that he wants a boy for Christmas, he discovers that he must go out and find one on his own. c1985.  

JPB    Trivas 
Trivas, Irene.  EMMA'S CHRISTMAS.  A farm girl is courted by a prince who presents her with gifts of  the twelve days of Christmas, finally winning her and moving to the farm. c1988.    

JPB    Tudor 
Tudor, Tasha.  TASHA TUDOR'S SAMPLER.  c1977  

JPB    Van Allsburg 
Van Allsburg, Chris.  THE POLAR EXPRESS.  A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa Claus. c1985.  

JPB    Van Rynbach 
Van Rynbach, Iris.  CECILY'S CHRISTMAS.  Cecily does not seem as interested in the Christmas preparations  as her sister Amelie, until the big day arrives. c1988. 

 JPB    Watson 
Watson, Clyde.  HOW BROWN MOUSE KEPT CHRISTMAS.  On Christmas Eve the mice feast and make merry around the family's Christmas tree, in full view of the sleeping cat, and Brown Mouse inadvertently does a kindness for the family. c1980.  

JPB     Wells

Wells, Rosemary.  MAX'S CHRISTMAS. Despite his sister Ruby's admonitions, Max waits up on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus coming down the chimney. c1986.

JPB    Weinberg 
Weinberg, Larry.  THE FORGETFUL BEARS HELP SANTA.  When Mr. Forgetful Bear sees Santa's clothes and reindeer, he forgets who he is and delivers toys to children. c1988.  

JPB    Wilhelm 
Wilhelm, Hans.  SCHNITZEL'S FIRST CHRISTMAS.  A puppy can't think what he wants for Christmas, but Santa knows just the thing. c1989.  

JPB    Yeomans 
Yeomans, Thomas.  FOR EVERY CHILD A STAR: A CHRISTMAS STORY.  On a particularly brilliant starlit night, an old man finds his sleep interrupted several times by the unusual activity outside his window. c1986.  

JPB Zolotow 
Zolotow, Charlotte.  THE BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE.  Although everyone laughs when Mr. Crockett plants a straggly pine tree in front of his house, his loving care is rewarded in time. c1972.   


Juvenile & Young People NonFiction

J     226   W791c  
Winthrop, Elizabeth.  A CHILD IS BORN: THE CHRISTMAS STORY.  An illustrated retelling of the birth of Jesus. c1983.  

J     232.921  H711s Hoffmann, Felix. THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS: A PICTURE BOOK.  Modern text and drawings retell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. c1975.  

J     242.33   B677g 
Bohrs, Mary Ann.  GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS.  A reading, a suggestion for a psalm and hymn, a prayer thought, and a question to think about for each of twenty-two days during the Christmas season. c1976.  

J     263.91   C993a 
Cuyler, Margery.  THE ALL-AROUND CHRISTMAS BOOK.  Includes discussions of the origin and symbolism of Christmas, together with Christmas-related crafts and recipes. c1982.  

J     394.2    A547ch 
Anderson, Joan.  CHRISTMAS ON THE PRAIRIE.  Recreates Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in 1836 in the fictional village of Prairietown, Indiana, to show how the holiday was celebrated in a typical frontier community. c1985.  

J      394.2   A591C 
Anglund, Joan Walsh.  CHRISTMAS IS A TIME OF GIVING. c1961.  

YP    394.2   F299jo 
Feingold, Helen.  THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS.  c1988.  

YP    394.2  H325jo 

J     394.2   K29ch 
Kelley, Emily.  CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD.  Describes Christmas traditions in Mexico, Iran, China, Sweden, Iraq, Spain, and Norway. c1986.  

J     394.2  P295ch 
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.  CHRISTMAS TREES.  Discusses the origins of the Christmas tree and methods of farming Christmas trees. c1987.  

J   394.2   W422sa 
Weil, Lisl.  SANTA CLAUS AROUND THE WORLD.  Describes how people around the world celebrate Santa's arrival. c1987.   

P     394.2   W629ch 
Rogers, Barbara Radcliffe.  THE WHOLE CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE.  Christmas decorationsc1988.  

J     394.26   A789h 
Arthur, Mildred H.  HOLIDAYS OF LEGEND; FROM NEW YEARS TO CHRISTMAS. Traces the origins of holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and May Day describing the various customs and celebrations connected with each. c1971  

J    394.26   T784    
Apy, Deborah.  TREASURED TALES OF CHRISTMAS. 10 short Christmas talesc1980.   

J    394.268   C775c 
Cooney, Barbara.  CHRISTMAS.   Presents the background of Christmas as we know it today,including the story of Jesus' birth, the ancient pagan festivities that have been incorporated into the occasion, and customs of many different countries that have become part of this festival.  c1967  

J      394.2682 
De Paola, Tomie.  THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS TREE BOOK.  A family discusses the origin of the Christmas tree as it decorates its own. c1980.   

J    394.2682  P317c 
Patterson, Lillie.  CHRISTMAS IN BRITAIN AND SCANDINAVIA. Briefly traces the history of the Christmas celebration in Scandinavia and the British Isles and describes the holiday decorations, songs, customs, and foods of the particular countries.  c1970.     

J    394.2682   S213c 
Sandak, Cass R.  CHRISTMAS.  Traces the pre-Christian origins of the Christmas celebration and discusses the customs associated with this holiday since the birth of Christ. c1980.  

J    394.2682   S845m 
Stevens, Patricia Bunning.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!: A HISTORY OF THE HOLIDAY. Traces the history and development of the Christmas holiday from ancient pagan festivals to contemporary American celebrations. c1979.  

J    394.2682   W629m 

Whyte, Malcolm.  THE MEANINGS OF CHRISTMAS.  c1973.  

J    398.22   M636b 
Mikolaycak, Charles.  BABUSHKA: AN OLD RUSSIAN FOLKTALE.  Retells the traditional tale of the old lady who, having missed her chance to take gifts to the newborn Christ Child, still wanders leaving gifts for all children in hopes that, one day, she will come upon Him. c1984.  

J    398.242    D419le

DePaola, Tomie.  THE LEGEND OF THE POINSETTIA.  When Lucida is unable to finish her gift for the Baby Jesus in time for the Christmas procession, a miracle enables her to offer the beautiful flower we now call the poinsettia. c1994.

J    585  B657c 
Blough, Glenn Orlando.  CHRISTMAS TREES AND HOW THEY GROW. c1961. 

J    745.5   H762c 

YP     745.5941 A512ch 

J     745.5941  C912h 
Inderieden, Nancy,editor.  HOW TO HAVE FUN MAKING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.  Simple instructions for making Christmas ornaments with easily available materials.  c1974.  

J      745.5941 C989c 
Cutler, Katherine N.  CRAFTS FOR CHRISTMAS.  Instructions for making nearly fifty gifts, decorations, and foods for Christmas using natural materials and discardable miscellaneous items. c1974. 

J      745.5941   P233d 
Parish, Peggy.  DECEMBER DECORATIONS: A HOLIDAY HOW-TO BOOK.  Directions very young readers can follow for making Christmas and Chanukah decorations for home and school from inexpensive household materials. c1975.  

J     745.5941  P511c 
Pettit, Florence Harvey.  CHRISTMAS ALL AROUND THE HOUSE; TRADITIONAL DECORATIONS YOU CAN MAKE. Instructions for making a variety of Christmas decorations, crafts, and foods that originated in different parts of the world. c1976.  

J    745.5941   S959me 
Supraner, Robyn.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!: THINGS TO MAKE AND DO.  Christmas projects for decorations, gifts, and cards. c1981.  

J     745.5941  T55c 
Tichenor, Tom.  CHRISTMAS TREE CRAFTS.  Directions for making Christmas tree ornaments from felt. Patterns are included. c1975.  

J     745.5941  W429t 
Weiss, Ellen.  THINGS TO MAKE AND DO FOR CHRISTMAS.  Christmas projects include directions for making cards, games, decorations, and things to eat. c1980.  

YP     782.28 J88 
. c1992.  

J    782.28   W361 
WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS: SONGS OF THE SEASON FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. An illustrated collection of Christmas songs and carols from various countries for beginning and intermediate musicians.  c1989.  

J    808.8    Y54ha 
Yolen, Jane.  HARK! A CHRISTMAS SAMPLE.  A collection of stories, poems, legends, folktales, and carols relating to Christmas. c1991.     

J      811.2 M821n 
Moore, Clement Clarke.  THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  A well-known poem about an important Christmas Eve visitor.  c1980.  

J     811.52   B453   
Belting, Natalia Maree.  CHRISTMAS FOLK. Presents in blank verse the traditions and folklore of an Elizabethan Christmas season from November 30th through January.   c1969.    

J      811.52   T253ch   
Teasdale, Sara.  CHRISTMAS CAROL.  An illustrated version of the poem describing all those that were present at the singing of the first Christmas carol. c1993. 

 J     813.08   N534 
 NEWBERY CHRISTMAS: FOURTEEN STORIES OF CHRISTMAS BY NEWBERY AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS.  A collection of stories about Christmas, by Newbery Award-winning authors such as Eleanor Estes, E.L. Konigsburg, Madeleine L'Engle, and Katherine Paterson. c1991.  

J     823.912   T455ch 
Thomas, Dylan.  A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES. A Welsh poet recalls the celebration of Christmas in Wales and the feelings it evoked in him as a child. c1985.   

Juvenile & Young People Fiction

J      B327li 
Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank). THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS.  Describes the life of Santa Claus from birth through old age and into immortality. c1986.  

J      B329s 
Bates, Betty.  SAY CHEESE.  When Christy wins $100 in a radio contest, she is torn between buying Christmas presents for her large family and buying a new dress for herself. c1984.  

J      C678ch 
Cohen, Barbara. THE CHRISTMAS REVOLUTION.   Fourth-grader Emily is forced to think about her Jewish heritage when the new boy, an Orthodox Jew, refuses to participate in  the school Christmas celebrations. c1988.   

J     D548ch  Dickens, Charles.  A CHRISTMAS CAROL: BY CHARLES DICKENS. A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future. c1990.  

J      H222be 
Hamilton, Virginia.  THE BELLS OF CHRISTMAS.  Twelve-year-old Jason describes the wonderful Christmas of 1890 that he and his family celebrate in their home in Springfield, Ohio. c1989.                                                   

J      K321 
Kempadoo, Manghanita.  LETTERS OF THANKS.  Lady Huntington's thank you notes reflect her feelings as her true love, Lord Gilbert, continues to send her outlandish gifts during the twelve days of Christmas. c1969.  

J      M345c 
Markham, Marion M.  THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT MYSTERY.  Twin sisters Mickey and Kate combine their skills to discover the explanation for a mysterious face that has appeared in a family  photograph. c1984. 

 J      M444mi 
Mattingley, Christobel.  THE MIRACLE TREE.  Separated by the explosion of the atomic bomb, a husband, wife, and mother carry on with their lives in the ruins of Nagasaki and are eventually reunited one Christmas by a very special tree. c1985.  

J      M547am 
Menotti, Gian Carlo.  AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS.  Relates how a crippled young shepherd comes to accompany the three Kings on their way to pay homage to the newborn Jesus. c1986.  

J     M732ci    
Momaday, N. Scott.  CIRCLE OF WONDER: A NATIVE AMERICAN CHRISTMAS STORY.  A mute Indian child has an extraordinary experience one Christmas when, following a figure who seems to be his beloved dead grandfather, he becomes part of a circle in which he, animals, nature, and all the world join in a moment of peace and good will. c1999. 



TAPE   D548a 
Dickens, Charles.  A CHRISTMAS CAROL. [sound recording] (57 min.) Evokes Dickens' world in characterizations and music.) Caedmon, c1987.    

TAPE   T248li 
Tazewell, Charles. THE LITTLEST ANGEL. THE BELLS OF CHRISTMAS.  [sound recording] (45 min.)  The littlest angel is a disappointment to all the heavenly hosts until he presents the Christ child with his most precious possession. In The Bells of Christmas, an elderly angel repairs a bell and saves the glorious music of Christmas day. c1973.  

TAPE   394.26 D54ch 
Dickens, Charles.  CHARLES DICKENS' A CHRISTMAS CAROL. [sound recording.] 1 sound cassette (56:25 min.)  

TAPE   394.268 E12ch 
Earhart, Ruth.  CHRISTMAS ALL OVER THE WORLD. [Sound recording]  4  cassettes.  Describes Christmas customs of other countries.  Includes carols and some foreign phrases pertaining to the Nativity, native terms and different ways to say "Merry Christmas" Accompanying instructional leaflet provides follow-up questions, suggested activities, vocabulary and words to the carols.  The specified instructional and interest levels span grades 1 through 4.  c1968.  

TAPE    811    M821ni

Moore, Clement Clarke.  THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. [sound recording] Random House, 1985.

Side 1 read-along version--Side 2 listening version.


VCR     H847

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS [videorecording] (52 min.) Family Entertainment, c2000.

Presents the tale of the mean-spirited Grinch and his attempts to steal the Christmas celebration of Who-ville.  Also included is "Horton hears a Who!" in which a big-eared elephant named Horton protects the tiny inhabitants of Who-ville.

VCR    M883 
Weston Woods Studios, Inc. MORRIS'S DISAPPEARING BAG. [videorecording] (10 min.) Morris, the youngest child, is spurned on Christmas his brothers and sisters. He is not having much fun until he discovers a present he had overlooked--a disappearing bag that makes people invisible. c1982.   



REF     394.26     T476ho

Thompson, Sue Ellen.  HOLIDAY SYMBOLS. "A guide to the legend and lore behind the people, places, food, animals, and other symbols associated with holidays and holy days, feasts and fasts, and other celebrations, covering popular, ethnic, religious, national, and ancient events, as observed in the United States and around the world. c2000.


Created by Donna Wallach, December 2000; Updated December 2005.



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