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JPB  Matthews

Matthews, Sally Schofer.  THE SAD NIGHT: THE STORY OF AN AZTEC VICTORY AND A SPANISH LOSS.  Tells how the Aztecs established and empire in Mexico and what happened when they, led by Montezuma, encountered Cortes and the Spaniards in the early sixteenth century.  A unique portrayal of both groups as conquerors, with an easily understood outline of the intercultural misunderstandings and events surrounding the battle. c1994.


JPB  Mcgovern 

McGovern, Ann. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.  Book tells one of the true adventures of Columbus. c1972.




J   394.264   L253co

Landau, Elaine.  COLUMBUS DAY: CELEBRATING A FAMOUS EXPLORER.  Description of Columbus's life and voyage to the New World in 1492. c2001.


J   398.2   R738in

Rohmer, Harriet.  THE INVISIBLE HUNTERS: A LEGEND FROM THE MISKITO INDIANS OF NICARAGUA.  A trio of Miskito Indian hunters falls prey to greed and carelessness as a result of contact with foreigners.  A beautiful bilingual book, illustrated with collage art, with the powerful message that people will only survive by staying true to their cultural values, while adapting to change. c1987.


J  745.5941  G441t

Gibbons, THINGS TO MAKE AND DO FOR COLUMBUS DAY. Describes the reasons Columbus Day is celebrated and gives suggestions for celebrating by making and doing various

things. c1977.


J  901.93   F75                       

Foster, Genevieve.  THE WORLD OF COLUMBUS AND SONS.  Contents: 4 Parts, Part 1: When Columbus was a boy in Genoa.  Part 2: When Columbus was in Portugal & Spain.  Part 3: When Columbus was sailing from Spain.  Part 4: When Columbus made his final voyage. c1965.


J  909.4  F733y                       

Foster, Genevieve.  YEAR OF COLUMBUS  1492. Describes the political, scientific, and artistic events and important people in the Western world prior to and during Columbus' voyage. c1969.


YP  910.92  C381jo


 Introduction -- Time chart -- Alexander the Great -- Pytheas --Erik the Red and his family -- ASIA -- Marco Polo -- IbnBattuta -- North and Central America -- Christopher Columbus –etc. c1992.


J   019.92   F919are

Fritz, Jean.  AROUND THE WORLD IN A HUNDRED YEARS: FROM HENRY THE NAVIGATOR TO MAGELLAN.  Examines the great wave of European exploration during the fifteenth century which resulted in more accurate maps. c1994.


J  917.04  Y94ch        

Yue, Charlotte.  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, HOW HE DID IT.   Detailed description of Columbus's voyage to the New World in 1492. c1992.


J  92  C726a   

Aulaire,  COLUMBUS.  A life of the Genoese weaver's son who sought to prove the world

is round, telling how he studied map‑making in Portugal, waited long years for financial and material support from Isabella of Spain, and finally made four voyages to the New World. c1955.


J  92  C726ad 

Adler, David.    CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS GREAT EXPLORER. Chronicles the life, voyages, and discoveries of the intrepid explorer. c1991.


J  92  C726d   

Dalgliesh,  THE COLUMBUS STORY.  Events in the life of Columbus, the Admiral, including his efforts to obtain ships and money to sail to the West, his first voyage, and his discovery of the New World. c1955.


J    92    C726de

DeKay, James T.  MEET CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. An easy-to-read biography of the sailor who never fully recognized the importance of his discovery which changed history. c1996.


YP    92   C726do

Dodge, Steve.  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE FIRST VOYAGES TO THE NEW WORLD.  Includes bibliographical references (p. 122-123) and index. Examines the life and times of Christopher Columbus and describes his voyages to the New World. c1991. 


YP  92  C726f

Fernandez-Armesto,     COLUMBUS AND THE CONQUEST OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.  In a compelling narrative, book shows how the idea of the discovery of a new continent took root among contemporary geographers and how, contrary to popular belief, Columbus himself correctly identified the new found hemisphere. c1974.


J    92    C726fr

Fritz, Jean.  WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS?  Discusses the voyages of Christopher Columbus who determined to bear everyone in the race to the Indies. c1980.


J  92  C726h   

Hodges, C. Walter.  COLUMBUS SAILS.  Contents: Part 1: The monk's story.  Part 2: The sailor's story.  Part 3: The sailor's story continued.  Part 4: Supper at La Rabida. c1939


YP    92    C726me

Meltzer, Milton.  COLUMBUS AND THE WORLD AROUND HIM.  Describes the voyages of Columbus, the terrible impact of the Spaniards on the Indians, and the ultimate cultural influence of the Native Americans on the white conquerors. c1990.


J  92  C726pe

Pelta, Kathy.    DISCOVERING CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS -HOW HISTORY IS INVENTED.  A biography of Christopher Columbus with emphasis on how historians have worked and are still working to find out the truth about his life and discoveries. c1991.


J  92  C726s   

Sperry, Armstrong.  THE VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.   Contents: 9 chapters.  1: Refuge. 2: The Prior of La Rabida. 3: A Cause Sponsored. 4: The Judgement. 5: Her Majesty Smiles. 6: Thre Ships Set Sail. 7: The Sea of Darkness. 8: How Green The Land!. 9: The Long Last Journey. c1950.


J  92  C726si

Sis, Peter.  FOLLOW THE DREAM.  Christopher Columbus overcomes a number of obstacles to fulfill his dream of sailing west to find a new route to the Orient.  c1991.


J    92    C726yo

Young, Robert.  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND HIS VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD.  Describes the life of Christopher Columbus and how he came to discover the New World. c1990.


J    970.01    H325wh

Hart, Avery.  WHO REALLY DISCOVERED AMERICA?: UNRAVELING THE MYSTERY & SOLVING THE PUZZLE. A lively guide that teaches how to investigate history while it explores and explains various theories about the discovery of America. For grades 5-7. c.2001


J    971.004    L779th

Littlechild, George.  THIS LAND IS MY LAND.  Using text and his own paintings, the author describes the experiences of Indians of North America in general as well as his experiences growing up as a Plains Cree Indian in Canada.  Littlechild touches on sensitive issues, opeing doors to conversations about Columbus, boarding school, honoring ancestors, the slaughter of the buffalo, women's roles in Native America, etc. c1993.





J  C754pe

Conrad, Pam.  PEDRO'S JOURNAL : A VOYAGE WITH CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, AUGUST 3, 1492-FEBRUARY 14, 1493.  The cabin boy on the "Santa Maria" keeps a diary which records his experiences when he sails with Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492. c1991


J    D716mo

Dorris, Michael.  MORNING GIRL.  Morning Girl, who loves the day, and her younger brother Star Boy, who loves the night, take turns describing life on an island in pre-Columbian America.  In Morning Girl's last narrative, she witnesses the arrival of the first Europeans to her world. c1992.


YP    Y54en

Yolen, Jane.  ENCOUNTER.  A Taino Indian boy on the island of San Salvador recounts the landing of Columbus and his men in 1492. c1992.





P.R.  372.  T253

Harris, Violet J. editor. TEACHING MULTICULTURAL LITERATURE IN GRADES K-Politics of children's literature: reflections on multiculturalism, and Christopher Columbus. c1993.


P.R.   910.9  R178vo

Ramsay, Diane P.  VOYAGE TO DISCOVERY: AN ACTIVITY GUIDE TO THE AGE OF EXPLORATION.  Through games, songs, creative dramatics, writing projects, crafts, group discussions, and other activities, historical events come to life and students experience what life was like in other times. c1992.


P.R.  910.92  A864ho

Aten, Jerry.      HOORAY FOR COLUMBUS! A Good Apple social studies activity book for grades 3‑6.  Story and activities focusing on one of the world's greatest explorers. c1991.


P.R.   910.92   S671ex

Snedden, Robert.  EXPLOR-A-MAZE.  Text, maps, and mazes follow the journeys of ten explorers, including Leif Erikson, Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, David Livingstone, and Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin. c1998.


P.R.  970.015  D761th



P.R.   973.   L827li

Loewen, James W.  LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME: EVERYTHING YOUR AMERICAN HISTORY TEXTBOOK GOT WRONG.  A highly readable critique of some of the major high-school history s-texts still in use.  Entertaining and astute, with worthwhile chapters on Columbus and Thanksgiving. [1996]


P.R.   973.1   R438

Bigelow, Bill, editor.  RETHINKING COLUMBUS: THE NEXT 500 YEARS. "Resources for teaching about the impact of the arrival of Columbus in the Americas." c1998.





AID  910.92  C726

Christopher Columbus [chart]  McDonald CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS  [4 chart]  teacher's guide + 4 reproducible activity sheets.  The four posters in this set depict the four voyages of Columbus and the early life of this famous explorer. The information in the teacher's guide sheets details the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. The main points of this information are presented on the posters. The accompanying worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the posters and with Langdon-Davies, John. c1991.


AID    970.015 C726

De Vorsey, Louis, FIRST AMERICAN ENCOUNTERS: COLUMBUS & THE AGE OF EXPLORERS  14 facsimilies of maps) + 1 folded sheet of notes (5 p.) + 4 broadsides + 1 study

guide with reproducible masters. Broadsides and other documents reproduced from the collection of the Library of Congress. c1992.


AID    970.015 L273

Langdon-Davies, John,editor. COLUMBUS AND THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA; A COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY DOCUMENTS. 6 facsimiles : ill., some col., coat of arms, maps, port.; in envelope + 1 sheet of sailboat photos and plans, + seven broadsheets. c1964.


CDROM   92   C726fr

WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS? [electronic resource] Grades 3-7.  This program brings to life the everyday details of Columbus's world.  The story follows the events of the great navigator, his complex character, his belief in his dreams, his self-importance, strengths and superstitions. c1999.


TAPE   92 C726ch

Troll Associates  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. [sound recording] [1971]


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