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YP 006.6 C713wa

Collin, Simon. The way multimedia works. The ultimate guide for beginners in full color.c1994.


YP 006.6 M961

DK Publishing, Inc. Multi-media: the complete guide.

Guide to CD-ROMS, the internet, the world wide web, virtual reality, 3-D games and the information superhighway. c1996.


YP 031.02 A819in

Ash, Russell. Incredible comparisons. Offers a visual guide, with brief explanatory text, to comparative sizes, heights, weights, and numbers in such areas as capacity, population, growth, weather, disasters, speed, and others. c1996.


J 391 R883co

Rowland-Warne, L. Costume. Photographs and text document the history and meaning of clothing, from loincloths to modern children's clothes. c1992.


J 394.26 K51ce

Kindersley, Anabel. Celebrations! Extraordinary photographs bring to life the children's families and homes, their clothes and food, their friends and favorite games, and other aspects of their daily lives.c1997.


J 443 W682my

Wilkes, Angela. My first French word book = Mon premier livre de mots: a bilingual word book. Presents pictures labeled in French and English under such headings as "My clothes," "At the supermarket," "Time, weather, and seasons," and "Opposites." c1993.


J 463 W682my

Wilkes, Angela. Mi primer libro de palabras = My first Spanish word book: a bilingual word book. Presents pictures labeled in both Spanish and English under such headings as "Going to school, "Weather," and "At the supermarket." c1993.


YP 540 C437vi

Challoner, Jack. The visual dictionary of chemistry. Text and illustrations present the fundamentals of chemistry, including such topics as atomic bonds, catalysts, chemical reactions, and various elements. c1996.


YP 550 F235di

Farndon, John. Dictionary of the earth. 2,000 key words arranged thematically.c1994.


J 550 M471wh

Maynard, Christopher. Why do volcanoes erupt?: questions children ask about the Earth. Presents information about various aspects of our planet in answer to such questions as "Why do stars twinkle," "Why are there mountains," and "Why do earthquakes happen?" c1997.


YP 550.3 E97

The Visual dictionary of the earth. This dictionary is packed with superb full-color photographs and illustrations, and thousands of geographical and geological terms.c1993.


YP 551 C638in

Clifford, N. J. Incredible earth. Close-up details of the most astonishing features combine with concise text to explain clearly how they are formed, while complementary photographs show the landscape of different incredible sites around the world. c1996.


YP 552 O44ro

Oldershaw, Cally. Rocks and minerals. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see"--Cover. Includes mirror viewer in pocket. c1999.


J 552 S986RO

Symes, R. F. Rocks & minerals. Text and photographs examine the creation, importance, erosion, mining, and uses of rocks and minerals. c1988.


YP 560 V834

Dorling Kindersley. The visual dictionary of prehistoric life. This dictionary looks at the evolution of all major types of plants and animals, from primitive organisms to human beings. c1995.


YP 567.9 H153wa

Haines, Tim. Walking with dinosaurs: a natural history. Describes the earth's environment when dinosaurs flourished, the characteristics and habits of various species, and how changes in climate, landmasses, and vegetation led to the extinction of these massive reptiles. c2000.


YP 567.91 L749on

Lindsay, William. On the trail of incredible dinosaurs. Presents facts about four dinosaur species: tyrannosaurus rex, barosaurus, corythosaurus, and triceratops. c1998.


J 567.91 L749ty

Lindsay, William. Tyrannosaurus. Describes the discovery and excavation of fossil evidence for the Tyrannosaurus and examines what this evidence suggests about its appearance and behavior. c1999.


YP 570 S655ey

Smith, Miranda. Eyewitness living earth. Extraordinary real-life photographs of amazing plants and animals and their habitats offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the living earth. c1996.


YP 574.5 L672na

Lewington, Richard. The natural history of the oak tree. More than 400 superb illustrations examine the oak tree as a microcosm of the Earth – a miniature universe of life in all its varied forms.c1993.


J 574.5 P243po

Parker, Steve. Pond & river. A photo essay about the range of plants and animals found in fresh water throughout the year, examining the living c1988.


J 574.57 W362co

DK Publishing, Inc. Why are zebras black and white? Tackles the reasons for color variation in nature in question and answer format. c1996.


YP 576.839 C789is

Couper, Heather. Is anybody out there? Explores the possibility of life on other planets from both scientific and mythological perspectives. c1998.


J 582 P713

Akeroyd, John. Plant. Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer. Text and realistic three-dimensional photography introduce young readers to the varied world of plant life. c1998.


J 591 R288

Sirett, Dawn. The really amazing animal book. Discusses the variety of adaptations animals have developed to enable them to survive, along with miscellaneous animal facts and figures. c1996.


J 594 C688sh

Coldrey, Jennifer. Shells. Investigate the colorful world of shells. Learn what shells are and discover where to find shells. c1998.


J 595 G798re

Greenaway, Theresa. The really fearsome blood-loving vampire bat: and other creatures with strange eating habits. Presents a selection of feared animals and insects, including the vampire bat, leech, and cockroach. c1996.


J 595.78 F328bu

Feltwell, John.. Butterflies and moths. Watch and understand butterflies and moths. Learn how a butterfly grows. 1997, c1993.


J 597 T238re

Taylor, Barbara. The really sinister savage shark: and other creatures of the Deep. Presents the characteristics of a selection of feared marine animals including shark, squid, octopus, stingray, and puffer fish. c1997.


YP 597.3 S814sh

Steele, Philip. Sharks and other creatures of the deep. Dramatic illustrations bring extraordinary sea creatures to life and fascinating information reveals the mysterious ocean depths.c1998.


YP 597.9 L222re

Lambert, Mark. Reptiles. This illustrated pocket book is systematically organized for easy access to information and contains diagrams, charts, maps glossary, and index.c1997.


J 597.9 R426

Burton, John A. Reptile. Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer. c1998.


J 598 B764bi

Boulton, Carolyn. Birds. Watch and understand birds and flight. c1984.


J 599 B966ma

Burnie, David. Mammals. Watch and understand mammals. Find out why animals have fur and much more. c1998.


YP 599.5 C331wh

Carwardine, Mark. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Explores the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and feeding habits of these underwater mammals. c1998.


YP 600 B851te 2000

Bridgman, Roger Francis. Technology. Discover the ways technology has transformed everyday life—from the largest structures to the smallest electronic devices. c2000.


YP 601 T155fu

Tambini, Michael. Future. Provides a speculative look ahead to the technological, environmental, and biological developments of the twenty-first century. c2004.


YP 609 B459in 2005

Bender, Lionel. Invention. Photographs and text explore such inventions as the wheel, gears, levers, clocks, telephones, and rocket engines. c2005.


YP 609 P719sm

Platt, Richard. Smithsonian visual timeline of inventions. More than 400 inventions shown thematically and chronologically.c1994.


YP 610 P243me

Parker, Steve. Medicine. Explore the discoveries, tools, and techniques that have saved lives and improved health throughout the ages.c1995.


YP 611 B589st

Biesty, Stephen. Stephen Biesty's incredible body. Uses the perspective of tiny people traveling through a man's body to present its various systems and organs and how they work. c1998.


J 611 M648hu

Miller, Jonathan. The human body. Explore the fascinating world of the human body – from framework of the skeleton to the millions of tiny cells that make the body work. c1983.


YP 611 P229bo

Parker, Steve. The body atlas. An exciting new visual guide to the human body that maps the entire body, inside and out. c1993.


YP 612 B847bo

Brewer, Sarah. Body facts. Gives information about human anatomy and physiology by describing body structures, the brain and nervous system, circulatory systems, metabolism, and reproduction. c1996.


J 612 P243hu

Parker, Steve. Human body. Investigate and understand your body, test your senses and learn how your body grows.c1994.


J 612 R497my

Rice, Melanie. My first body book. Each body system is introduced by a paragraph that explains its basic functions. See-through pages have been specifically designed so that children can look right inside a body and see where each part belongs. c1995.


YP 612 V834

DK Pub. The visual dictionary of human anatomy. Over 200 outstanding graphic illustrations and color photographs and instant access to a 3,000-word specialized vocabulary. c1996.


YP 612 W183hu

Walker, Richard. Human body. Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see. Text and realistic three-dimensional photography introduce the human body. c1999.


J 612.54 W682se

Wilkes, Angela. See how I grow. A photographic record of a baby's first eighteen months. c1994.


YP 621.3 B851el 2000

Bridgman, Roger Francis. Electronics. Explore the fast-moving world of electronics, and see the tiny devices that have changed so many aspects of modern life. c2000.


YP 624 W687su

Wilkinson, Philip. Super structures. Describes, in text and illustrations, the technological challenges involved in the design and construction of skyscrapers, oil rigs, nuclear reactors, and other complicated structures. c1996.


YP 625.1 B592

National Railway Museum. Big book of trains. Describes the locomotives, cars, tunnels, stations, and functions of such trains as freight trains, channel tunnel trains, bullet trains, mountain trains, and snow trains. c1998.


YP 625.1 C679tr

Coiley, John. Train. Traces the development of railways from the first Babylonian rutways to the electromagnetic, driverless trains of today and describes how trains are built and operated. c2000.


YP 628.892 B851ro

Bridgman, Roger Francis. Robot. Discover the amazing world of machines, from robots that play chess to systems that think. c2004.


J 629.133 J73pl

Johnstone, Michael. Planes. See inside 10 exciting aircraft. c1994.


J 629.133 M471ai

Maynard, Christopher. Airplane. Explains how the airplanes and major pieces of equipment in an airport work and interact. c1995.


YP 629.2 B988re

Butterfield, Moira. Record breakers. An illustrated guide to record breaking cars, bikes, ships, and boats. c1995.


YP 629.222 S967ca

Sutton, Richard. Car. A photo essay about the history, development, and impact of automobiles from horseless carriages and Model T Fords to modern high-performance racing cars; featuring detailed cutaway photos showing how the moving parts of a car work. c2005.


J 629.224 L791tr

Llewellyn, Claire. Truck. From mechanical details to relative sizes, this book brings the incredible world of trucks and other building machines.c1995.


YP 629.4 S732

Reichhardt, Tony. Space shuttle: the first 20 years. The astronauts experiences in their own words.c2002.


YP 629.4 S732sp 2004

Stott, Carole. Space exploration. Describes rockets, exploratory vehicles, and other technological aspects of space exploration, satellites, space stations, and the life and work of astronauts. c2004.


YP 629.45 S889mo

Stott, Carole. Moon landing: the race for the moon. An illustrated account of humanity's exploration of the moon, from our first observations and attempts to the first landing and later expeditions. c1999.


J 631.37 L791tr

Llewellyn, Claire. Tractor. Stunning photographs of real machines combine with informative text and entertaining artworks to reveal just how these powerful vehicles work and what they do.c1995.


J 635.9 B966fl

Burnie, David. Flowers. Describes the physical characteristics and life cycles of flowers and examines kinds of garden flowers, woodland flowers, desert flowers, and others. 1997, c1993.


YP 636.1 H496hb

Henderson, Carolyn. Horse & pony breeds. An illustrated guide to horse and pony breeds, their history, physical characteristics, and uses. c1999.


YP 636.1 H496hc

Henderson, Carolyn. Horse & pony care. An illustrated introduction for young riders to caring for a horse or pony. c1999.


YP 636.1 H817

Dorling Kindersley. The visual dictionary of the horse. This book looks at the anatomy of horses and horse-related activities and equipment, including the skeleton, muscles, and teeth, horse types, gaits racing and jumping. c1994.


YP 636.1 P961my

Pritchard, Louise. My pony book. Describes the characteristics, origins, and history of ponies, from the powerful fjord to the minute, hardy Shetland, and provides tips on their care and development. c1998.


J 641 M471wh

Maynard, Christopher. Why are pineapples prickly?: questions children ask about food. Presents information about various kinds of foods by answering such questions as: "Why does ice cream melt," "Why is fruit good for me," and "Why do onions make me cry?" c1997.


YP 670 B589in

Biesty, Stephen. Incredible everything. Cut-away illustrations and explanatory captions explain how such diverse objects as chocolate bars and cathedrals, false teeth and tanks are made. c1997.


YP 690 W687bw

Wilkinson, Philip. Building. Here is an exciting and informative guide to structures in which we live, work, play and worship. Superb color photographs offer a unique view of buildings from the ground up.c2000.


YP 692.13 N153fl

Nahum, Andrew. Flying machine. A photo essay tracing the history and development of aircraft from hot-air balloons to jetliners. Includes information on the principles of flight and the inner workings of various flying machines. c2004.


YP 720 E686am

Wilkinson, Philip. Amazing buildings. Provides the reader with glimpses inside twenty-one famous buildings from around the world. c1993.


YP 741.6 B719st

Biesty, Stephen. Incredible explosions. Text and cross-section illustrations present inside views of a variety of subjects including a space station, airport, and windmill. c1996.


YP 750.1 C971an

Cumming, Robert. Annotated art. The world's greatest paintings explored and explained. c1995.


J 751.4 H313pa

Waters, Elizabeth. Royal academy of arts Painting: a young artist's guide. Introduces the skills and techniques associated with painting and provides activities involving mixing colors, painting portraits, and sketching outdoor landscapes. c1993.


YP 759.4 H851ga

Howard, Michael. Gauguin. Follow Gauguin's transformation from Parisian stockbroker to the visionary artist who rejected traditional European values to create a new, "primitive" style of painting.c1992.


YP 759.4 W464mo

Welton, Jude. Monet. See the works of Claude Monet that gave birth to the name Impressionism – helped define one of the most important artistic movements of the last century. c1992.


YP 759.9492 B518va

Bernard, Bruce. Van Gogh. Study the works of Vincent Van Gogh that have made him the most beloved – and most highly valued – artist of the twentieth century. c1992.


YP 791.43 R462st

Reynolds, David West. Star wars: the visual dictionary. The ultimate guide to Star wars characters and creatures. c1998.


YP 792.02 B694sh

Bolton, Reg. Showtime!: over 75 ways to put on a show. An activity book with suggestions for simple shows and performances that can be put on alone or as a group. Includes such theatrical activities as ventriloquism, mime, and the production of a full-length play. c1998.


YP 796.9 I24yo

Iguchi, Bryan. The young snowboarder. Provides information on the history of snowboarding, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions on the techniques and moves involved. c1997.


J 796.912 M883yo

Morrissey, Peter. The young ice skater. Introduces the history, equipment, and techniques of ice skating. c1998.


YP 798.2 H496ho

Henderson, Carolyn. Horse & pony shows & events. A completely illustrated guide to horse and pony shows, competitions, and other events. c1999.


YP 798.2 H496im

Henderson, Carolyn. Improve your riding skills. Basic riding skills completely illustrated for the young horse enthusiast. c1999.


YP 799.1 B154

Bailey, John. The young fishing enthusiast. An introduction to the basic techniques of fishing, including advice on tackle, bait, and clothing. c1999.


YP 910 M429ex

Matthews, Rupert. Explorer. Photographs and text examine the history of explorers and exploration, and highlight many of their discoveries. c2005.


YP 912 U47

Dk Publishing. The ultimate panoramic atlas. Shows 3-D topography of mountain ranges and the ocean floor. c1998.


YP 912 V275ea

Van Rose, Susanna. The earth atlas. This outstanding visual guide to the making and shaping of our planet takes the reader on a journey through the earth's mountains, deserts, coastlines, and valleys.c1994.


YP 930 V834

D. Kindersley. The Visual dictionary of ancient civilizations. This book looks at the art, artifacts, and architecture of the great civilizations of the ancient world. c1994.


YP 932.01 M974tu

Murdoch, David (David H.) Tutankhamun: the life and death of a Pharaoh. Relates the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon and what it revealed about the funeral rites of the pharaoh. c1998.


YP 937.7 R495po

Rice, Melanie. Pompeii: the day a city was buried. Describes the life and people of Pompeii, a city in southern Italy destroyed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. c1998.


J 940.1 B589ca

Biesty, Stephen. Castle. Follow the story of life in a 14th century castle in both peace and war – and find the enemy spy.c1994.


YP 940.1 L283mc

Langley, Andrew. Medieval life. An illustrated look at various aspects of life in medieval Europe, covering everyday life, religion, royalty, and more. c1996.




REF 031 D711

Dorling Kindersley Limited. The Dorling Kindersley visual encyclopedia. This book provides coverage of a huge range of topics. Over 50,000 facts are illustrated with more than 15,000 photographs and artworks, making this the most imaginative visual fact-finder ever. c1995.


REF 031.02 A819to

Ash, Russell. The top 10 of everything 1996. This book is the ultimate illustrated book of lists. This is a compelling selection of facts and figures on all areas of human achievement and the natural world.c1995.


REF 031.02 J95

DK Publishing, Inc. Junior chronicle of the 20th century. A visual history covering personalities and topics of the twentieth-century and including key events in the fields of international politics, entertainment, and science. c1997.


REF 503 D626

DK Publishing, Inc. The DK science encyclopedia. A comprehensive guide to science and technology, arranged by such topics as matter, weather, and living things.c1998.


REF 912 E97

DK Publishing, Inc. The eyewitness atlas of the world. c1994.



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