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JPB    Baker

Baker, Jeannie.  WHERE THE FOREST MEETS THE SEA.  On a camping trip in an Australian rain forest with his father, a young boy thinks about the history of the plant and animal life around him and wonders about their future. c1987.


JPB   Baker

Baker, Jeannie.  WINDOW.  Chronicles the events and changes in a young boy's life and in his environment, from babyhood to grownup, through wordless scenes observed from the window of his room. c1991.


JPB    Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  SOMEDAY A TREE.  A young girl, her parents, and their neighbors try to save an old oak tree that has been poisoned by pollution. c1993.


JPB    Burton

Burton, Virginia Lee.  THE LITTLE HOUSE.  A country house is unhappy when the city, with all its buildings and traffic, grows up around her. c1942.  Caldecott Medal, 1943.


JPB    Catterwall

Catterwell, Thelma.  ALDITA AND THE FOREST.  The last of her kind, a newly born butterfly meets and befriends many other creatures in the Australian forest, and when it is time for her to go the Voice of the Forest ensures her living among them by turning her into a butterfly orchid. 1989, c1988.


JPB    Carrick

Carrick, Carol.  THE BROOK.   A limpid brook's untroubled journey to the sea. [1967]


JPB    Carrick

Carrick, Carol.  THE POND.  Describes the changing aspects of a pond from early morning to dusk and the animals that inhabit the water and the shores. [1970]


JPB    Cherry

Cherry, Lynne.  THE GREAT KAPOK TREE : A TALE OF THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST.  The many different animals that live in a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rainforest try to convince a man with an ax of the importance of not cutting down their home. c1990.


JPB    Cooney

Cooney, Barbara.  MISS RUMPHIUS.  As a child Great-aunt Alice Rumphius resolved that when she grew up she would go to faraway places, live by the sea in her old age, and do something to make the world more beautiful--and she does all those things, the last being the most difficult of all.  [1982]


JPB  Fisher

Fisher, Aileen Lucia.  THE STORY GOES ON.  An illustrated poem about the cycle of life---bug eats plant, frog eats bug, snake eats frog, hawk eats snake, and so on. c2005.

JPB    Foreman

Foreman, Michael.  ONE WORLD.  Two children playing at the beach tamper with the natural balance of a tide pool and, after destroying its beauty, realize how similar its microcosm is to their own world. c1991.


JPB    Jonas

Jonas, Ann.  AARDVARKS, DISEMBARK!  After the flood, Noah calls out of the ark a variety of little-known animals, many of which are now endangered. c1990.


JPB    Keister

Keister, Douglas.  FERNANDO'S GIFT = EL REGALO DE FERNANDO.  One day young Fernando, who lives in the rain forest of Costa Rica with his family, goes with his friend Carmina to look for her favorite climbing tree only to find it cut down.  c1995.


JPB    Rand

Rand, Gloria.  PRINCE WILLIAM.  On Prince William Sound in Alaska, Denny rescues a baby seal hurt by an oil spill and watches it recover at a nearby animal hospital. c1992.


JPB    Snape

Snape, Juliet.  FROG ODYSSEY.  When a construction project forces the frogs to lose their pond, they venture into the city to find a new home. c1992.






J    304.2    L222pl

Lambert, David.  PLANET EARTH 2000.  Examines current environmental problems around the world, their causes, and possible solutions. Also discusses new sources of energy, new sources of minerals, and ways of making our planet a cleaner and better place to live. c1985.


J    333.7    G228ce

Gardner, Robert.   CELEBRATING EARTH DAY: A SOURCEBOOK OF ACTIVITIES AND EXPERIMENTS.   Commemorates the annual anniversary of Earth Day and suggests activities and experiments for learning more about the earth and how to improve its condition. c1992.


YP   333.72   E61

Nakaya, Andrea C.  THE ENVIRONMENT.  Introducing issues with opposing viewpoints: "Is there an environmental crisis?"; "What threats does the Environment Face?"; "What Should America's Environmental Policies Be?" c2006.


J    333.72    L493s

Lefkowitz, R. J.  SAVE IT! KEEP IT! USE IT AGAIN!: A BOOK ABOUT CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING.  Discusses ways that scarce natural resources can be conserved through recycling. c1997.


J    333.72    M643s

Miles, Betty.  SAVE THE EARTH! AN ECOLOGY HANDBOOK FOR KIDS.  Discusses the ecological problems of land, air, and water pollution in the world today. Includes projects that illustrate these problems and possible solutions to them. [1994]


J    333.91    M645c

Millard, Reed. CLEAN AIR--CLEAN WATER FOR TOMORROW'S WORLD.   Examines the causes of polluted air and water and describes methods of stopping or reversing pollution. c1991.


YP    361.37    K18gi

Karnes, Frances A.  GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN LEADING THE WAY: 20 TRUE STORIES ABOUT LEADERSHIP. Recounts the experiences of twenty girls and young women who have led the way in such community action as feeding the hungry, recycling, saving the bluebirds, and promoting literacy. c1993.


YP    363.7    L531en

Leinwand, Gerald.  THE ENVIRONMENT.   Surveys environmental problems in the United States, examines legal and social aspects of environmentalism, and discusses political plans in place to deal with the environmental decline. c1990.


YP    363.7    N111de

Naar, Jon.  DESIGN FOR A LIVABLE PLANET: HOW YOU CAN HELP CLEAN UP THE ENVIRONMENT.  Discusses environmental protection, citizen participation, pollution and environmental health.c1990.


J    363.7    S399ea

Schwartz, Linda.  EARTH BOOK FOR KIDS: ACTIVITIES TO HELP HEAL THE ENVIRONMENT.  Creative ideas with easy-to-follow instructions show kids how to make their own paper, compare phosphate levels in detergents, test the effects of oil pollution, conduct a recycling survey, create a trash sculpture, redesign a package, chart a flush, measure acidity and make a difference in many other exciting way. c1990.


J    363.728    F469

Earth Works Group (U.S.)  50 SIMPLE THINGS KIDS CAN DO TO RECYCLE. Explains things that children can do to recycle at home, at school, or anywhere. c1994.


J    363.728    S938cl

Stwertka, Eve.  CLEANING UP: HOW TRASH BECOMES TREASURE.  Discusses the problem of trash and what can be done with it, including the partial solution of recycling. c1993.


J    363.728    W667tr

Wilcox, Charlotte.  TRASH!   Examines various methods of garbage disposal, with an emphasis on sanitary landfills but also surveying such alternatives as mass burn and recycling. Charlotte.  Trash!  c1988.


J    363.73    B162cw

Baines, John D.  ACID RAIN.  Discusses the vast contamination of forests and lakes throughout the world by the acidity in the rainfall.  c1990.


J    363.738  P957gl



J    398.21    H198sc

Hamanaka, Sheila.  SCREEN OF FROGS: AN OLD TALE.  A spoiled rich man in Japan discovers a respect for nature in  time to turn his life around. c1993.


J    508.3154    Y54we

Yolen, Jane. WELCOME TO THE SEA OF SAND.   Ecology of the desert. c1996.


J   508.794   L665de

Levinson, Nancy Smiler.  DEATH VALLEY: A DAY IN THE DESERT.  Describes the desert habitat of Death Valley and the plants and animals that live there. c2001.


J   574.5  G944ca

Guiberson, Brenda Z.  CACTUS HOTEL. Describes the life cycle of the giant saguaro cactus, with an emphasis on its role as a home for other desert dwellers. c1991.


YP     574.5   N555tr



J    574.5    R883ju

Rowland-Entwistle, Theodore.  JUNGLES AND RAINFORESTS.  Describes the characteristics of tropical rain forests and other kinds of jungles and examines their effect on the plants, animals, and people living in or near them. c1987.


J    574.5    V222ec

VanCleave, Janice Pratt.  JANICE VANCLEAVE'S ECOLOGY FOR EVERY KID : EASY ACTIVITIES THAT MAKE LEARNING SCIENCE FUN.  Exciting ideas, projects, and activities for schools, and science fairs. c1996.


J    574.5264    F735jo

Forsyth, Adrian.  JOURNEY THROUGH A TROPICAL JUNGLE.  Presents in text and photographs some of the plants, animals, andpeople that live in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica. c1996.


J    577    N374ec

Needham, Bobbe.  ECOLOGY CRAFTS FOR KIDS: 50 GREAT WAYS TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH PLANET EARTH.  Provides instructions for a variety of craft activities using recycled materials or items from nature and teaching a respect for the environment. c1998.


J    577.34    M471ra

Maynard, Caitlin.  RAIN FORESTS AND REEFS: A KID'S-EYE VIEW OF THE TROPICS.   Describes a fieldtrip that eighteen students and seven adults took to study the ecosystems of a tropical rain forest and a coral reef in Belize. c1996.


YP  577.68   B645ev

Blaustein, Daniel.  THE EVERGLADES AND THE GULF COAST.  Presents an overview of wetland ecology as seen in Florida's Everglades, the largest freshwater wetlands ecosystem in the continental United States. c1999.


J   578.74   R581dr

Ring, Elizabeth.  DRYLANDS.  Many insects, mammals, reptiles, and birds have learned to seek shade and shelter, to find moisture in what they eat, and to populate these places that are far from being wastelands no matter who empty they may appear. c2005.


J   581.49   K95wh

Kudlinski, Kathleen V.  WHAT DO ROOTS DO?  Discusses different types of roots, hot they affect plants, and which ones we eat. c2005.


J   582.16   D419gr

DePalma, Mary Newell.  A GRAND OLD TREE.  A book about the life of a tree and all that it gives us. c2005.


J    583.4    M879oa

Morrison, Gordon. OAK TREE. Describes the impact of the changing seasons on an old oak tree and the life that surrounds it. c2000.


J     591.52    M623at

Michels, Tilde.  AT THE FROG POND.  Describes the animal life at a secluded pond during spring and summer days. c1989.


J    595.769    G586wh

Godkin, Celia.  WHAT ABOUT LADYBUGS?  A gardener upsets the natural balance in his garden by using poison and learns the value of another method of controlling pests. c1995.


YP   598.72   H789ra

Hoose, Phillip M.  THE RACE TO SAVE THE LORD GOD BIRD.  Tells the story of the ivory-billed woodpecker's extinction in the United States, describing the encounters between this species and humans. c2004.


J    628.44    F744ca

Foster, Joanna.  CARTONS, CANS, AND ORANGE PEELS: WHERE DOES YOUR GARBAGE GO?  Outlines the composition of garbage and trash and discusses the various methods of disposing of it with an emphasis on recycling. c1991.


J    628.44    S559wh

Showers, Paul.  WHERE DOES THE GARBAGE GO?  Explains how people create too much waste and how waste is now recycled and put into landfills. c1994.


J    628.5    H393TO

Hawkes, Nigel. TOXIC WASTE AND RECYCLING. c1988.


J  631.4   S852do

Stewart, Melissa.  DOWN TO EARTH.  Introduces the components of soil, patterns of change, and erosion. c2004.


J  745.5   M381re

Martin, Laura C.  RECYCLED CRAFTS BOX: SOCK PUPPETS, CARDBOARD CASTLES, BOTTLE BUGS & 37 MORE EARTH-FRIENDLY PROJECTS & ACTIVITIES YOU CAN CREATE.  Discusses recycling and provides information and instructions for making art projects from a variety of recycled materials. c2003.


J    745.5   R824be

Ross, Kathy.   YEAR OF CRAFTS FOR KIDS.  The best holiday crafts ever! Provides instructions for more than seventy-five craft projects for Valentine's Day, Easter, Earth Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.  c1997.


J   745.5   R824a

Ross, Kathy.  ALL NEW CRAFTS FOR EARTH DAY. c2006.


J    745.58    R824ev



J   916.6   S217de

Sandler, Michael.  DESERTS: SURVIVING IN THE SAHARA.  Take a trip with Rene Caillie as he crosses the Sahara Desert. c2006


J   92   P647hi

Hines, Gary.  MIDNIGHT FORESTS: A STORY OF GIFFORD PINCHOT AND OUR NATIONAL FORESTS.  Gifford Pinchot is regarded as the father of the conservation movement.  Pinchot and President Theodore Roosevelt set aside large areas and designated them public lands.  These lands are the National Forests. c2005.


J     975.9   G348ev

George, Jean Craighead.  EVERGLADES.  Describes the Florida Everglades, the evolution of this unique area, and the impact humans have had on its once-abundant life forms. c1995.


J    998   H781wa

Hook, Cheryl.  THE ANTARCTIC.  Takes you on a journey to the southern-most part of the earth and introduces you to this extraordinary land mass and the animals that inhabit it. c2002.




YP    H623fl

Hiaasen, Carl.  FLUSH.  With their father jailed for sinking a river boat, Noah Underwood and his younger sister, Abbey, must gather evidence that the owner of this floating casino is emptying his bilge tanks into the protected waters around their Florida Keys home. c2005.


YP  H623ho

Hiaasen, Carl.  HOOT.  Roy, who is new to his small Florida community, becomes involved in another boy's attempt to save a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed construction site. c2002.


J   S197bi

San Souci, Robert D.  THE BIRDS OF KILLINGWORTH: BASED ON A POEM BY HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW.  When her father persuades their colony to kill all the birds because they are eating the crops, Almia joins the schoolmaster in trying to prove that the birds are both beautiful and useful. c2002.


J    W259se

Ward, Jennifer.  THE SEED AND THE GIANT SAGUARO. A packrat, carrying fruit from the giant saguaro, is chased by various desert animals and inadvertently helps spread the cactus's seed.  Includes information on saguaros. c2003.





P.R.    327.1    F948yo

Fry-Miller, Kathleen M.  YOUNG PEACEMAKERS PROJECT BOOK.  Includes instructions for a variety of projects that promote peace and concern for the environment. c1988.


P.R.  363.7  H685ac

Hocking, Colin.  ACID RAIN: TEACHER'S GUIDE. Great Explorations in math and science (GEMS.)  In this activity-filled unit, students explore and analyze many aspects of this important environmental issue.  c1992.


P.R.    363.7    P419

Wasserman, Pamela, editor.  PEOPLE AND THE PLANET : LESSONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. This book is a must for middle school students to help them understand their relationship to the natural environment and to other embers of the global family. c1996.


P.R.    363.72    P712

Procter & Gamble Educational Services.  PLANET PATROL: AN ENVIRONMENTAL UNIT ON SOLID WASTE SOLUTIONS FOR GRADES 4-6.  Includes worksheet, model sheet, plan sheet, crossword puzzle sheet, 2 overhead graphics sheets, poster and worksheet, and teacher's guide. [199-?]


P.R.    363.728    B192tr

Ballin, Amy.  TRASH CONFLICTS: A SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM ON THE ETHICS OF DISPOSAL, AN INTERDISCIPLINARY CURRICULUM.  "This curriculum is for middle school students learning science and social studies..." c1994.


P.R.     363.728    S635re



P.R.    372.3    S513ho



P.R.    372.35   B251sc

Barhydt, frances Bartlett.  SCIENCE DISCOVERY ACTIVITIES KIT.  Ready-to-use lessons & worksheets for grades 3-8. c1989.


P.R.    372.35    B989ex

Butzow, Carol M. EXPLORING THE ENVIRONMENT THROUGH CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH.  Integrated approach connects good literature to real-life experiences, offers extension activities  and teaches important concepts and skills in science, social studies, math, music and art. c1999.


P.R.     372.35    G736wo

Graf, Mike.  THE WORLD'S BEST PLACES: CLASSROOM EXPLORATIONS IN GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE.    Includes the examination of the human effect on the environment. c2000.


P.R.    372.35    L657te

Levenson, Elaine.  TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT LIFE AND EARTH SCIENCES.  Ideas and activities every teacher and parent can use. c1994.


P.R.    372.357    B751

Ingram, Mrill.  BOTTLE BIOLOGY.  An idea book for exploring the world through plastic bottles and other recyclable materials. c1993.


P.R.  372.357  C346de

Castaldo, Nancy.  DESERTS: AN ACTIVITY GUIDE FOR AGES 6-9. c2004.


P.R.    372.357    D797pr    v.1



P.R.    372.357    D797pr    v.2



P.R.    372.357    D797pr    v.3



P.R.    372.357    G259co

Gates, Julie M.  CONSIDER THE EARTH.  Environmental activities for grades 4-8. c1989.


P.R.    372.357    O15

Center for Marine Conservation.  THE OCEAN BOOK.   Aquarium and seaside activities and ideas for all ages. c1989.


P.R.    372.357    R154

National Wildlife Federation.  RAINFORESTS, TROPICAL TREASURES. Creative, activities-centered education book. c1997.


P.R.    372.357    S613en

Simpson, Martha Seif.  ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS ACTIVITIES FOR LIBRARIANS AND TEACHERS.  Twenty interdisciplinary units for use in grades 2-8. c1995.


P.R.    372.357    S623na

Sisson, Edith A.  NATURE WITH CHILDREN OF ALL AGES.  Activities & adventures for exploring, learning & enjoying the world around us. c1997.


P.R.    372.357    S761wh

Spizman, Robyn Freedman.  WHAT ON EARTH YOU CAN DO WITH KIDS.  "A Good Apple Earth-related activity book for grades 1-5."  c1991.


P.R.    372.357   T253

Grant, Tim.  TEACHING GREEN: THE MIDDLE YEARS: HANDS-ON LEARNING IN GRADES 6-8.  Offers 50 kid-tested teaching strategies that promote interdisciplinary hands-on learning about natural systems and foster critical thinking about environmental issues. c2004.


P.R.    372.7    B167co

Baker, Ann.  COUNTING ON A SMALL PLANET: ACTIVITIES FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MATHEMATICS.  Develops a child's awareness of the responsibility we have for looking after our environment.  Uses mathematics to explore and explain how our actions affect it.  c1991.


P.R.    372.87   D253ew TE

Davidson, Marilyn Copeland.  EARTH: VOICES OF A PLANET.  Includes a teacher's guide, student portfolio and CD. c1994.


P.R.   372.891   C346ri

Castaldo, Nancy.  RIVER WILD: AN ACTIVITY GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN RIVERS.  Thirty games, activities, and experiments provide an introduction to learning about how rivers are formed, the water cycle, and the animals and habitats that exist along rivers. c2006.


P.R.    508    C814sh

Cornell, Joseph Bharat.  SHARING THE JOY OF NATURE.  Nature activities for all ages. c1989.


P.R.   577   B366en

Beals, Kevin.  ENVIRONMENTAL DETECTIVES: TEACHER'S GUIDE. "LHS Gems" Grades 5-8. c2001.

P.R.   577.34   C346ra

Castaldo, Nancy F.  RAINFORESTS: AN ACTIVITY GUIDE FOR AGES 6-9.  Provides facts and activities that explore tropical and temperate ancient forests, discusses how individuals can help preserve them, and describes well-known and unfamiliar creatures of the rain forest. c2003.


P.R.  745.5   S649ea

Smith, Heather.  EARTH FRIENDLY CRAFTS FOR KIDS: 50 AWESOME THINGS TO MAKE WITH RECYCLED STUFF.  Provides instructions for using recycled materials to create fifty different crafts and offers tips for an earth-friendly lifestyle. c2002.


P.R.    808.042    R863li






GAM  363.61 D278

THE DEAD RIVER: A Simulation Game Of River Restoration. [game]: Educational Games, c1973.  Presents a water pollution problem and gives each player a role in solving it.


AID    363.728    R311    v.1, v.2, v.3, v.4,

RECYCLING BULLETIN BOARD.   [chart]  4 charts : col. + resource guide (6 pages) ; in 4 tubes. What's a landfill? -- When we recycle -- Around and around -- We can make a difference. Carson-Dellosa, [1980,1993]


GAM  363.73 P777

POLLUTION SOLUTION: The Game Of Environmental Impact. [game]  Aristoplay, Ltd., c1989.  Game for 1 to 6 players in which players try to improve the environmental quality of life in the township by keeping their sections free from pollution.


GAM  628.5 U72

SMOG: The Air Pollution Game. [game] Urban Systems ; c1970."The purpose of the game ... is to acquaint the players with some of the complexities with which a local administrator must deal in controlling the quality of the air over his town."


VCR   333.95   L785

THE LIVING PLANET. [videorecording] Time-Life Video, c1991.  12 videocassettes (660 min.)  Host David Attenborough visits the great environmental regions of the planet to examine how plants and animals adapt to their surroundings and how otherwise unrelated organisms, molded by similar conditions, develop similar techniques for solving problems of survival. v.1 Sweet Fresh Water -- v.2 Jungle -- v.3 Open Ocean -- v.4 Northern Forests -- v.5 Seas of Grass -- v.6 Frozen World --v.7 Margins of the Land -- v.8 Sky Above -- v.9 Baking Deserts -- v.10 Worlds Apart --v.11 Building of the Earth -- v.12 New Worlds.


VCR    363.7    A181ra

ACID RAIN.  [videorecording] (36 min)  Educational Dimensions, c1989.  Presents causes and effects of acid rain and discusses research being done to find solutions to this problem.


VCR   363.7    H483v

HELP SAVE PLANET EARTH.  [videorecording] (71 min.) Universal Home Video, 1990.Encourages the viewer to become active in the efforts to clean up pollution and preserve the environment. Discusses toxicity in the home, energy saving, ozone depletion, water conservation, endangered animal species, recycling and other green concerns.


VCR    363.7    O93

OUR FUTURE, OUR PLANET: THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH SERVICE. [videorecording] ( 19 min.) The Video Project, 199-?. Video from the Global Youth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where 60 teenagers from 20 countries around the world met to discuss community service on behalf of the environment.

VCR    363.7    T627o

TO CATCH A CLOUD: A THOUGHTFUL LOOK AT ACID RAIN. [videorecording] (28 min.).  Edison Electric Institute, c1983. Attempts to dispel the propaganda surrounding the acid rain issue by offering a rational presentation about the nature of the atmosphere.  Leading scientists provide insight into research concerning acid rain and man's impact, both good and bad, on the environment.


VCR    363.7    W555ha

WHAT PRICE CLEAN AIR. [videorecording] (60 min.) Richter Productions, c1982.   Looks at the effects of pollution and acid rain on public health and the environment.


VCR    363.728    G213

GARBAGE: THE MOVIE: AN ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS.  [videorecording] (25 min.)  Churchill, 1990. /A fascinating look at the problem of the environment and solid waste, as well as some promising solutions, presented in the vernacular of students.


VCR    363.728    G213g

GARBAGE DAY.  [videorecording ] (30 min.)  ChildVision Educational Films, 1994. Take a "video field trip" to a landfill and recycling center for an insider's look at the people and equipment used to process everyday trash.


VCR   363.73    I82

ISLAND AT THE EDGE. [videorecording]  (26 min.) Films Inc., 1980, c1979.  Presents the story behind the annual killing of thousands of dolphins by local fishermen at Iki Island, Japan. Fishermen claim that the dolphins are responsible for smaller catches of fish, but the film suggests that industrial pollution is the real cause.


VCR    550.1    F252

FATE OF THE EARTH.  [videorecording] (60 min.)  Films Incorporated, c1986.  This program explores the role of life in shaping our planet and in shaping the future.  Is man a threat to earth's future or is he emerging as the brain or nervous system of this grand living system?


VCR    551.5    O99

THE OZONE LAYER. [videorecording] (30 min.) Library Video Company, c1993. SUMMARY      One of a 10-part series on various aspects of environmental pollution.  "Based on Chelsea House Publishers highly acclaimed series of books, these programs make science enjoyable by showing actual environmental projects, vivid nature footage, plus interviews with leading experts in each field." Grades 5 to 12.


VCR   551.52    G562

GLOBAL WARMING. [videorecording] (30 min.) Library Video Company, c1993. One of a 10-part series on various aspects of environmental pollution.  "Based on Chelsea House Publishers highly acclaimed series of books, these programs make science enjoyable by showing actual environmental projects, vivid nature footage, plus interviews with leading experts in each field."  Grades 5 to 12.


VCR 551.52 G813
THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. [videorecording] (16 min ) Allied Video Corporation, c1993."Develops an understanding of the greenhouse effect on Earth and provides insight into the ongoing scientific and public debate over global warming."
VCR    551.6    C639

THE CLIMATE PUZZLE. [videorecording] (60 min.) Films Inc., 1986.  Explains why no human being has ever experienced the earth's normal climate. Questions if the climate will change again and why.  Is the earth entering a new ice age, or will the current global warming trend hold off the inevitable?


VCR    570    S416in

SCIENCE IN YOUR WORLD.  Primary science  [videorecording] (30 min. each)  [1987] Presents science concepts related to a child's most frequently asked questions. [cass. 1] Plants change. All about seeds. [cass. 2] Animals of every kind. How animals move.  [cass. 3] What's living there? What is air?


VCR     574    S446ec

SECRETS OF A DESERT SEA. [videorecording] (60 min.)  Public Media Video, [1983] Filmed at various seasons in Mexico's Sea of Cortez. Unique photography reveals the interconnectedness of the sea, and how each creature fits into the larger eco-system. Represented are whales, dolphins, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, seals, vast bird colonies and dense schools of fish.


VCR    574.5    R154fo

RAIN FOREST. [videorecording] (60 min.)  Vestron Video [distributor], [1987], c1983. Showcases the rare beauty and rich variety of plant and animal life found in a Costa Rican rain forest. Also examines the impact of man's exploitation of the rain forest on this fragile ecosystem.


VCR    574.529    S296

SAVING A SPECIES. [videorecording.] (26 min.)  Films for the Humanities, [198-?]  Because their habitats have been tampered with or destroyed, many animals now face extinction.  This program shows how researchers are using the latest tools of science and technology to reverse this alarming trend.


VCR   582.16   T786

TREE PLANTING: RESOURCE KIT FOR VOLUNTEERS. [videorecording] (19:30 min.).  National arbor Day Foundation, [2003]  1 guidebook (23 p.), 1 leadership guide (79 p.), 1 reproducibles packet.  Video shows volunteers how tree planting can improve the environment, build community, and enhance the neighborhood.  Discusses how to properly prepare the planting hole, plant the tree, water and mulch.  Covers planting information for balled and burlapped, containerized and bare-root trees.


VCR   591.7   H116

HABITATS OF THE WORLD. [videorecording] (54 min.) Discovery Channel School, 2001.  Takes the student around the world as this lush and dramatic compilation touches upon the kaleidoscopic environments found on our fascinating earth.


VCR   J65a

JOHNNY APPLESEED. [videorecording] (30 min.)  Rabbit Ears Productions, Inc. c1992. The story of John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) whose distribution of apple seeds and trees across the Midwest made him a legend and left a legacy still enjoyed today.


VCR    J65ap

JOHNNY APPLESEED.  [videorecording] (52 min.)  Playhouse Video, c1989."Johnny Appleseed, the American legend, who traveled the frontier wearing a burlap sack, sporting a pot for a hat, and carrying a pouch full of apple seeds.


VCR    L875or

THE LORAX. [videorecording] (30 min) Playhouse Video, c1989.  "The Lorax" is a lovable creature who speaks for the trees, trying to stop the profit-greedy Once-ler from destroying the forest.




REF    016.5    K35sc    v.1

Kennedy, DayAnn M.  SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY IN FACT AND FICTION: A GUIDE TO CHILDREN'S BOOKS.  Includes bibliographical references (p. 267-268)  c1990.


REF    016.5    S616e

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