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Juvenile Picture Books

JPB    Aliki.

BEST FRIENDS TOGETHER AGAIN. When Robert's best friend Peter, who moved away, comes back to visit, various emotions surface, but mostly pleasure--which all the old friends share.c1995.


JPB    Aliki

Aliki. OVERNIGHT AT MARY BLOOM'S.  A child has a wonderful time when she spends the night at her grown‑up friend's apartment.c1987.


JPB    Aliki

Aliki.  WE ARE BEST FRIENDS. When Robert's best friend Peter moves away, both are unhappy, but they learn that they can make new friends and still remain best friends.c1982.


JPB    Anglund

Anglund, Joan Walsh.  A FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO LIKES YOU.  Story demonstrates for small children some of the happy surprises waiting to be discovered in the world around them.c1958.


JPB    Artis

Artis, Vicki Kimmel. PAJAMA WALKING. When Bessie stays overnight at Clara's house, their fun includes a bedroom picnic and chocolate toothpaste.c1981.


JPB    Chorao

Chorao, Kay. IDA AND BETTY AND THE SECRET EGGS.  Vacationing in the country, Ida, a spunky kitten, becomes jealous when an older kitten makes friends with Ida's best friend, Betty.c1991.


JPB    Cohen

Cohen, Janice.  I HAD A FRIEND NAMED PETER.  When Betsy learns about the death of a friend, her parents and kindergarten teacher answer questions about dying, funerals, and the burial process.c1987.


JPB    Cohen

Cohen, Miriam.  WILL I HAVE A FRIEND?  Jim was going to school for the first time and wondered if he will find a friend.c1967.


JPB    Cohen

Cohen, Miriam.  BEST FRIENDS.  When the light in the classroom incubator burns out, two friends are brought together again as they act to save the lives of the unhatched chickens.c1971


JPB    Cuyler

Cuyler, Margery.  FRECKLES AND WILLIE.  Freckles the dog is Willie's best friend until a little girl who doesn't like dogs moves in across the street.c1986.


JPB    Daly

Daly, Niki.  ONCE UPON A TIME.  Sarie struggles when she reads aloud in class in her South African school.  Then she and her friend Auntie Anna find a book about Cinderella in Auntie Anna's old car and begin to read together.c2003.


JPB    Delton

Delton, Judy.  THREE FRIENDS FIND SPRING.  After trying unsuccessfully to bring spring to Duck and Squirrel, Rabbit decide to help him enjoy winter instead.c1977.


JPB    Dugan

Dugan Barbara,  LOOP THE LOOP. A young girl and an old woman form a friendship that lasts even after the woman enters a nursing home.c1992.


JPB    Egan

Egan, Tim.  METROPOLITAN COW. Although his parents, very cosmopolitan cows, are uncomfortable with the idea, Bennett becomes good friends with Webster, young pig who moves in next door.c1996.


JPB   Fink

Fink, Dale Borman.  MR. SILVER AND MRS. GOLD.  Two old people become friends and share many activities  together.c1980.


JPB    Fleischman

Fleischman, Sid. THE SCAREBIRD.  A lonely old farmer realizes the value of human friendship when a young man comes to help him and his scarecrow with their farm.c1988.


JPB    Havill

Havill, Juanita.  JAMAICA TAG-ALONG.  When her older brother refuses to let her tag along with him, Jamaica goes off by herself and allows a younger child to play with her.c1989.


JPB    Henkes

Henkes, Kevin.  JESSICA.  Ruthie does everything with her imaginary friend, Jessica; and then on her first day of kindergarten, she meets a real new friend with the same name.c1989.


JPB    Hickman

Hickman, Martha Whitmore.  MY FRIEND WILLIAM MOVED AWAY.  Jimmy wonders what he will do now that his best friend has moved away.c1979.


JPB    Hoban

Hoban, Russell. BEST FRIENDS FOR FRANCES.  When Albert and his buddies have a “no girls” baseball game, Frances and her sister organize a “Best Friends Outing – No Boys”c1969.


JPB    Hoban,

Hoban, Russell.  THE GREAT BIG DUMMY.  When Anna's friends can't play with her she creates a playmate of her own.c1979.


JPB    Hoberman

Hoberman, Mary Ann.  AND TO THINK THAT WE THOUGHT THAT WE'D NEVER BE FRIENDS.  A brother and sister learn that friendship is better than fighting and they soon spread their message all over the world.c1999.


JPB   Howard

Howard, Arthur. WHEN I WAS FIVE.  A six-year-old boy describes the things he liked when he was five and compares them to the things he likes now.c1996.


JPB    Keller

Keller, Holly.  FARFALLINA & MARCEL.  A caterpillar and a young goose become great friends.  As they grow, they undergo changes which separate them for awhile.c2002.


JPB    Kellogg

Kellogg, Steven.  BEST FRIENDS.  Kathy feels lonely and betrayed when her best friend goes away for the summer and leaves her alone.c1986.


JPB    Komaiko

Komaiko, Leah.  ANNIE BANANIE.   Sad because her best friend Annie Bananie, is moving away, a little girl remembers all the fun they had together.c1987.


JPB  Lobel

Lobel, Arnold. DAYS WITH FROG AND TOAD.  Frog and Toad spend their days together, but find sometimes it's nice to be alone.c1979.


JPB    Lobel

Lobel, Arnold.  FROG AND TOAD ALL YEAR.  Five further adventures of two best friends as they share cookies, plant a garden, and test their bravery.c1976.


JPB    Lobel

Lobel, Arnold.  FROG AND TOAD TOGETHER. Five stories about two best friends who are always together in frog's garden or Toad's house, in their woods or on a mountain...and even in Toad's unusual dream.c1972.


JPB    Luthardt

Luthardt, Kevin.  HATS!  When three friends meet a mean boy who insults their hats, they make a friend of him.c2004.


JPB    Murrell

Murrell, Diane.  TOBIN LEARNS TO MAKE FRIENDS.  Tobin, the engine to a train, learns to make friends by following the rules and displaying good manners.c2001.


JPB   Noonan

Noonan, Julia.  HARE & RABBIT: FRIENDS FOREVER. Two friends share cleaning their house, a magic mind-reader ring, and a bit of jealousy.c2000.


JPB    Passen

Passen, Lisa.  FAT, FAT ROSE MARIE.  A little girl must stand up to the class bully who keeps picking on her overweight friend.c1991.


JPB    Peet

Peet, Bill. ELI.  A proud but decrepit lion learns a lesson about friendship from the vultures he despises.c1978.


JPB    Rodman

Rodman, Mary Ann.  MY BEST FRIEND.  Six-year-old Lily has a best friend all picked out for play group day, but unfortunately the differences between first-graders and second-graders are sometimes very large.c2005.


JPB    Rogers

Rogers, Fred. MAKING FRIENDS. Explains what it means to be friends and some of the easy and difficult aspects of friendship.c1987.


JPB    Ross

Ross, Pat.  MEET M AND M.  Best friends Mandy and Mimi do everything together until they have a falling out.c1980.


JPB    St. Germain

St. Germain, Sharon.  THE TERRIBLE FIGHT.  An argument between Molly and her best friend escalates into a terrible fight, involving returned gifts and nasty exchanges, until the loss of friendship becomes too unpleasant to bear.c1990.


JPB    Sharmat

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  BURTON AND DUDLEY.  Burton Possum loves to walk. Dudley possum hates it. A long hike reveals a surprising contradiction in their personalities.c1975.


JPB    Sharmat

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  SOPHIE AND GUSSIE.  Two squirrel friends spend the weekend together, exchange presents, plan a party and trade hats.c1973.


JPB    Sharmat

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  THE 329TH FRIEND.  Bored with his own company, Emory Raccoon invites 328 guests to lunch but finds that none of them have time to listen to him.c1979.


JPB    Sherman

Sherman, Ivan. I DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN MY FRIEND COMES TO VISIT.  A little girl wrestles with the problem of sharing whenever a friend visits her.c1973.


JPB    Silverstein

Silverstien, Shel.  THE GIVING TREE.  A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return.[1964]


JPB    Simmons

Simmons, Jane.  EBB & FLO AND THE BABY SEAL.  It's up to Ebb to help a lost baby seal find her mother.2002,c2000.


JPB    Stanley

Stanley, Diane.  GOLDIE AND THE THREE BEARS.  In this story, loosely based on that of Goldilocks, Goldie, who has yet to find a friend to "love with all her heart," makes an unplanned visit to the house of some bears.c2003.


JPB    Steptoe

Steptoe, John.  STEVIE.  Robert wishes Steven, a house guest, would go away but when does Robert realizes how much fun they had together.c1969.


JPB    Stevens

Stevens, Carla. STORIES FROM A SNOWY MEADOW.  Mole, Mouse and Shrew love to visit Ole Vole and listen to her stories. Then one day she dies and her friends compose a song of tribute to her.c1976.


JPB    Vainio

Vainio, Pirkko.  THE BEST OF FRIENDS.  Despite their physical differences, best friends Hare and Bear laugh together, play together, and share special moments. c2000.


JPB    Waber

Waber, Barnard.  IRA SAYS GOODBYE.  Ira is surprised to discover that his best friend Reggie feels happy about having to move to a new town.c1988.


JPB    Waber

Waber, Barnard.  IRA SLEEPS OVER.  A little boy is excited at the prospect of spending the night at his friend's house but worries how he'll get along without his teddy bear.c1972.


JPB    Waber

Waber, Barnard.  LOVABLE LYLE.  Lyle, the crocodile, thought everyone loved him until the day he day he received a hate note from an anonymous despiser.c1969.


JPB    Waddell

Waddell, Martin.  HI, HARRY!  A tortoise tries to find someone who will play with him at his own speed.c2003.


JPB    Wade

Wade, Anne.  A PROMISE IS FOR KEEPING.  A broken promise threatens to end Kathy's and Susan's friendship.c1979.


JPB    Whybrow

Whybrow, Ian.  WISH, CHANGE, FRIEND.  Little pig experiences the power of words and the joy of friendship.2002,c2001.


JPB    Wild

Wild, Margaret. THE VERY BEST OF FRIENDS.  Since Jessie has never cared for her farmer husband's cat William, her difficult adjustment period after her husband's death makes William doubt if he is still welcome on the farm..c1990.


JPB    Wilhelm

Wilhelm, Hans. LET'S BE FRIENDS AGAIN!  A boy overcomes his anger and forgives his sister for setting his pet turtle free.c1986.


JPB    Wintrop

Wintrop, Elizabeth. THE BEST FRIENDS CLUB.  Lizzie learns to share her best friend and enjoy it, too.c1989.


JPB    Winthrop

Winthrop, Elizabeth.  LIZZIE AND HAROLD. Lizzie wants a best friend more than anything else, but as she explains to Harold, who would like to be her best friend, it must be a girl.c1986.


JPB     Ziefert

Ziefert, Harriet.  39 USES FOR A FRIEND.  Brief text and illustrations describe how a friend can be an alarm clock, back scratcher, comedian, worm handler, and more.c2001.


JPB    Zolotow

Zolotow, Charlotte. THE HATING BOOK. A little girl knew her new found friend hated her but she didn't know why until she finally got up the courage to ask why they were being so rotten to each other.c1969.


JPB    Zolotow

Zolotow, Charlotte. THE NEW FRIEND.  A child reminisces about her old dear friend who now has a different friend, and though she is bereft, plans to find a new friend herself.c1980.


Juvenile & Young People NonFiction

 J    158.25

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds  GETTING ALONG WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  A self-help approach to making and getting along with friends,  exploring the purpose of friendship, understanding the feelings and behavior of oneself and others, and changing one's behavior.c1980.


J    158.25 V294r

Varenhorst, Barbara.  REAL FRIENDS.  A handbook on peer counseling teaching the skills of V294rbuilding friendship and reaching out to others who are lonely, shy, disabled, and especially in need of friends.c1983.


J    811.008 Y67

Selected by Salley Mavor.  YOU AND ME: POEMS OF FRIENDSHIP.  A collection of poems about friendship, by such authors as Jack Prelutsky, Langston Hughes, and Judith Viorst. c1997.


Juvenile & Young People Fiction

J    B658o

Blume, Judy.  OTHERWISE KNOWN AS SHEILA THE GREAT. A summer in Tarrytown, N.Y., is a lot of fun for ten-year-old Sheila even though her friends make her face up to some self  truths she doesn't want to admit.c1972.


 J    B745

Bosse, Malcolm J.  THE 79 SQUARES.  To the bafflement of his parents, gang, and probation officer, visiting an ostracized, cantankerous old man and his garden becomes very important to 14-year-old Eric.c1979.


J    B993bl

Byars. Betsy Cromer.  THE BLOSSOMS AND THE GREEN PHANTOM. Disasters befall the Blossom family as Pap falls into a dumpster and can't get out, Junior tries desperately to make a success of his secret invention, and Vern dreads letting a new friend meet his unusual family.c1987.


J    C316s

Carrick Carol.  SOME FRIEND.  Mike has always been a little in awe of his self-assertive friend Rob but one day, when pushed too far, Mike realizes he will have to take a stand of his own or lose self-respect.c1979.


J    C556st

Christopher, Matt.  STRANGER IN RIGHT FIELD.  Who is the new player on the Peach Street Mudders, and how can Alfie Maples help him improve his game?c1997.


J    C593al

Clarke, Judith.  AL CAPSELLA TAKES A VACATION.  Sixteen-year-old Al and his best friend Lou vacation without their parents in the wild, partying beach town of Scutchthorpe with unexpected results.c1993.


J    C454el

Chang, Heidi.  ELAINE. MARY LEWIS, AND THE FROGS.  Chinese American Elaine Chow feels like an outcast after moving to a small town in Iowa, until she shares a new friendship and a science project with a girl strongly interested in frogs.c1988.


J    C877ra

Cox, Judy.  RABBIT PIRATES: A TALE OF THE SPINACH MAIN. Two old rabbit friends disagree about many things, including when and how to deal with the tricky fox who threatens to ruin the business at their restaurant in Provence region of France. c1999.


J     D419t

DePaola, Tomie.  T-REX IS MISSING!  Morgie accuses his best friend of taking his favorite dinosaur toy without asking, and then he finds that he must apologize.c2002. 


YP   D485he

Deuker, Carl.  HEART OF A CHAMPION.  Seth faces a strain on his friendship with Jimmy, who is both a baseball champion and something of an irresponsible fool, when Jimmy is kicked off the team.c1993.


J    F492lu

Finch, Margo.  THE LUNCH BUNCH. Three girls eat lunch together and become friends.c1998.


J    G456li

Giff, Patricia Reilly.  LILY'S CROSSING.  During a summer spent at Rockaway Beach in 1944,  Lily's friendship with a young Hungarian refugee causes her to see the war and her own world differently.c1997.


J    G799a

Greene, Constance C.  ASK ANYBODY.  The daughter of divorced parents befriends an eccentric new girl who is full of unexpected surprises.c1983.


J    G986f

Rosa, Guy. THE FRIENDS. Phyllisia eventually recognizes that her own selfish pride rather than her mother's death and her father's tyrannical behavior created the gulf between her and her best friendc1973.


J    H386ma

Haven, Susan Perkis.  MAYBE I'LL MOVE TO THE LOST AND FOUND. Fourteen-year-old Gilly strives to assert herself as she tries to cope with her parents' divorce, problems with friends, and a basic lack of confidence.c1988.


J    H681ba

Hoban, Russell. A BARGAIN FOR FRANCES.  Thelma usually outsmarts Frances until Frances decides to teach her a lesson about friendship. c1970.


J    H856pi

Howe, James.  PINKY AND REX AND THE BULLY.  Pinky learns the importance of identity as he defends his favorite color, pink, and his friendship with a girl, Rex, from the neighborhood bully.c1996.


YP    J69sa

Johnson, Scott.  SAFE AT SECOND.  Paulie Lockwood's best friend Todd Bannister is destined for the major leagues until a line drive to the head causes him to lose an eye and they both must find a new future for themselves. c1999.


J    K65ro

Kliphuis, Christine.  ROBBIE AND RONNIE.  Best friends Robbie and Ronnie use teamwork to stand up to bullies at the pool.c2002.


J    L661be

Leverich,  Kathleen. BEST ENEMIES.  After Felicity trades her nasty tricks for friendship, Priscilla decides she'd rather have Felicity as an enemy.c1989.


J    L771af

Lisle, Janet Taylor.  AFTERNOON OF THE ELVES. As Hillary works in the miniature village, allegedly built by elves, in Sara-Kate's backyard, she becomes more and more curious about Sara-Kate's real life inside her big, gloomy house with her mysterious, silent mother.c1989.


J    M169co

McNair, Joseph. COMMANDER COATRACK RETURNS. When thirteen-year-old Lisa's retarded five-year-old brother starts becoming more independent and growing away from her, and she finds herself disagreeing with an ultra‑feminist friend, she begins a game of make-believe with a new boy at school which initially defends them both from life's hurts, but ultimately prevents them from dealing with real life.c1989.


J    M787an

Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud).  ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.  Anne, an eleven-year-old orphan, is sent by mistake to live with a lonely, middle‑aged brother and sister on a Prince Edward Island farm and proceeds to make an indelible impression on everyone around her.c1935.


YP    M136my

McDonnell, Margot B.  MY OWN WORST ENEMY. Sixteen-year-old Todd feels bitter enmity against the new boy in class who seems to be taking over everything he holds dear, but ultimately, a rewarding friendship ensues, as each helps the other deal with very serious problems.c1984.


J  M871da

Morpurgo,  Michael. THE DANCING BEAR. A lonely girl living in a remote mountain community adopts an abandoned bear cub, but their friendship is threatened when a glamorous film crew comes to town.c1996.


J    N566en

Newton, Suzanne. AN END TO PERFECT.  A twelve-year-old's seemingly perfect life changes when her older brother decides to leave home and her best friend has increasingly serious family problems.c1984.


J    P296b

Paterson, Katherine.  BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA.  The life of a ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.c1987.


J    R918so

Rue, Nancy N.  SOPHIE'S WORLD.  A sixth-grade field trip to Williamsburg, VA stimulates the overactive imagination of future film director Sophie LaCroix, leading her to use eighteenth-century tactics to save a friend from humiliation by the popular girls.c2004.


YP    S121ho

Sachar, Louis.  HOLES.  As further evidence of his family's bad fortune which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself. John Newbery Medal. c1998.


J    S561gi

Shreve, Susan Richards.  THE GIFT OF THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T HEAR.  Two friends, one of whom is deaf, help each other when tryouts are held for a seventh-grade production of "Annie."c1991.


J    S561wh

Shriver, Maria.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH TIMMY?  Making friends with a mentally retarded boy helps Kate learn that the two of them have a lot in common. c2001.


J    S621be

Sirof, Harriet.  BECAUSE SHE'S MY FRIEND.  Mutual need creates an intense, difficult friendship between fourteen-year-old Teri, the well-behaved "baby" of an extended Italian American family, and spoiled Valerie, who has one leg paralyzed from a freak accident.c1993.


J    S876ci

Stolz, Mary. CIDER DAYS.  A young girl's persistent overtures to a new neighbor result in friendship.c1978.


J    T744p

Towne, Mary.  PAUL'S GAME. An experiment in ESP becomes a terrifying experience for two teen-age girls when one of them comes under the influence of a strange boy with mysterious purposes of his own.c1983.


J    W583ch

White, E.B.  CHARLOTTE'S WEB.  Story of Wilbur the pig and his friendship with Charlotte the spider.  A tale of friendship and salvation; a story of the miracles of birth, friendship and death.c1980.


J    W676fr

Wiles, Debbie.  FREEDOM SUMMER.  In 1964, Joe is pleased that a new law will allow his best friend John Henry, who is colored, to share the town pool and other public places with him.  However, he is dismayed to find that prejudice still exists.c2001.


J    W766ho

Windsor, Patricia.  HOW A WEIRDO AND A GHOST CAN CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.  Martha braves class ridicule to befriend a "weirdo," who enriches her life with his Ouija board and proves to be a better friend than those she lost.c1986.



Professional Reading


P.R.   155.418    D311ch



P.R.    305.8    I11

Southern Poverty Law Center.  I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND: SONGS AND ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG PEACEMAKERS.  Activities and music to be used to teach friendship and tolerance to children.c2003.


P.R.    372.15    H157be

Halaby, Mona.  BELONGING: CREATING COMMUNITY IN THE CLASSROOM.  Includes chapter "Learning About Friendship."c2000.


P.R.    372.6    I931fr

Irving,   FROM THE HEART.  Books and Activities About Friends. c1993.




VCR    B851

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA . [videorecording] (58 min.) Public Media. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. The life of a ten‑year old boy expands when he becomes           friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death. From his sorrow he learns the meaning of friendship.c1985.


VCR    M266

THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE.  [videorecording]  (115 min.)  Warner Home Video. Mel Gibson makes his directing debut in this compelling tale of man's triumph over loneliness, a boy's transition to adulthood and a special summer when companionship and encouragement transformed two lives. [1994], c1993.


VCR    Y54

YO! YES? [videorecording] (5 min.) Weston Woods.  Two lonely characters, one black and one white, meet on the street and become friends.c2000.


Created by Donna Wallach, January 2006



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