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JPB    Bang

Bang, Molly.  GOOSE.  Adopted by woodchucks at birth, a baby goose never feels she truly belongs--until the day she discovers she can fly. c1996.


JPB    Cox

Cox, Judy.  Go to sleep, Groundhog.  When Groundhog is unable to sleep, he experiences autumn and winter holidays he never knew about, and then he finally falls asleep before Groundhog Day. c2004.


JPB    Koscielniak

Koscielniak, Bruce.  Geoffrey Groundhog predicts the weather.  When Geoffrey Groundhog pops out of his hole to predict the weather, he is blinded by television cameras and lights and is unable to see if he has a shadow.  No one in town knows how to proceed, so Geoffrey needs help fast. c1995.


JPB    Kroll

Kroll, Steven.  IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY!  Worried that an early spring will ruin his ski lodge business, Roland Raccoon takes drastic steps to prevent Godfrey Groundhog from looking for his shadow on Groundhog Day. c1987.


JPB    Levine

Levine, Abby.  GRETCHEN GROUNDHOG, IT'S YOUR DAY!  When she has to take over the job of appearing in Piccadilly on Groundhog Day to look for her shadow, Gretchen Groundhog is worried and nervous and threatens not to come out. c1998.


JPB    Moutran

Moutran, Julia Spencer.  The story of Punxsutawney Phil, "the fearless forecaster" After helping his family prepare their burrow for the winter and joining them in a long nap beneath the cold Pennsylvania snow, Punxsutawney Phil emerges on Groundhog Day to predict the weather. c1987.


JPB    Watson

Watson, Wendy.  HAS WINTER COME? Although the children don't recognize the faint smell of winter in the air, a woodchuck family begins preparing for long snowy nights. c1978.





J    394.261    B395gr

Becker, Michelle Aki.  Groundhog Day.  Introduces the history of Groundhog Day and explains how it is observed today. , c2003.





J    J66wi

Johnson, Crockett.  Will spring be early or will spring be late?  So anxious is the groundhog to predict an early spring that he is grossly misled by an artificial flower. [1990]



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