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JUVENILE PICTURE BOOKS                           

JPB  Adams

Adams, Adrienne.  A WOGGLE OF WITCHES .  Witches are frightened by strange creatures on the night of their special celebration. c1971.


JPB  Anderson

Anderson, Lonzo.  THE HALLOWEEN PARTY.  On Halloween Faraday Folsum runs across a party of witches, ogres, and gremlins that are a bit too real for comfort. c1974.


JPB  Axelrod

Axelrod, Amy.  PIGS GO TO MARKET: FUN WITH MATH AND SHOPPING. Concepts of price and quantity enter the picture when Mrs. Pig wins a five-minute shopping spree at the supermarket on Halloween night. c1997.


JPB  Balian

Balian, Lorna.  HUMBUG WITCH. The story of a little girl who dresses up as a witch. c1965.


JPB  Benarde

Benarde, Anita. THE PUMPKIN SMASHER.  When all the pumpkins are mysteriously smashed on three consecutive Halloweens, the townspeople of Cranbury almost decide to cancel the holiday. c1972.


JPB  Bender

Bender, Robert.  A LITTLE WITCH MAGIC.  A lonely witch never has any visitors until one Halloween when a young girl who is more fascinated than frightened comes to call. c1992.


JPB  Bridwell

Bridwell, Norman.  CLIFFORD'S HALLOWEEN.  Clifford is an enormous red dog who dressed as a ghost last Halloween. What will his costume be this year? c1966.


JPB  Bright

Bright, Robert.  GEORGIE.  Feeling unwanted in his New England home when its owner fixes all the house's squeaks and rattles, Georgie the ghost is out of work and decides to leave. c1944.


JPB Brown

Brown, Margaret Wise. THE FIERCE YELLOW PUMPKIN. A little pumpkin dreams of the day when he will be a big, fierce, yellow pumpkin who frightens away the field mice as the scarecrow does.c2003.


JPB  Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN.  A band of trick-or-treaters and a mother cat and her kittens spend a very scary Halloween. c1986.


JPB  Calhoun

Calhoun, Mary.  WOBBLE THE WITCH CAT.  Wobble, an unhappy black cat , couldn't ride on Maggie's new thin, broomstick. But, Maggie discovers that her old vacuum cleaner also has flying magic, so she makes her annual Halloween flight with her cat after all. c1958.


JPB  Carlson.

Carlson, Nancy L.  HARRIET'S HALLOWEEN CANDY.  Harriet learns the hard way that sharing her Halloween candy makes her feel much better than eating it all herself. c1982.


JPB  Carrick

Carrick, Carol.  OLD MOTHER WITCH.  While playing a harmless Halloween prank on crabby "old mother witch," David discovers she has had a heart attack and his make-believe night of terror becomes all too real. c1975.


JPB  Cole

Cole, Bruce.  THE PUMPKINVILLE MYSTERY.  Relates how the idea of jack-o-lanterns got started out in the prairies during a time when a mysterious stranger rewarded kind townsfolk and punished greedy politicians. c1987.


JPB  Coombs

Coombs, Patricia.  DORRIE AND THE AMAZING MAGIC ELIXER.  Left in charge of an elixir that will make one spell-proof, Dorrie, the little witch, foils the Green Wizard's attempt to steal it. c1974.


JPB  Coombs

Coombs, Patricia.  DORRIE AND THE DREAMYARD MONSTERS.  After Dorrie rescues the Dream Witch from imprisonment by the Dreamyard monsters, pleasant dreams replace the nightmares of the residents of Witchville. c1977.


JPB  Cuyler

Cuyler, Margery  SIR WILLIAM AND THE PUMPKIN MONSTER.  Unsuccessful in his schemes to frighten the family he lives with, a frustrated ghost has a terrifying experience himself on Halloween night. c1984.


JPB    Cuyler

Cuyler, Margery.  Skeleton hiccups. Ghost tries to help Skeleton get rid of the hiccups. c2002.


JPB    Davies

Davies, Nicola.  BAT LOVES THE NIGHT.  Bat wakes up, flies into the night, uses the echoes of her voice to navigate, hunts for her supper, and returns to her roost to feed her baby. c2001.


JPB  Degen

Degen, Bruce.  AUNT POSSUM AND THE PUMPKIN MAN.  Aunt Possum receives an unexpected Halloween visit from the pumpkin man.c1977.


JPB  Dillon

Dillon, Jana.  JEB SCARECROW'S PUMPKIN PATCH.  Jeb Scarecrow comes up with a wonderful plan to scare the crows away from his pumpkin patch.c1992.


JPB  Feczko

Feczko, Kathy.  HALLOWEEN PARTY.  The children have a wonderful time wearing costumes and playing games at a Halloween party. c1985.


JPB    Fleming

Fleming, Denise.  PUMPKIN EYE.  Simple rhymes describe the sights, sounds, and smells of Halloween. c2001.


JPB  Gabler

Gabler, Mirko.  THE ALPHABET SOUP.  When he follows the witch twins Gurgla and Blog home from school, Zack almost becomes the final ingredient in their alphabet soup. c1992.


JPB  Gantos

Gantos, Jack.  ROTTEN RALPH'S TRICK OR TREAT.  Sarah's rotten cat Ralph goes to a Halloween costume party dressed as her and creates horrible mischief under the protection of his disguise. c1986.


JPB  Gibbons

Gibbons, Gail.  THE PUMPKIN BOOK.  Describes how pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, how they grow, and their traditional uses and cultural significance. Includes instructions for carving a pumpkin and drying the seeds. c1999.


JPB  Guthrie

Guthrie, Donna.  THE WITCH HAS AN ITCH.  Every time Gromelda the witch tries to work her evil magic, she gets an itch. c1990.


JPB  Hall

Hall, Zoe.  IT'S PUMPKIN TIME!  A sister and brother plant and tend their own pumpkin patch so they will have jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. c1994.


JPB  Himmelman

Himmelman, John.  AMANDA AND THE WITCH SWITCH.  A friendly witch named Amanda gives a toad three wishes, but her good intentions backfire when he uses one of the wishes to become a witch. c1985.


JPB  Huck

Huck, Charlotte S.  A CREEPY COUNTDOWN.  Ten scary Halloween things, such as jack-o-lanterns, bats, and witches, count from one to ten and then back down again. c1998.


JPB  Hughes

Shirley Hughes.  HAUNTED HOUSE.  Two children are afraid to go near an ominous-looking old house until they learn its inhabitants, a little girl and her grandmother, are being held captive. c1977.


JPB  Hutchins

Hutchins, Pat.  WHERE'S THE BABY?  When Grandma, Ma, and Hazel Monster want to find Baby Monster, they follow the messy trail he has left. c1988.


JPB  Kraus

Kraus, Robert  DADDY LONG EARS' HALLOWEEN.  Daddy Long Ears loves Halloween but this year he cannot go Trick -or-Treating because Bunny Parker is ill and yet they have the best Halloween ever. c1990.


JPB  Kroll

Kroll, Steven.  THE CANDY WITCH.  Because her good deeds are not noticed, a small witch steals every trick-or-treat bag in town on Halloween.  c1979.


JPB Leuck

Leuck, Laura.  ONE WITCH. A witch goes around to her fiendish friends--from two cats to ten werewolves--to gather the ingredients to make gruesome stew for her party. c2003.


JPB  McDonald

McDonald, Megan.  THE GREAT PUMPKIN SWITCH.  An old man tells his grandchildren how he and a friend accidentally smashed the pumpkin his sister was growing and had to find a replacement.  c1992.


JPB  Meddaugh

Meddaugh, Susan.  THE WITCH'S SUPERMARKET.  On their way to a Halloween party, Helen and her dog Martha happen upon a very creepy supermarket for witches. c1991.


JPB  Merriam

Merriam, Eve.  HALLOWEEN ABC.  A poem for each letter of the alphabet introduces a different, spooky aspect of Halloween. c1987.


JPB  Miller

Miller, Edna.  MOUSEKIN'S GOLDEN HOUSE.  A whitefoot mouse makes a home for the winter in a jack-o'-lantern discarded after Halloween. c1964.


JPB  Nolan

Nolan, Dennis.  WITCH BAZOZZA.  Witch Bazooza wants to win the prize for having the scariest house on Halloween, but her spells don't quite turn out as she expects. c1979.


JPB  Paul

Paul, Korky.  WINNIE FLIES AGAIN.  Winnie the witch has trouble navigating crowded skies, so she tries changing her broomstick into other means of transportation, until she discovers what she really needs. c2000.


JPB  Palatini

Palatini, Margie.  PIGGIE PIE!  Gritch the witch flies to Old MacDonald's farm for some pigs to make a piggie pie, but when she arrives she can't find a single porker. c1995.


JPB  Peet

Peet, Bill.  BIG BAD BRUCE.  Bruce, a bear bully, never picks on anyone his own size until he is diminished in more ways than one by a small but very independent witch. c1977.


JPB  Pilkey

Pilkey, Dav.  DRAGON'S HALLOWEEN.  Dragon has a busy and fun-filled Halloween, turning six small pumpkins into one big jack-o-lantern, going to a costume party, and taking a spooky walk in the woods. c1993.


JPB  Pilkey

Pilkey, Dav.  HALLO-WIENER.  All the other dogs make fun of Oscar the dachshund until one Halloween when, dressed as a hot dog, Oscar bravely rescues the others. c1995.


JPB  Quackenbush

Quackenbush, Robert.  DETECTIVE MOLE AND THE HALLOWEEN MYSTERY.  When the jack-o'-lanterns from every porch in town are stolen, Detective Mole investigates. c1981.


JPB  Roberts

Roberts, Bethany.  HALLOWEEN MICE!  Mice whirling and skipping on Halloween night are threatened by an approaching cat, until they come up with a scary trick to defend themselves. c1995.


JPB  Ross

Ross, Pat.  M AND M AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE GAME.  When Mimi and Mandy try to scare someone as part of a game, they are the ones who are frightened. c1980.


JPB Rylant

Rylant, Cynthia. MOONLIGHT: THE HALLOWEEN CAT. Moonlight the cat loves everything about Halloween, from pumpkins to children to candy. c2203.


JPB  Schultz

Schultz, Charles.  IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN.  Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin, Snoopy has a run in with the Red Baron, and all Charlie Brown gets for trick-or-treat is a rock. c1967.


JPB    Serfozo

Serfozo, Mary.  PLUMPLY, DUMPLY PUMPKIN.  Peter finds the perfect pumpkin so that he and his Dad can make a jack-o-lantern. c2001.


JPB  Stevenson

Stevenson, James.  THAT TERRIBLE HALLOWEEN NIGHT.  Grandpa tells Louie and Mary Ann of the dreadful Halloween night that turned him into an old man. c1980.


JPB  Stutson.

Stutson, Caroline.  BY THE LIGHT OF THE HALLOWEEN MOON.  In this cumulative tale,  a host of Halloween spooks, including a cat, a witch, and a ghoul, are drawn to the tapping of a little girl's toe. c1993.


JPB  Vigna.

Vigna, Judith.  EVERYONE GOES AS A PUMPKIN.  When Emily loses her beautiful costume, she must decide what to be for the Halloween party. c1977.


JPB Wallace

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.  PUMPKIN DAY! A bunny family picks pumpkins at a local farm and learns pumpkin facts in the process. c2002.


JPB  Watson

Watson, Wendy.  BOO! IT'S HALLOWEEN.  A family gets ready for Halloween, preparing costumes, making goodies for the school party, and carving jack-o'lanterns. Halloween jokes and rhymes are interspersed throughout the text. c1992.


JPB  Wegen.

Wegen, Ronald.Kelly  THE HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY.  Comet goes to a most unusual Halloween party, where he expects to win first prize for his costume. c1983.


JPB  Whitehead.

Whitehead, Patricia.  THE BEST HALLOWEEN BOOK ABC ADVENTURES.  Annie is frightened by many Halloween things, but on this Halloween she scares everyone else. Meanwhile, the reader is introduced to the letters of the alphabet. c1985.





J    133.1    H749m

Holmes, Burnham.  THE MYSTERIOUS GHOSTS OF FLIGHT.  Describes the repeated appearances of the ghosts of two airline pilots killed in a 1972 crash. c1979.


J    133.1    K69m

Knight, David C.  THE MOVING COFFINS: GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS AROUND THE WORLD.  Accounts of incidents in some twenty countries around the world, involving poltergeists, apparitions, and other supernatural manifestations. c1983.


J    133.1    M471a

Maynard, Christopher.  ALL ABOUT GHOSTS.  Describes the different kinds of ghosts believed to haunt the Earth and the techniques used in ghost hunting with a discussion of possible explanations for many sightings. c1978.


J    133.1297    R646s

Roberts, Nancy.  SOUTHERN GHOSTS.  Presents 13 accounts of apparitions and hauntings in the South. c1979.


J    133.43    V253de

Van Der Linde, Laurel.  THE DEVIL IN SALEM VILLAGE.  Describes the panic that swept through colonial Salem, Massachusetts, when the people were convinced that witches were among them and outlines the factors leading up to this episode.c1992.


J    394.264   G799st

Greene, Carol.  THE STORY OF HALLOWEEN.  Explores the history of Halloween from the holiday's Celtic origins over 2000 years ago to present-day celebrations, and provides spooky riddles and ideas for pumpkin art. c2004.


J   394.264   R659ha

Robinson, Fay.  HALLOWEEN CRAFTS.  Provides information about the origin and customs of Halloween, ideas for celebrating this holiday, and directions for making such crafts as a haunted house, ghosts in the graveyard, and a creepy Halloween necklace. c2004.


J    394.264    S844ha

Stevens, Kathryn.  HALLOWEEN JACK-O'-LANTERNS.  Describes the origin of Halloween and the meaning behind jack-o-lanterns and other customs connected to this holiday, as well as discussing the cultivation and uses of pumpkins. c1999.


J    394.2683    B284w

Barth, Edna.  WITCHES, PUMPKINS, AND GRINNING GHOSTS.  Explains the origins of and relates stories associated with familiar Halloween symbols.c1972.


J    394.2683    H295g

Harper, Wilhelmina.  GHOSTS AND GOBLINS STORIES FOR HALLOWEEN.  From the four corners of the world, Wilhelmina Harper had gathered these tales to e told on Halloween- or whenever the night is dark and the moon is full. c1965.


J    394.2683    K427h

Kessel, Joyce.  HALLOWEEN.  Explains the origins of the holiday of Halloween and such traditions as black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, bonfires, and trick-or-treating.c1980.


J    394.2683    L484dr

Leedy, Loreen.  THE DRAGON HALLOWEEN PARTY.  A Story and Activity Book.

The dragons prepare a Halloween party complete with costumes, decorations, and appropriate food and activities.c1986.


J    394.2683    M146s

McGovern, Ann.  SQUEALS & SQUIGGLES & GHOSTLY GIGGLES.  Spooky poems, limericks, games, stories, and tricks for Halloween or year-round scares.c1973.


J    394.2683    M739o

Moncure, Jane Belk.  OUR HALLOWEEN BOOK.  Describes classroom activities in preparation for Halloween.c1977.


J    394.2683    S213h

Sandak, Cass.  HALLOWEEN.  Presents the history and customs of Halloween.c1980.


J    394.2683    W182g

Walker, Mark.  THE GREAT HALLOWEEN BOOK: HOW TO MAKE THIS HOLIDAY MORE FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Includes Halloween decorations, cookery, theatrical makeup.


J    398.2    M284gh

Manning-Sanders, Ruth,  A BOOK OF GHOSTS & GOBLINS.  Twenty-one tales from various countries about ghosts, goblins, and other supernatural beings. Includes "The Headless Horseman," "The Kindly Ghost," and "The Leg of Gold."


J   398.25   L434wh

Leach, Maria.  WHISTLE IN THE GRAVEYARD. A collection of folktales from around the world about ghosts, witches, and other haunts. c1982.


J    398.25    S197sh

San Souci, Robert D.  SHORT & SHIVERY: THIRTY CHILLING TALES.  A collection of thirty short and spooky tales from the folklore of Russia, Virginia, Ireland, Canada, and other areas of the world. c1987.


J    513.213    L484tw



J   583.6   P524fr

Pfeffer, Wendy.  FROM SEED TO PUMPKIN.  Learn how pumpkins grow from tiny seeds to big pumpkins. c2004.


J    599.4    P957ba

Pringle, Laurence P.  BATS!: STRANGE AND WONDERFUL.  An introduction to the life and behavior of bats. Earth's only flying mammals. c2000.


J    613.7    G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S BOOK OF YOGA.  An introduction to the philosophy of yoga with step-by-step instructions for performing the basic positions.  c1979.


J    641.568    P985h

Purdy, Susan Gold.  HALLOWEEN COOKBOOK.  Recipes with metric equivalents for Halloween and the fall, with ideas for edible decorations and tips on measurements and basic

cooking skills. c1977.


YP    641.6    E39pl

Elffers, Joost.  PLAY WITH YOUR PUMPKINS.  Provides history and mythology of the pumpkin as well as pumpkin recipes and designs. c1998.


J    745.54    C521e

Chernoff,  Goldie Taub.  EASY COSTUMES YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEW.  Instructions for easily constructed costumes which do not require sewing.


J     745.59   G565L

Glovach, Linda. THE LITTLE WITCH'S DINOSAUR BOOK. Activities, recipes, and projects with a dinosaur theme. c1984.


J     745.592   G565li

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S BOOK OF TOYS. The Little Witch gives instructions for making toys and games from readily available materials. c1986.


YP    745.594    R477pu

Rhodes, Vicki.  PUMPKIN DECORATING.  You'll find 80 different projects to try.  Dozens are for Halloween, of course, but many are for Thanksgiving and other autumn themes.c1997.


J    745.594    S959ha

Supraner, Robyn.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN: THINGS TO MAKE AND DO.  Instructions for making Halloween handicrafts for decorations, games, and disguises.c1981.


J    745.5941    H363h

Hathaway, Nancy.  HALLOWEEN CRAFTS AND COOKBOOK.  Gives instructions for making costumes, masks, finger puppets, mobiles, and other Halloween crafts. Also includes recipes for such holiday-related food as Ghostly Jello, Gingerbread Jack-O'-Lanterns, and Pumpkin Seed Snack. c1979.


J    745.5941    K19p

Katz, Ruth J. PUMPKIN PERSONALITIES.  Suggests way of creating unique jack-o-lanterns by attaching and assortment of common items to pumpkins. c1979.


J    784.6    G799th

Greene, Carol.  THE THIRTEEN DAYS OF HALLOWEEN.  A Halloween version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," featuring such seasonal gifts as bats, goblins, spiders, worms, and ghosts. c1983.


J    790    G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S BOOK OF GAMES.  Variations of thirty indoor and outdoor children's games for all seasons. c1974.


J    790.1922    F899ho

Friedhoffer, Robert.  HOW TO HAUNT A HOUSE FOR HALLOWEEN. Provides tips on how to create a haunted house at home and instructions for performing magic tricks at a Halloween party.c1988.


J    790.1922    G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S SPRING HOLIDAY BOOK.  Presents instructions for a variety of springtime activities, games, foods, and handicrafts. c1983.


J   793.21  G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S BIRTHDAY BOOK.  Little Witch presents games, activities, favors, party hats, and recipes for a variety of birthday parties. c1981.


J    793.21   G565li

Glovach, Linda. THE LITTLE WITCH'S CARNIVAL BOOK.  Simple instructions for putting on a carnival in the back yard or inside the house, with costumes, hats, food, games of chance, and a side show. c1982.


J    808.83    F138    1994

Compiled by Chris Powling.  FACES IN THE DARK: A BOOK OF SCARY STORIES.  A collection of stories about ghosts and other spooky subjects. c1994.


J    811.008    G427

Wallace, Daisy, editor.  GHOST POEMS.c1979.


J    811.008    H193po

Livingston, Myra Cohn. Selected by.  HALLOWEEN POEMS.  Eighteen poems celebrate the holiday of pumpkins, black cats, witches, and ghosts.c1989.


J    811.508    H794h

Hopkins, Lee Bennett.  HEY-HOW FOR HALLOWEEN!  An anthology of Halloween poetry by John Ciardi, Maurice Sendak, E.. E. Cummings, Carl Sandburg, and others. c1974.


J    812.5    T372h

Thayer, Marjorie.  THE HALLOWEEN WITCH: A PLAY. Is Mrs. North a witch who lives in a haunted house? A group of children choose Halloween to find out. c1976.


J    823.0872    H373







 J    A237je

Adler, David A.  JEFFREY'S GHOST AND THE FIFTH-GRADE DRAGON.  Bradford the ghost goes to school with Jeffrey and Laura when they begin fifth grade, and being both mischievous and invisible he creates a lot of problems. c1985.


J    A415sh

Aiken, Joan.  THE SHADOW GUESTS.  A young boy arrives at his cousin's home in England unprepared for the supernatural furor his presence unleashes.c1980.


YP    A452ki

Almond, David.  KIT'S WILDERNESS.  Thirteen-year-old Kit goes to live with his grandfather in the decaying coal mining town of Stoneygate, England, and finds both the old man and the town haunted by ghosts of the past. c2000.


J    D131wi

Dahl, Ronald.  THE WITCHES.  A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who is an expert on witches, together foil a witches' plot to destroy the world's children by turning them into mice. c1983.


J    E52m

Elwood, Roger.  MONSTER TALES, VAMPIRES , WEREWOLVES AND THINGS.  T. F. Wendigo's Child.--Tofte, A. Torchbearer.--Ball, B. The call of the grave.--Andersson, N. Werewolf boy.--Martin, M., Jr. Precious bodily fluids.--LoMedico, B. T. The vrkolak. c1973.


J    F596g

Fleischman, Sid.  THE GHOST ON SATURDAY NIGHT.  A thick tule fog and a ghost-raising lead to more excitement and reward than Opie had counted on.c1974.


J   G115br

Gabler, Mirko.  BRAKUS, KRAKUS...OR THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE OF MR. SKOLA'S TOURIST CLUB.  When Mr. Skola takes the children in this Travel Club to a mysterious Bohemian castle, the resident ghost has some trouble with his spells and turns to the children into assorted animals. c1993.


YP    G427

GHOSTLY GENTLEWOMEN: TWO CENTURIES OF SPECTRAL STORIES BY THE GENTLE SEX.  Lofts, N. Mr. Edward.-Ward, E. S. P. Kentucky's ghost.-Farjeon,E. Faithful Jenny Dove.-Jewett, S. O. The queen's twin.-Hunt, V. The coach.-Timperley, R. Christmas meeting.--Earle, A. M. New England tavern ghosts.--Webb, M. Mr. Tallent's ghost.-Molesworth, Mrs. The shadow in the moonlight.-Counselman, M.E. Mommy.-Crowe, C. The Dutch officer's story.-Woolf, V. A haunted house. c1977.


YP    H148lo

Hahn, Mary Downing.  LOOK FOR ME BY MOONLIGHT.  While staying at the remote and reputedly haunted Maine inn run by her father and pregnant stepmother, sixteen-year-old Cyndafeels increasingly isolated from her father's new family and finds solace in the attentions of a charming but mysterious guest. c1995.


J    H221w

Hamilton, Virginia.  WILLIE BEA AND THE TIME THE MARTIANS LANDED.  In October of 1938, on their farm homestead in Ohio, a black family is caught up in the fear generated by the Orson Welles"Martians have landed" broadcast. c1983.


J    K65hh

Kline, Suzy.  HORRIBLE HARRY AT HALLOWEEN.  The students in Miss Mackle's third-grade class enjoy a day of Halloween surprises, including Harry's unusual costume. c2000.

J    K92li

Krensky, Stephen.  LIONEL IN THE FALL.  For Lionel, fall means starting a new school year, raking leaves, and getting to dress up as a knight and chase a dragon from house to house on Halloween. c1987.


J    K94ni

Krull, Kathleen.  THE NIGHT THE MARTIANS LANDED: JUST THE FACTS (PLUS THE RUMORS) ABOUT INVADERS FROM MARS. Recounts the night before Halloween in 1938 when a fake news broadcast about invading Martians sent radio listeners around the country into a panic, and examines why so many people confused entertainment with reality. c2003.


J    K97un

Kushner, Donn.  UNCLE JACOB'S GHOST STORY.  Paul discovers the story of his Great Uncle Jacob, the black sheep of the family, who believed that the ghosts of two beloved friends followed him when he emigrated from Poland to America. c1986.


J    L668sh

Levy, Elizabeth.  SOMETHING QUEER AT THE HAUNTED SCHOOL. Two amateur detectives investigate a haunting of their school that starts around Halloween. c1982.


J    M158ho

McKillip, Patricia.  THE HOUSE ON PARCHMENT STREET. While staying with her cousin in England, a young girl helps him find a way of helping the troubled ghosts inhabiting the cellar of the house. c1973.


J    M274h

Manes, Stephen.  THE HOOPLES' HAUNTED HOUSE.  The Hooples' family set up a "haunted house" to scare people for charity on Halloween. c1981.


J    M345h

Markham, Marion.  THE HALLOWEEN CANDY MYSTERY.  Twins Mickey and Kate use their powers of deduction and scientific expertise to catch a burglar on Halloween night. c1982.


YP    N736gh

Nixon, Joan Lowery. GHOST TOWN: SEVEN GHOSTLY STORIES.  A collection of stories about eerie encounters in various ghost towns across the United States. Each story is accompanied by an afterword about the actual town on which the story is based. c2000.


J    P367mo

Peck, Richard, 1934-  Monster night at Grandma's house.  Daytime at Grandma's house is fine, but bedtime is terrifying when a monster seems to be about. c2003.


J    P697h

Parish, Peggy.  HAUNTED HOUSE.  Three children are uneasy when they learn their parents have bought a reputedly haunted house. c1971.


J    P697w

Place, Marian.  THE WITCH WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN.  While his mother is attempting to locate an unpolluted planet for witches, Witchard decides to do something to save Halloween.



J    R921sp

Ruelle, Karen Gray.  SPOOKIER THAN A GHOST.  Harry and his sister Emily are very much involved in the family's preparations for Halloween. c2001.


J    S496ro

Seuling, Barbara.  ROBERT AND THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL.  The new school year gets of to a not-so-good start when Robert gets a bad haircut, but things improve when his father helps him plan a party for Halloween. c2002.


J    S617gh

Singer, Marilyn.  GHOST HOST.  Sixteen-year-old football star Bart Hawkins seeks a way to rid his house of a nasty poltergeist without losing the nine friendly ghosts also haunting it, in return for which they agree to help him win the championship game. c1987.


J  S859go

Stine, R.L.  MONSTER BLOOD.  While staying with his weird great-aunt Kathryn, Evan visits a funky old toy store and buys a dusty can of monster blood.  It's fun to play with at first.  But then Evan Notices something weird about the green, slimy stuff it seems to be growing. And all that growing has given the monster blood a monstrous appetite. c1992.


J    T944ro

Turner, Ann Warren.  ROSEMARY'S WITCH.  After moving into an old house in a small New England town, 9-year-old Rosemary discovers that the nearby woods conceal a150-year-old witch, who once lived in the house and is using her magic to take it back. c1991.


J    W672ca

Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.  THE CANTERVILLE GHOST.  A celebrated and feared English ghost is outraged when the new American owners of his haunting place refuse to take him

seriously and actually fight back against him. c1986.





PRM    C538



TAPE    781.59  W231

WALT DISNEY STUDIOS' CHILLING, THRILLING SOUNDS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE.  [sound recording]  Seven frightening situations: Night creatures ; Haunted house ;The dungeon ; The witches ; Encounter in the fog ; A grave matter (The grave robbers) ; Mad scientist's laboratory  -- Twenty-six sound effects: The elements ; Creatures ; Ghosts and phantoms ; Frightening devices ; Haunting music. c1979.


TAPE    C689pu

Cole, Bruce B.  THE PUMPKINVILLE MYSTERY.  [sound recording]  Through the intercession of a mysterious stranger, good triumphs. C1988.


TAPE    811.54    P924it

Prelutsky, Jack.  IT'S HALLOWEEN.  [sound recording]. Twelve Halloween poems for beginning readers. c1987.


VCR    F829ra

FRANKENSTEIN.  [videorecording]  (71 min.) An adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel about the scientist who creates a terrifying monster. MCA Home Video, c1987.


VCR    H193is

Playhouse Video, 1985. HALLOWEEN IS GRINCH NIGHT. [videorecording]. (25 minutes) The sleepy peace of Hooville is disturbed by the howling soursweet wind, signaling the beginning of Grinch Night.  Soonthe evil Grinch sets forth with his dreaded paraphernalia wagon

to terrorize the villagers, all of whom are paralyzed withfear.  But one little boy, young Eukariah, sets out to save his family and town. c1985.


VCR    L511of

Playhouse Video, c1989.  THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW  [videorecording.] (51 minutes)  A supertitious schoolmaster, in love with a wealthy farmer's daughter, has a terrifying encounter with a headless horseman. c1989.


VCR    974.4    W819

Learning Company of America, 1986  THE WITCHES OF SALEM.  [videorecording].

(35 minutes) A portrayal of the witchcraft trials of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.  Attempts to give an understanding of the political, psychological, and religious background of the trials and of the consequences of this episode on American history. c1986.



Created by Donna Wallach,  October 2005



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