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JPB    Aliki

Aliki.  Painted words; Spoken memories.  Two separate stories, the first telling of Mari's starting school in a new land, and the second describing village life in her country before she and her family left in search of a better life. c1998.


JPB    Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  A picnic in October.  A boy finally comes to understand why his grandmother insists that the family come to Ellis Island each year to celebrate Lady Liberty's birthday. c1999.


JPB    Hanson

Hanson, Regina.  The tangerine tree.  When Papa announces that he must leave Jamaica to work in America, Ida is heartbroken until he tells her a secret. c1995.


JPB    Joosse

Joosse, Barbara M.  The morning chair.  Bram and his family leave their small brick house in Holland and travel to a new life in New York City. c1995.


JPB    Levine

Levine, Ellen.  I hate English!  When her family moves to New York from Hong Kong, Mei Mei finds it difficult to adjust to school and learn the alien sounds ofEnglish. c1989.


JPB    Levinson

Levinson, RikiWatch the stars come out.  Grandma tells about her mama's journey to America by boat, years ago. c1985.


JPB    McGill

McGill, Alice.  Molly Bannaky.  Relates how Benjamin Banneker's grandmother journeyed from England to Maryland in the late seventeenth century, worked as an indentured servant, began a farm of her own, and married a freed slave. c1999.


JPB    Polacco

Polacco, Patricia.  The keeping quilt.  A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family, remaining a symbol of their enduring love and faith. c1998.


JPB    Say

Say, Allen.  Grandfather's journey.  A Japanese American man recounts his grandfather's journey to America which he later also undertakes, and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries. 1993.





J    301.45   E36f

Eiseman, Alberta.  From many lands.  Describes the experiences of immigrants in the United States over a period of two hundred years as recorded in contemporary journals, newspapers, and literature. c1970.


J    304.8    G244c

Garver, Susan.  Coming to North America: from Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Explores the immigrant experiences of Mexicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans in the United States. c1981.


YP    304.873    D186am

Daniels, Roger.  American immigration: a student companion.  A short history of immigration to the United States American immigration: A student companion -- Appendices: Important dates in American immigration history -- Immigration, Ethnic and Refugee Organizations -- Further reading, museums, websites. c2001.


J    304.873     M186co

Maestro, Betsy.  Coming to America: the story of immigration.  This book explores  the evolving history of immigration to the United States, a long saga about people coming in search of food, and then, later, in a quest for religious and political freedom, safety, and prosperity.  It is a fascinating story that explains the richness and diversity ofd the American people, past and present. c1996.



YP    304.873    S217im

Sandler, Martin W.  Immigrants.  This book presents the journey of immigrants as they struggle and triumph to find a new life in America.  There are over 100 photographs and illustrations from the Library of congress that presents the immigrant's struggles and triumphs as they reach America. c1995.


J    305.895    K71wh

Knight, Margy Burns.  Who belongs here?: an American story.  Describes the new life of Nary, a Cambodian refugee, in America, as well as his encounters with prejudice. Includes some general history of U.S. immigration. c1996, c1993.


YP    305.906    A534il

Anastos, Phillip.  Illegal : seeking the American dream.  Photographs and text by Phillip Anastos and Chris French.  c1991.


J    325.1    F534el

Fisher, Leonard Everett.  Ellis Island: gateway to the New World.  A history of immigration through the port of New York, with special focus on the processing at Ellis Island. c1986.


J    325.73    A819ne

Ashabranner, Brent K.  The new Americans: changing patterns in U.S. immigration.  Discusses the immigration policies and patterns of the United States, emphasizing case histories of people from various countries and walks of life who have come to this country seeking a better quality of life. c1983.


J    325.73    B782th

Bouvier, Leon F.  Think about immigration: social diversity in the U.S.  Examines some of the causes that motivate people to immigrate and discusses how the arrival of new immigrants affects the political, economic, and social structure of the nation. c1988.


YP    929.1    W859cl

Wolfman, Ira.  Climbing your family tree: online and offline genealogy for kids: the official Ellis Island handbook. c2002.


J    973.0468    C357me

Catalano, Julie.  The Mexican Americans.  Examines factors such as history, culture, and religion that encourage emigration from Mexico and discusses the acceptance of this ethnic group in America. c1988.


YP    973.049171    B655ch

Bloom, Barbara Lee.  The Chinese Americans.  Discusses the reasons for emigration from China to mainland United States and Hawaii as well as the social and economic problems experienced by the Chinese Americans. c2002.


YP    974.7104    B576te

Bial, Raymond.  Tenement: immigrant life on the Lower East Side.  Presents a view of New York City's tenements during the peak years of foreign

immigration, discussing living conditions, laws pertaining to tenements, and the occupations of their residents. c2002.


J    974.7204    B588jo

Bierman, Carol.  Journey to Ellis Island: how my father came to America.  An account of the ocean voyage and arrival at Ellis Island of twelve-year-old Julius Weinstein who, along with his mother and younger sister, immigrated from Russia in 1922. c1998.






J    B292da

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  Dancing with Dziadziu.  A young girl shares her ballet dancing with her dying grandmother and the grandmother shares memories of her family's immigration from Poland and of dancing with the girl's grandfather. c1997.


J      G358v

Geras, Adele.  Voyage.  Relates the experiences of a group of Jewish young people in the early twentieth century as they journey from their homes in Eastern Europe to the United States in search of a new life. c1983.


YP    G456no

Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Nory Ryan's song.  When a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan's courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive. c2000.


YP    G975ho

Gundisch, Karin.  How I became an American.  In 1902, ten-year-old Johann and his family, Germans who had been living in Austria-Hungary, board a ship to immigrate to Youngstown, Ohio, where they make a new life as Americans. c2001.


YP    K97un

Kushner, Donn Uncle Jacob's ghost story.  Paul discovers the story of his Great Uncle Jacob, the black sheep of the family, who believed that the ghosts of two beloved friends followed him when he emigrated from Poland to America. c1986.


J    L666jo

Levitin, Sonia.  Journey to America.  A Jewish family fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938 endures innumerable separations before they are once again united. c1987, c1970.


YP    M279sh

Manley, Joan B.  She flew no flags.  In early 1944, as the war rages around them, an American family travels from India to the United States by ship, under blackout conditions, through the enemy waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. c1995.


YP    N736la

Nixon, Joan Lowery.  Land of promise.  In 1902 fifteen-year-old Rose travels from Ireland to join family members in Chicago, where she must use all her resources to deal with her father's drinking and her brothers' dangerous involvement in politics. c1993.


YP     P293vo

Pastore, Clare.  Journey to America: Aniela Kaminski's story: a voyage from Poland during World War II. In this story a teenager and her family journey to America from Poland during World War II to escape the Nazis. c2001.


J    P438my

Perez, Amada Irma.  My diary from here to there.  A young girl describes her feelings when her father decides to leave their home in Mexico to look for work in the United

States. c2002.


J    W893me

Woodruff, Elvira.  The memory coat.  In the early 1900s, two cousins leave their Russian shtetl with the rest of their family to come to America, hopeful that they will all pass the dreaded inspection at Ellis Island. c1999.

J     Y47mo

Yep, Laurence.  Mountain light.  Swept up in one of the local rebellions against the Manchus in China, nineteen-year-old Squeaky loses his home and travels to America to seek his fortune among the gold fields of California. c1985.


YP    Y49to

Yezerski, Thomas.  Together in Pinecone Patch.  A girl from Ireland and a boy from Poland overcome the prejudices held by the residents of the small American town to which they have emigrated. c1998.




AID    304.873    I33

Immigration. [Picture]  Mt. Dora, Fla., Documentary Photo Aids, [19--]

40 photographic reproductions.  This series of photographs with captions shows immigrants throughout history who migrated to the United States and America.


VCR    305.4 W872 v.2

Women in American life [videorecording] (90 min)  National Women's History Project, 1988-1990.Volume 2. 1880-1920: Immigration, new work and new roles.


VCR    974.7204 E47

Ellis Island. / History Channel ; a Greystoneproduction [videorecording] 3 videocassettes (50 min. ea.)  A&E Home Video : Distributed by New Video Group,

Immigrants of every ethnic background recall their extraordinary adventures, historians explore the sometimes insensitive national policies, and the Ellis Island Oral History Project reveals what the immigration experience was actually like. Features rare photographs and film.c1997.


VCR    W324

Watch the stars come out. [videorecording] (30 min.): Lancit Media Productions. LeVar explores the plight of the courageous immigrants who came to America filled with hopes and dreams.  He also finds out about the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. c1985,[1993]




C1    OXF    H155hi    2003    v.7

Hakim, Joy.  Reconstructing America.  A history of the Reconstruction period and the movements of reform, immigration, industrialization, and urbanization (1865- 1890) c2003.



Created by Donna Wallach,  September 2004.



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