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JPB    Berends

Berends, Polly Berrien.  LADYBUG AND DOG AND THE NIGHT WALK.  Ladybug and her friend Dog take her cousins on a nocturnal tour of the farm. c1980.


JPB    Carle

Carle, Eric.  THE GROUCHY LADYBUG.  A grouchy ladybug who is looking for a fight challenges everyone she meets regardless of their size or strength. 1986, c1977.


JPB    Carter

Carter, David A.  HOW MANY BUGS IN A BOX?: A POP-UP COUNTING BOOK.  Pop-up and movable features reveal to the reader how many bugs are in each of ten boxes. c1988.


JPB    Catterwall.

Catterwell, Thelma.  ALDITA AND THE FOREST.  The last of her kind, a newly born butterfly meets and befriends many other creatures in the Australian forest, and when it is time for her to go the Voice of the Forest ensures her living among them always by turning her into a butterfly orchid. 1989, c1988.


JPB    Climo

Climo, Shirley.  THE LITTLE RED ANT AND THE GREAT BIG CRUMB: A MEXICAN FABLE. A small red ant finds a crumb in a Mexican cornfield, but she is afraid that she lacks the strength to move it herself and goes off to find an animal that can. c1995.


JPB    Collard

Collard, Sneed B.  BUTTERFLY COUNT.  Amy and her mother look for a very special butterfly while

attending the annual Fourth of July Butterfly Count at a prairie restoration site. Includes factual information about butterflies and how to attract and watch them. c2002.


JPB    Degen

Degen, Bruce.  DADDY IS A DOODLEBUG.  A young doodlebug describes how he and his father are alike and the things they enjoy doing together. c2000.


JPB    Harris

Harris, Trudy.  PATTERN BUGS.   Perception of patterns on bugs.c2001.


JPB    Keller

Keller, Holly.  FARFALLINA & MARCEL.  A caterpillar and a young goose become great friends, but as they grow up they undergo changes which separate them for awhile. c2002.


JPB    Most

Most, Bernard.  THERE'S AN ANT IN ANTHONY.  After discovering an "ant" in his own name, Anthony searches for the word "ant" in other words. c1980.


JPB    Pike

Pike, Norman.  THE PEACH TREE.  When his peach tree is threatened by aphids, Farmer Pomeroy brings in a horde of ladybugs to save the tree and restore the balance of nature. c1983.


JPB    Pinczes

Pinczes, Elinor J.  A REMAINDER OF ONE.  When the queen of the bugs demands that her army march in even lines, Private Joe divides the marchers into more and more lines so that he will not be left out of the parade. c1995.


JPB  Van Allsburg

Van Allsburg, Chris.  TWO BAD ANTS.  When two bad ants desert from their colony, they experience a dangerous adventure that convinces them to return to their former safety. c1988.


JPB    Wong

Wong, Janet S.  BUZZ.  As Mommy and Daddy begin their day and get ready for work, a child observes this morning routine at home as well as the buzzing of a busy bee outside the window. c2000.


JPB    Young

Young, Ed.  NIGHT VISITORS.  Retelling of a Chinese folktale in which a young scholar learns respect for all forms of life when he becomes part of an ant colony in a dream. c1995.





J    394.12    M551ma

Menzel, Peter.  MAN EATING BUGS: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF EATING INSECTS.  Through text and photographs, the authors have documented people all over the world, eating insects. c1998.


J    398.24    P822an

Poole, Amy Lowry.  THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER.  Retells the fable about a colony of industrious ants which busily prepares for the approaching winter while a grasshopper makes no plans for the cold weather to come. c2000.


J     591.3    L791me

Llamas Ruiz, Andres.  METAMORPHOSIS.  Describes the process of metamorphosis in caterpillars, tadpoles, and dragonfly larvae. c1996.


J    595    G798re

Greenaway, Theresa.  THE REALLY FEARSOME BLOOD-LOVING VAMPIRE BAT: AND OTHER CREATURES WITH STRANGE EATING HABITS.  Presents a selection of feared animals and insects, including the vampire bat, leech, and cockroach. c1996.


J    595.7    D974bu

Dussling, Jennifer.  BUGS! BUGS! BUGS!  Describes the hunting activities of various bugs, including the praying mantis, wood ant, and dragonfly. c1998.


J    595.7    F142bi

Facklam, Margery.  THE BIG BUG BOOK.  Describes thirteen of the world's largest insects, including the birdwing butterfly and the Goliath beetle. c1994.

J    595.7    I59

Greenaway, Theresa.  INSECT.  "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer" c1998.


YP    595.7    N223cl

Nardi, James B.  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH INSECTS AND SPIDERS.  Text and detailed illustrations identify the physical characteristics and habits of insects and spiders that live in the home, yard, garden, and woods. c1988.


J    595.7    P242bu

Parker, Nancy Winslow.  BUGS.  Includes general information, jokes, and brief descriptions of the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of a variety of common insects. c1987.


J    595.7    P825in

Pope, Joyce.  INSECTS.  Identifies the general characteristics of insects and discusses the habits and natural environment of several common insects that live on land and in water. Also includes suggestions for a variety of experiments. c1984.


J    595.7    R684bu

Rockwell, Anne F.  BUGS ARE INSECTS.  Introduces common backyard insects and explains the basic characteristics of these creatures. c2001.


YP     595.7    R969in

Russo, Monica.  THE INSECT ALMANAC: A YEAR-ROUND ACTIVITY GUIDE.  Discusses how to find, identify, collect, and keep insects and suggests a variety of related activities organized by the seasons. c1991.


YP     595.7    V222ju

VanCleave, Janice Pratt.  JANICE VANCLEAVE'S INSECTS AND SPIDERS: MIND-BOGGLING EXPERIMENTS YOU CAN TURN INTO SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS. Presents facts about insects and spiders and includes experiments, projects, and activities related to each topic. c1998.


J    595.76    C557br

Chrustowski, Rick.  BRIGHT BEETLE.  Follows the life cycle of the small insects known as ladybugs, from eggs through larva and pupa stages to fully developed adult. c2000.


J     595.76    P855la

Posada, Mia.  LADYBUGS: RED, FIERY, AND BRIGHT.  This book of charming verse, fun facts, and beautiful illustration provides an informative look at one of children's favorite backyard bugs.c2002.


J    595.769    F529li

Fischer-Nagel, Heiderose.  LIFE OF THE LADYBUG.  An introduction to the physical characteristics and life cycle of the ladybug. c1986, c1981.


J    595.769    G586wh

Godkin, Celia.  WHAT ABOUT LADYBUGS?  A gardener upsets the natural balance in his garden by using poison and learns the value of another method of controlling pests. c1995.


J    595.769    W348la

Watts, Barrie. LADYBUG.  Photographs, drawings, and text on two different levels of difficulty follow the stages of development of the ladybug, from mating and hatching of the larvae to the growth of the larvae into adult ladybugs. c1987.


J      595.78 F328bu

Feltwell, John.  BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS.  1997, c1993.


J     595.78    L438bu

Lerner, Carol.  Butterflies in the garden. Her text explains what butterflies eat and how they grow from caterpillars to full-grown fliers. c2002.


J    595.78    R684be

Rockwell, Anne F.  BECOMING BUTTERFLIES.  A class observes the various stages caterpillars go through to become butterflies. c2002.


J    595.781    S468

Selsam, Millicent Ellis. THE HARLEQUIN MOTH: ITS LIFE STORY.  Briefly describes the life cycle of the harlequin moth. Includes brief information on other members of the moth family. 1975.


J    595.789   T239li

Terry, Trevor.  THE LIFE CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY.  c1988.


J    595.799    H466ho

Heiligman, Deborah.  HONEYBEES.  Fly along and see what keeps these bees so busy.c2002.


J    811    H682b

Hoberman, Mary Ann.  BUGS: POEMS.  Humorous poems about ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites, centipedes, and other kinds of "bugs."c 1976.


J      821.8 H863sp

Howitt, Mary Botham,  THE SPIDER AND THE FLY.  An illustrated version of the well-known poem about a wily spider  who preys on the vanity and innocence of a little fly. c2002.





J    B695er

Bomans, Godfried.  ERIC IN THE LAND OF THE INSECTS.  Nine-year-old Eric enters a landscape painting on his bedroom wall and discovers a world of meadow insects startlingly similar to his own.  c1994.


J     H353in

Hass, E. A. INCOGNITO MOSQUITO TAKES TO THE AIR.  While appearing on a TV talk show, the famous insect detective describes his adventures outwitting malefactors and solves a mystery on the air. c1986.


J    H816br

Horowitz, Ruth.  BREAKOUT AT THE BUG LAB.  When a giant cockroach named Max escapes from their mother's bug laboratory, Leo and his brother receive help from a mysterious stranger who advises them to think like a bug in order to recapture the runaway roach. c2001.


J     P843ma

Porte, Barbara Ann.  MA JIANG AND THE ORANGE ANTS.  When her father and brother are called away to war, Ma Jiang finds a unique way to trap the orange ants that her mother sells in order to make a living.  c2000.


J     S557bu

Shipton, Paul.  BUG MULDOON : THE GARDEN OF FEAR.  Something strange is going on in the garden and Bug Muldoon, beetle private investigator, tries to figure out how the ants and the wasps are involved. c2001.





P.R.     372.21    F495bi

Fine, Edith H.  BIG ON BUGS.  Creative activities and seat work. c1982.


P.R.    372.357    E18la

Echols, Jean C.  LADYBUGS : TEACHER'S GUIDE.  Great explorations in math and science. GEMS. c1993.



P.R.   372.357   G676in

Gosnell, Kathee.  INSECTS. This thematic unit includes literature selections, planning guides, poetry, writing ideas, bulletin board ideas, curriculum connections, group projects to foster cooperative learning, culminating activities and a bibliography.    c1995.


P.R.    372.357    P412yi


A Good Apple activity book for primary grades.  c1982.


P.R.    595.7    I37in

Braus, Judy.  INCREDIBLE INSECTS.  Includes activities, puzzles, and crafts to aid the study of insects. For elementary to junior high levels. c1988.





TAPE   500   M379

Martin, Bill.  BILL MARTIN'S LITTLE NATURE BOOKS [SOUND RECORDING]  8 cassettes (tapes),  8 books 1. Ants underground.. 3. Frogs in a pond. 4. Germination.. 5. A hydra goes walking. 7. Messenger bee.. 8. Moon cycle.  9. A mushroom is growing. - 10. Poppies afield. c1975.


VCR   567.91    D586

DINOSAURS & INSECTS.  [videorecording] (60 min.)  Eastman Kodak, c1989.



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